Chapter Cautro Authors Note

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Don’t look at me that way! The next class was SO boring! All I would have been doing was listening to a bunch of students (ones I particularly don’t like) present their crappy assignment. I could think of a MILLION better things to do. So I went and did a few of them.

Myself and two other friends who had similar feelings about said class ended up going to one of these said friends house and watching the American Pie movies. Not the newest ones- the old ones. Focusing on Jim, Oz, Kevin, Finch and of course the Stiffmiester.

Now I’m pretty sure I haven’t watched these movies since they first came out. And that I was pretty young at the time- bu watched them because that’s what my older siblings did. And me being the youngest HAD to try and join in.

Anyway, I forgot how DISGUSTING and RUDE those movies were! The ones nowadays are tame compared to the originals! Its amazing! I giggled my Mother-Fucking-Ass-Off… the alcohol probably made things funnier as well.

But I was just reminded of how GREAT the nineties were.








Anyway, I should probably talk about the chapter.

So some of you may think that Bonnie is being a bit of a bitch. She’s not- she’s just protective.  You’ll see why eventually.

And Ramin? Well I sort of want to know YOUR feelings on how you think I am taking the relationship between him and Abby.
Oh and where do you think he is taking Miss Abby? I’d love to know.

This is just a quick post, I have to get ready for roller derby practice. Speaking of which, you guys want to suggest some names for me? Its got to be a play on words, for example: Smashly Simpson, Peaches and Scream, Bloody Dolly and (my personal favorite) Jaba the Slut.
Let me know your suggestions!




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Chapter Cuatro

I didn’t like this. I really didn’t like this.

Going to the Stage Door after performances originally made me nervous. But we had done it so many times this week that I had discovered that if I was silent and offered to take the pictures, it was quite bearable.

But today was different.

Going backstage to get an autograph was one thing, but staying in Sierra Boggess’s dressing room and talking to her? That made me nervous- so I didn’t say much. I let Abby do most of the talking; this trip was for her after all.

I thought I had hit the final straw when they invited us to stay for dessert- I wasn’t much of a dessert eater for one. But being around a bunch of strangers? A bunch of famous strangers certainly got rid of whatever appetite I had.

I figured I would just sit and say nothing like I had in Sierra’s dressing room for a while- we had seen the matinee performance, so we had to be out of there by eight-o’clock when the next performance started.

But I was pretty sure I had hit my limit when Abby had started running around the Green Room, interviewing the Cast Members and making me act as ‘Camera-Man’. But then, she had taken it one step further, grabbing a Churro, she began to use it as a microphone to shove in the faces of each actor like a real reporter.

With each person she interviewed my face became hotter and redder than my hair with embarrassment.

“And that was the fabulous Rebecca Spencer, commenting on her role as Madame Giry in the Broadway production of Love Never Dies” said Abby, speaking into the ‘Churro Microphone’ with a smile, “Moving onto our next guest…” she said, trailing off as she began to walk around the room, I trailed behind her with the camera.

As we walked, we passed the couch where Cass was currently seated, still talking to Austin. Or more flirting. I hope she saw the glare I aimed at her. She had been doing most of the filming whilst we were over here- she would have had no problem filming Abby and her crazy interviews

But I couldn’t believe that she was flirting with another Broadway actor. Was getting the number from one of the main actors in Jersey Boys not enough? Not that I had any idea why she had his number, we were going back to Australia soon enough. What was the point?

“Ramin Karimloo!” said Abby happily as she walked over to the counter and sink that Ramin was currently leaning against.

He looked up from his cup of tea curiously, seeming surprised for a moment that we were talking to him before he smiled at Abby.

“See Mr Karimloo, you can see this camera works” she said gesturing to me as I moved the toggle around in circles to capture the footage.

“Yeah, about as well as your microphone” he grinned, nodding to the Churro in her hand.

“Exactly” smiled Abby, “Now, Mr Karimloo, please tell me what made you so interested in musical theatre?” she asked seriously.

“Ah…” he said, “I like performing” he shrugged, seeming slightly uncertain as he spoke into the Churro.

“Thank you…” she said loudly, “for giving the most boring and obvious explanation ever” she grinned.

Ramin threw his head back and laughed.

“Tell me” said Abby putting the Churro back in front of him, “What do you think the moral of Love Never Dies is?” she asked.

“Well” he grinned, “I hate to be obvious and boring, but I think the moral is that love never dies”


“Because even though the Phantom and Christine were away from each other for years he still loved her. And even after her death, he will continue to love her. Time and distance don’t make any difference to that kind of love” he explain.

“Do you believe that kind of love exist?” she asked curiously.

Ramin hesitated for a moment, thinking his answer through before he spoke, “I hope so”

The way he look her… he was oddly hopeful and contemplative. I didn’t understand it.

“Well I disagree with you about the moral of the play” said Abby, speaking into the Churro.

“Oh really?” he asked, raising his eyebrows slightly and smiling.

“I believe the play is about not leaving things to the last minute” she said, “I believe it’s about not waiting and living every day as if it’s your last because you never know when it will be” she said firmly, “I think Christine does when she performs the title song, but I think the Phantom doesn’t as he waited ten years to go and get her!”

“Well he was afraid she didn’t love him” defended Ramin.

“Life’s too short to be afraid” she shot back automatically.

Something passed between the two of them then as they stared at one another. It was some sort of… spark? Of admiration on Ramin’s part but on Abby’s side it was something more… a hopefulness? A happy hopefulness I hadn’t seen in her for a long time.

But there was also some sort of weird understanding between them that was just plain weird.

Suddenly Abby turned to me, as if just realizing I was there, “And that concludes our interviews” she said into the Churro with a smile before she looked at it, “Can I eat this now?” she asked.

Ramin laughed and the two of them shared a smile.

I began to feel uncomfortable as I shut off the Camera. I didn’t like the way they were looking at each other. It wasn’t safe- none of this was. But I immediately wanted to come between them.

“Come on Abby, let’s go sit down” I said loudly, watching her carefully as she and Ramin continued to smile at one another.

I waited anxiously, holding my breath.

“Ok” she eventually agreed.

I breathed a sigh of relief as we once again sat down on the couch, but there was a queasiness in my stomach and an uneasy feeling that I couldn’t shake.

I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me. That I had actually walked around the Green Room of my favourite Musicals and interviewed the actors!

And now we were all talking to each other like old friends.

I had made the mistake of asking what where the funniest mistakes everyone had made onstage- the conversation had soon involved the whole cast and I couldn’t remember laughing so hard.

“What about that time Sierra sneezed when she was supposed to be dead?” said Sharon.

“Oh yeah, I remember that!” said Ramin, laughing slightly as he turned to Sierra.

“I had a cold!” she defended.

“Or when you dropped the Music Box before ‘Beneath a Moonless Sky’” asked Matt, one of the Cover’s in the Ensemble.

Sierra winced, “Why is it things always sound ten times louder when you want them to be quiet?” she asked.

“Is that like when Ramin fell over behind the mirror?” asked Jenny, another member of the Ensemble.

Austin laughed, before he turned to Cass, who was sitting next to him on the couch, to explain, “I’d just finished singing and Sierra and I are kissing and everything’s quiet to get ready for Ramin to appear in the mirror and all we hear is this loud thump and a really quiet ‘Ow’” he laughed.

“Hey! I dislocated my knee cap. Ow was restrained” Ramin defended.

I burst out laughing at the image that came into my head.

“I think the worst one that has ever happened to me is in ‘Bathing Beauty ‘ when one of the girls, I’m pretty sure it was you Jenny, pulled off too many layers and instead of wearing checks when I was supposed to be wearing checks, I was already wearing stripes” said Sharon shaking her head.

“Oh god!” I said, sympathy instantly flooding me, “What did you do?”

“Pretended like nothing happened, stayed calm and said stripes twice” she shrugged, “Inside I was shitting myself”

I laughed again.

I needed to be alone with her. I wanted to talk to her, find out about her.

I was made to feel surprisingly happy every time I saw her smile, she was so beautiful. Every time I heard her laugh, it was such a free sound.

When she had interviewed me with one of the oldest camera’s I had ever seen… and a Churro, as if the situation wasn’t weird enough. I was given a surprising insight about her, one that just made me more curious when I looked at her.

It clawed at me like some sort of hunger and I had no idea why! So many questions ran around in my head: How did someone at nineteen come to the conclusion that life was too short? How did she get to be so… fearless?

But why? Why did she had that broken look in her eye? Why was she so unafraid?

So may questions and none of them answered. But I wanted them answered. I had to have them answered.

All of that, mixed with her demeanour, the way she held herself, the look in her eyes… it just made me all the more enamoured by her.

Every time she spoke- asking a question of one of the cast members, I burned with questions of my own.

But I couldn’t do that in a room full of people. I needed to come up with some way to be alone with her. How? I had no idea.

“That reminds me of that time you had a wardrobe malfunction on stage” said Bonnie, turning to Abby just as Sharon had finished telling her story.

Abby groaned, placing her head in her hands, I could tell she was embarrassed, but there was no real force behind it as she continued to smile, “Don’t remind me” she said, looking up again.

“Oh, do tell us though” said Austin, grinning at her suggestively.

Jealousy flashed through me. He already had his arm around Cass, why was he making eyes at Abby too? I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the thought of them together.

“Cass can do it, she tells it so much better than I do” said Abby flippantly; obviously noting her friends pout when Austin deviated his attention from her.

“We were doing a play… ah what one was it again?” asked Cass, turning to Abby and Bonnie, seeming unsure for a moment.

“Oliver” said Bonnie firmly.

“Oliver that’s right! Anyways, Abby and I were in the ensemble, playing pub wenches and we were performing the song ‘Oom Pah Pah’, dancing and being thrown around in the background” she said waving her hand dismissively, “But Abby had this bit where she was being twirled around in some guys shoulders and when he put her down on the ground he was supposed to grab her ass” she explained.

“Key word being supposed to” added Abby, still smiling.

Here, Cass began to smile, “Anyway he grabbed a handful like he was supposed to but his hand got stuck. But instead of leaving it there and trying to untangle whatever it was he had caught himself on, he ripped his hand away-” she began to giggle too much to continue the story by this time.

“-And ripped off my skirt. Leaving me there in front of a crowd of two thousand people in nothing but my undies” she smiled happily.

Half the cast burst out laughing and I even had a little chuckle of my own.

“What did you do?” asked Sharon, red faced and slightly breathless.

“Took my skirt my skirt back, pretended to slap the guy and stalked off stage as if it was all part of the act” she smiled.

That earned another round of laughter. But I didn’t laugh; I simply stared at her with renewed interest and admiration. It took a talented performer to recover from any kind of blunder that happened on stage.

But to do it with the amount of class that she had, at such a young age and such an embarrassing mistake, I couldn’t help but be…impressed.

“So you want to be an Actress?” asked Sierra.

I glanced at her, she was grinning at me slightly in a very knowing from the back of the couch before she turned to face Abby again. Sierra was a good friend and had obviously guessed my interest and was trying to help me. Bless her.

“Kind of, I mean I love performing, don’t get me wrong, I love it more than anything” said Abby wincing slightly with indecision, “Acting is fun but I’m not a very good singer”

I marvelled once again. I knew grown men and women who couldn’t point out their own faults and here she was, at nineteen, not only pointing them out with innate truthfulness but accepting them with a strange sort of humour and charm.

“I love dancing though” she added; “I’d love to dance on a Broadway Stage” she smiled.

This smile was different to all the other’s she had given. This one was filled with hope and a strange sense of amusement… but it was broken. It didn’t touch her eyes that took on a faraway sheen of longing.

It was utterly the most beautiful and heartbreaking smile I had ever seen.

“That reminds me of the time I couldn’t get my shirt on in time for the final lair” said Austin, “So I had to do it shirtless”

“Really? Shirtless?” asked Cass, who had almost progressed to sitting in his lap.

The conversation took a turn then, but I didn’t listen as I watched Abby on the couch. Bonnie had said something quietly. Abby nodded as she grabbed an empty glass from the coffee table and stood up, coming to the seat.

I was the only one by the counter-top, which in a room full of people, was the closest I could get to being alone with her. I leaned against the counter and watched as she filled up her friends glass with water.

“So” I began, she looked up at me curiously, “You want to dance on a Broadway stage” I stated.

It was a lame way to start a conversation, but I couldn’t think of any alternative.

She smiled that same heart-breaking smile to herself as she looked down at the glass, “Yeah” she said quietly as she finished filling up the glass, “One day”

Suddenly an idea occurred to me, it was barely formed in my head before I spoke aloud, “Why not today?” I asked.

She looked up at me carefully, “What?” she asked.

Those eyes. It had to be those eyes. One Brown and one Blue. Smiling, I nudged my head towards the door.

Something lit up her eyes as she slowly put down the glass, keeping her eyes on me the entire time; I took that as a yes.

Reaching out, I grabbed her wrist, glancing around the room quickly, the two of us quickly dashed out of the room and out the door. I was unable to wipe the smile off my face. Not only was I getting some alone time with Abby, but she had agreed to come with me.

And, it sounded juvenile even in my head, but the fact that I had my hand wrapped around her tiny wrist, was strangely intimate. And I liked it.


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Authors Note for Chapter Tress

Hey Guys!
So I know this post is a little early, but I am so busy tomorrow, I knew I wouldn’t have time to do it! So I figure you guys would rather it be a day early that a day late.





(Oh Tom Hiddleson I love you!!!)

Anyway, the story is beginning to take more of a shape now. There’s more Ramin in this chapter.








(I need more Ramin GIFS- Can’t keep using this one)

Anyway, I’m a little concerned about how quickly the Ramin and Abby stuff is moving.
But I want you guys to know that their relationship is not based on love. Its based on intrigue.
Sure love will come later, given the time and chance, but at the moment its all (to paraphrase one of my favourite musicals):
“You’re amazing”
You’re amazing!”
“So we’re amazing together”






So, now that I have cleared that up, I wanted to give you guys some visuals. This resulted because of my having to wait around at Uni for half and hour: access to the internet + my boredom = not good.

Bonnie’s Dress and Shoes


















Cass’s Dress and Shoes


















Abby’s Dress and Shoes
















As always, if you guys imagine something different, that’s fine too. But these dresses are close to what I imagine 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the chapter. As always let me know what you think.
Bye for now, not forever.
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Chapter Tress

It always took far too long to get all of the prosthetic off my face.

When I had performed in Phantom, the prosthetic hadn’t been as intricate and I had gotten getting it, my make-up, wig and costume off in under ten minutes. A record that still held for other Phantoms to beat.

But the Love Never Dies Prosthetic was so much more complex, it took me at least half an hour to get it off.

Heading out into the hallway, a clean face and having changed into jeans and a t-shirt, I was intent on going to the Green-Room to heat up my dinner before Jeremy came back with my two chocolate E’Claire.

As I was walking down the hallway I could hear some very loud laughter. As well as some distinctly female chatter. Frowning I stopped as I came to Sierra’s door, it was closed, but I could hear that the noise was coming from behind it.

Who did she have in there? Surely she would have been telling everyone if she had friends or family coming, she usually did. But I blinked in shock when I heard Sharon’s voice.

Not that it was odd for Sharon and Sierra to be hanging out together, but the fact that Sharon’s Australian accent wasn’t the only one I heard was.

Curious I knocked on the door, “Come in!” called Sierra.

Opening the door, I was not prepared for the sight I was greeted with.

Sierra was sitting on her the chair in front of her mirror, make-up, wig and costume free with a large smile on her face. Sharon, likewise, make-up, wig and costume free was sitting on the couch in by the door.

But what shocked me was that the three girls with them.

A red-head wearing a green dress was sitting neatly on the couch with Sharon.

A blond wearing a golden dress was perched on the couch arm.

And a brunette wearing a purple dress was sitting on the floor by Sierra and the couch, her legs folded beneath her whilst a pair of heels sat next to her. She looked up at me with one beautiful blue eye and one brown.

After a moment I realized, in shock, that these were the girls from the front row.

“Hello there” I said, looking around the room, “It sounded like you were having a party in here and I wanted to join in” I smiled.

“Sorry, girls only” said Sierra with a smile.

“Oh the more the merrier” said Sharon with a flippant wave of her hand.

Sierra laughed, “Ramin this is Cass” she pointed to the blond, who smiled as she let her eyes run over me very flirtatiously.

“Bonnie” the red-head looked up at me shyly, nodding slightly before she looked away.

“And Abby” she said gesturing to the brunette on the floor, she looked up at me and smiled, waving quickly.

“Lovely to meet you all” I smiled, “What are you doing back-stage?”

I wasn’t adverse to having them backstage, far from it. But we weren’t technically allowed to have people back-stage unless they were friends or family and even then, they weren’t really supposed to be there.

Not that I would tell but I wanted to know who they were here with. A small voice in my head hoped, as I glanced at the brunette, Abby, that it wasn’t a boyfriend.

“Their friends of mine from Australia” said Sharon simply, “They wanted to get Sierra to sign their program” she explained.

“And because I liked them so much, they ended up staying” Sierra smiled.

I nodded in understanding. Seating myself on the arm of the chair, closest to the door I opened my mouth to ask a question: what were they all doing in New York?

I wanted to know what they were doing here in the city, but more, how long they were going to be here. As I continued to glance at Abby out of the corner of my eye, I tried not to make my interest known.

When I had seen her in the crowd she had immediately caught my attention. But I tried to dismiss that attention right away as I had assumed nothing would come of it- that I would never see her again. But here she was, sitting in front of me, with a radiant smile and beautiful eyes, filling my head of possibilities of what could be.

Before I could utter so much as a word, Jeremy poked his head into the room, tapping on the door simultaneously, “Desserts here” he said, casting a quick confused around the room before he disappeared down the hallway.

Movement from the corner of my eye caught my attention, I saw the red-dead, Bonnie, look at her watch, a clear sign that she wanted to leave. I wasn’t having that, “Would you ladies like to join us for dessert?” I smiled, looking at Abby.

To my surprise, she stared back, quite confidently too, but there was still a trance of innocence as she slowly began to smile.

“What kind of girl turns down dessert?” she asked, staring at me before she turned to her friends.

Whatever I was feeling when I looked at her. I had the feeling she felt it too.

“A stupid one” said the blond, Cass, smiling at her friend.

“We should probably head back to the hotel after this” said Bonnie glancing around nervously.

“Well you have to stay for donuts though” said Sierra pointedly.

“And I have to introduce my Aussies to everyone else” said Sharon, smiling proudly.

“Yeah Bonnie! We can stay for a Donut” reasoned Cass.

“Are you really going to turn down free dessert?” asked Abby, smiling at her friend in what was clearly a teasing manner

It seemed at that, it was settled. And I, in turn, was delighted.

Stuff like this didn’t happen. Not to me.  Not to anyone really.

But here I was, sitting on a couch between Sharon Millerchip and Bonnie, drinking Hot Chocolate made for me by Sierra Boggess.

When we had stepped into the ‘Green Room’ I was stunned into absolute stillness as I beheld the entire Broadway Cast of Love Never Dies. Famous people who I had idolized, all sitting around in a room eating Donuts and various other desserts.

“Wow” I breathed.

Sharon, Ramin and Sierra all walked into the room easily while I stood in the doorway with Bonnie and Cass.

“Nobody pinch me” I warned them as I looked around the room in awe.

“And who do we have here?” asked a charming voice.

Focusing my gaze I recognized the chiselled jaw, beautiful blue eyes and blond of Austin Miller- the Love Never Dies Raoul.

“Oh, these my friends from Australia” called Sharon flippantly as she grabbed a Donut from one of the boxes sitting on the coffee table in between two couches.

It was odd the way Sharon referred to us as ‘her friends’ when we had only really met her an hour ago. She made it sound as if she had known us for ages. But perhaps that was the point as I was sure we weren’t particularly allowed back-stage.

“Sharon you need to warn me when your bringing hot girls back-stage” said Austin, grinning at us.

I couldn’t help the blush that rose to my cheeks. I was nowhere near as shy as Bonnie, who had gone bright red and seemed to be hyperventilating.

But I was nowhere near as confident as Cass who smiled back and said, “Well we wanted to keep it a surprise to see the look on your face”

Suddenly feeling awkward as the two of them stared at each other- mentally undressing one another I was sure, I gave Bonnie a sideways glance and we went and sat down on the couch.

The other cast member’s asked us the general questions. What are you doing over in America: seeing the sights.

Why did you come over here: Celebration for being friends for so long and being finally able to afford it.

How old are you: All of us are nineteen.

“So how do you know Sharon?” asked one of the Ensemble members, I think his name might have been Shia.

That stumped me, “Ah…” I said glancing at Sharon for a moment, who’s eyes had gone similarly wide to mine. I didn’t know what to say. Did I say we had only met a little while ago and risk getting her in trouble? Or did I say we were friends and risk offending her?

“Oh we go way back” I smiled. Finally settling on something that could be taken two ways, as both a joke and serious answer. In turn I answered Shia’s question and didn’t offend Sharon.

I glanced at Sharon and she seemed slightly relieved, coughing slightly before she turned to Cass, “Hey I’ve been meaning to ask you” she said suddenly, “what is that contraption you have with you?”

Cass, who was too absorbed in flirting with Austin, didn’t hear her.

Shaking my head at my friends… simple minded flirtation, I got up from the couch and bent down, grabbing the device she had pointed too, “This, is a Super Eight Camera” I said, “It’s one of Cass’s most prized possessions” I said as I came and sat on the arm of the couch, showing it to Sharon, the two of us glanced up at Cass who was still absorbed in Austin, “Well it used to be” I shrugged.

Sharon giggled and I continued to show her the camera, “It’s a really old Camera. One of the first ones ever made” I explained, “We’ve been taking it all around New York, capturing video memories”

“That’s cool” said Sharon, smiling as she looked over the camera before she handed it back to me with a smile. I smiled back.

“Why don’t you use a Digital Camera?” asked a voice suddenly.

Looking up I saw Ramin, who was leaning by the fridge, staring at my curiously, “Sorry?” I asked with a frown, not understanding the question.

“Most people use Digital Camera’s if they want to record something. Or their phones” he said, “Why are you carrying that bulky thing around?”

A small smile tugged at my lips as I laid my hand on top of the camera and tried to explain, “Yeah its Bulky and Old” I said, “And kinda broken and battered but it still does what its designed to do”

I smiled, “The other camera’s that are all shiny and new have no personality. No story. And there are hundreds like them” I listed, “This camera has personality”

Not a lot of people understood why I liked this camera and that was fine, I didn’t expect them to. But the truth was it reminded me that even something battered and broken could still be capable of great things. It was a metaphor for me and my life.

“I don’t see how that thing can record anything” said Ramin, eying the camera doubtfully.

I grinned at the challenge, “Bonnie” I called.

Normally I would have asked Cass to help me as she had been the one operating the Camera most of the trip. But seeing as Bonnie currently wasn’t wrapped up in the arms of a guy she had met half an hour ago, I thought she was a better choice.

Getting up from the couch she took the camera as I handed it to her with a slightly confused look.

Smiling I cupped my hand over her ear and whispered to her theatrically.


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Authors Note for Chapter Dos

So Super Eight is out of Hiatus- YAY!




Yeah I thought you’d all be excited.

Anyway, getting invited backstage to meet the cast of a Broadway Show? Isn’t that just everyone’s dream come true?






This story is going to move pretty fast- just a heads up.

But I’m curious to know what you all think about the story, its realism, what you want to happen, that sort of thing.

Anyways, I have class now. Must dash.

But a shout out must go to: K.Wade, Fairyteyla, AstonMartin and ToriDarcy for their love for this story brought it out of Hiatus. And their comments.

Bye for now, not forever.
Happy days!


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Chapter Dos

There was a tradition. Every time we had a matinee and a night performance in the same day we always sent one person out to get dinner and (because today was Fat Friday) dessert.

It just made things easier.

I had only just finished taking my make-up off and getting changed when I realized I had forgotten to tell Jeremy, one of the chore dancers, that if we were getting Krispey Krème’s, I wanted to change my order from one original glazed Donut to a Jam Filled one.

I had seen Paul eating one last Friday and wanted to try one.

Quickly slipping on my shoes I dashed down the hallway towards the stage door, hoping to catch Jeremy before he left.

Opening the door I looked around, only to find he had already left, but there were three people waiting, huddled together against the cold, all chatting excitedly.

As soon as they saw me, they smiled, “Sharon!”

“Hey! The girls from the front row!” I said, recognizing them instantly.

“Told you she saw us!” said the Brunette in the purple turning to her friends with a smug smile.

“Ok, you were right!” said the Red Head in the green dress.

I smiled as I realized something: they were Australian. Their accents sounded comfortingly familiar to me, after being in America so long I had almost forgotten what Australian’s sounded like.

The only other people who sounded like me were Paul, Vince and Emma. I was beginning to think we were the only Australians in New York. It was nice to know I was mistaken.

They immediately approached me; I noticed the blond in the gold dress had an old looking camera, which she currently had pointed at myself and the brunette in the purple dress.

The red head in the green dress hung back, seeming shy.

“You were wonderful tonight!” said the brunette, a wide smile on her face, the same one that had been there when she was watching the play.

“Thank you!” I smiled.

It was strange seeing the girl up close. I noticed now that she had one blue eye, and one brown. It gave her eyes a strange depth as if she was really seeing what was in front of her.

“Can I have your autograph?” she asked happily, showing her Love Never Dies program.

“Of course!” I agreed, taking the booklet and pen from her.

It was so humbling to have people who looked up to you and that doing something as simple as signing a program could make someone so extremely happy.  And I had the impulse to make this girl happy.

Their seemed to be a deep-rooted sadness in her that she had to constantly over-come, that her happiness meant so much more, like she didn’t take being happy for granted.

“What’s your name?” I asked as I poised the pen over the picture.

“I’m Abby” she smiled, “these are my friends Cass” she pointed to the blond who grinned as she continued to point the camera, “And Bonnie” she said pointing to the red head, who smiled timidly.

“Nice to meet you all” I smiled, signing her book, I handed it back to her.

“Do you think you could sign this as well?” she asked timidly.

Looking down, I saw she had a copy of the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ program, for the tour I had done in Australia so many years ago. I couldn’t believe she had one! It had been so long ago!

I was absolutely delighted not only that she had seen that production as well, but that she had remembered I was in it and had been so thoughtful as to bring the program, “Of course!” I smiled as I took it from her.

She beamed with happiness.

“I haven’t seen one of these in ages!” I marvelled as I signed the book.

“You were amazing as Columbia” she smiled.

“Thank you!” I smiled as I handed the book back to her, “So what are you all doing in New York?” I asked curiously.

“We’re here to see the sites” said Cass glancing up from her Camera briefly to smile at me before she went back to staring through it.

I frowned at her for a second, trying to figure out if she was taking a photo or shooting a video with the strange contraption.

“And of course do the Broadway Big’s” smiled Abby.

Turning to her I smiled, “What plays have you seen?”

“Ah” she said turning to her friends for a moment seeming lost, “We saw the Lion King on Sunday and Wicked on Monday”

“Jersey Boys on Tuesday” grinned Cass, I did not mistake the youthful flirtatious glint that came into her eye as she glanced at her friends before turning back to the camera.

“Les Miserables on Wednesday” said Bonnie quietly, “as well as Chicago and Mamma Mia on Thursday”

“And Phantom of the Opera last night” smiled Abby.

“What play are you seeing tonight?” I asked, assuming that they would be seeing another play as they had every other night.

“Oh nothing” shrugged Cass, “We decided to take a night off, spend the night in our hotel room playing scrabble”

“Only so much theatre we can take” said Bonnie.

Abby scoffed, “Speak for yourselves”

“Tomorrow we’re going to see the Statue of Liberty” said Bonnie lightly.

“Then go and see the Annie Revival with Anthony Warlow” said Abby happily.

I couldn’t help but smile back, for such young girls they seemed to have an innate amount of class about them. Most girls their age would have been in New York to party or look for love. It seemed three of them were more interested in Theatre, quality theatre at that- they had not chosen Movie Musicals like Ghost or Dirty Dancing. Or ones that involved celebrities- like How To Succeed in Business.

They were about the art and spending time with each other. And I couldn’t help but respect them for that.

“You’re the second one that has come out” said Abby suddenly, “will anyone else be coming out?” she asked hopefully.

“No” I said through my teeth, instantly regretful that I didn’t have better news for her, “Not many of us come out in between shows” I explained.

“I understand” she nodded, “You must be exhausted with all the dance numbers”

I smiled, I was tired but no more than usual after a show, but she spoke as if she had experienced it and I wondered if that had been the spark I saw in her, “Are you a dancer?”

Something flashed across her face; a deep sadness flickered behind her eyes and I instantly regretted my question, even though she continued to smile, it seemed sad.

“Not anymore” she said simply.

I grimaced in sympathy, instantly wondering what had happened to someone so young that they had to give up on their dream like that. As it was so obvious that it was her dream.

“Anyway” she said, flicking her hair out of her beautiful eyes, “I wanted to get Sierra to sign my ‘Little Mermaid’ program” she said, showing another booklet she had with her, “Do you think if I left it for here she would and I could pick it up tomorrow?” she asked, hope rising in her eyes to replace the sadness.

Glancing down at the book I couldn’t help but smile. If Sierra was anything like me, she would want to meet the girl who had a copy of a program from a play she had been in years ago. And she too had noticed Abby in the front row- I was positive in my plan of action.

“Well why don’t you all come inside and we can get her to sign it now?” I offered, jabbing my thumb over my shoulder towards the stage door.

I watched as her face changed completely, it was as if everything drained from it and all that was left was a blank expression. But her eyes had gone extremely wide- filled with a kind of excited light that made me instantly smile.

“Really?” she asked, “Y-You’d let us come inside?” she stammered in disbelief.

I laughed, “Yeah, if you want”

Turning back to her friends, she still seemed to be in a state of shock.

Bonnie seemed hesitant, biting her lip slightly I could see she was unsure. But Cass, who was still pointing the strange camera as us smiled brightly, nodding her head ever so slightly.

Turning back to me, a smile so beautiful lit up her face, that beautiful, brilliant and happy smile that once again made me smile infectiously.

“Come on” I said turning to the stage door, I pulled it open and waved the three girls inside.

It wasn’t forbidden or anything to have people backstage. But it wasn’t technically allowed. I was breaking a few rules but I didn’t care. The trouble I could possibly get in paled in seeing that bright smile. Or more, I didn’t think I would get caught- we were all good friends in the company and I knew most would over look my minor indiscretion.

We had done it for others in the past. Ramin’s friends coming back-stage. Sierra’s family. They weren’t technically allowed but we had all looked the other way.

All my friends were in the cast and all of my family were in a different country. These three girls would be the closest thing I would have brought to friends or family backstage.

Besides, they wouldn’t be backstage for long. What would be the worst that could happen?


Water. Lots of Water. I could never get enough after a show. And it was the best feeling- sticking one of my various drink bottles between my lips and guzzling down a litre or two before taking off my make-up and costumes.

Then once that was done, sitting back and drinking some more while I turned on my portable DVD player that I kept in my dressing room and tried to relax in-between shows.

I knew Jeremy would be back soon with my Lemon Citrus Tart and everyone else’s sweets, which is when the entire company would meet in the Green Room and hang-out before getting ready for the next show.

Having removed most of my make-up and changed back into my jeans, I grabbed another water bottle and turned on my DVD Player, sticking in the next disc of television series I was currently watching ‘Modern Family’

Oh water. Not too hot. Not too cold. Room Temperature. Just Right. God, I felt like Goldie-Locks just thinking that!

But it was so nice in-between shows to just switch off my brain and watch a mindless television show and re-hydrate myself. I knew that I really should drink more during the show so that I didn’t get so parched by the end.

But I always got so caught up in the story that I forgot to drink sometimes…most of the time… all of the time…

“Sierra” called a familiar voice as she tapped quietly on my door, “Can I come in?”

“Sure Sharon!” I called as I took another swing from my water bottle.

The door clicked open and she pushed her head inside, smiling brightly. I wondered why she didn’t immediately come in, “I’ve got some people here that want to meet you. Is that alright?” she asked.

That was odd. We never really brought anyone backstage- we weren’t allowed. Except for friends and family. But as far as I knew, Sharon didn’t have any friends or family in New York, so I was immediately curious as to who she had with her.

“Of course” I smiled, shutting my DVD Player.

Smiling gratefully she opened the door and stepped in, filing in behind her were three girls, all of them looked to be in their late teens, early twenties maybe.

It only took me a moment to realize who they were, “Hey, aren’t you the girls from the front row?” I asked as I stood up to greet them.

The one in the brunette in the purple dress turned to her companion, the red-head in the green dress and hit her shoulder playfully.

“Ow!” complained the Red-Head, “Yeah that’s us” she smiled as she rubbed her shoulder theatrically.

“Sierra” said Sharon, “This is Bonnie” she gestured to the Red-Head who smiled awkwardly as if she didn’t really want to be there.

“Cass” she gestured to a blond who I hadn’t noticed before but was standing towards the back of the room holding what looked to be a very old video camera- she seemed detached from everything that was going on, preferring to sit back and capture it than actually be a part of it.

“And Abby” she said, smiling at the Brunette.

“Hello” she happily, seeming to almost bounce on her heels in excitement.

“Well Hi” I laughed, the Brunette, Abby, had such an infectious smile and seemed to be so happy just to be in my dressing room that I couldn’t help but be happy, “What can I do for you?” I asked.

“Ah, I have a Little Mermaid program here” said Abby, holding up a book I had failed to see she had been holding, but when I registered that it was indeed the familiar cover of The Little Mermaid Program I was shocked, I hadn’t seen one of them in ages.

“I was wondering if you could sign it?” she asked timidly.

“Of course!” I smiled.

Smiling back she handed me the program and a pen, “I saw you perform and you were amazing in it! That was the first time I ever saw you perform” she smiled, I detected an Aussie accent and immediately wondered if Sharon knew them, “Tonight was the second”

I smiled at the fond memories; The Little Mermaid had been my Broadway Debut. It held a special place in my heart. I was oddly touched that this girl had seen it and remembered me from it. The production was no longer running so the fact that she had remembered me from the one performance she had seen was doubly impressive.

“I’m amazed you remembered me from it” I said as I signed the book.

“How could I forget?” she contradicted, “I mean, you still look like a Disney Princess” she smiled happily.

“Thank you!” I laughed, “Did you enjoy the show tonight?” I asked curiously as I handed her back the book.

“Yeah it was amazing!” she gushed, hugging the book to her chest protectively, “We loved it” she said looking to her friends, all of whom had stayed relatively quiet, “I’ve always wanted to ask you though, which character do you like more? Christine or Ariel?” she asked.

I pursed my lips thoughtfully, “That’s a tough one”

“Well the fact that you get to kiss two gorgeous guys as Christine has to be a bonus” said Cass from the back of the room.

“Yeah but in the other she gets to be a Mermaid!” said Abby pointedly, “I don’t know about you but I’d love to be part Sushi”

I laughed loudly.


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Final Authors Note for Chapter Twenty-Two

And that’s all she wrote folks! 🙂







Well that’s not all I wrote, but that’s all I wrote for this story…if you don’t include the sequel… WHATEVER! I’m confusing myself.
That is the end of ‘The Moments Gone’

Now, if their are any questions, please feel free to ask me.

But for those of you who will complain that there is no happy ending. Well guess what? I couldn’t write a sequel if everyone lived happily ever after now could I?







As for when that sequel will be coming out…. I actually have no idea. So you will have to wait.





Hey! Cut me some slack! I’m going at it alone these days since BayleyStorme dropped off the face of the Earth. I like to get a certain amount of chapters written before I post a story. That way if I get stuck, I have a few chapters up my sleeve to post so you guys dont have to wait so long in between post.

But not to worry! As previously mentioned I will still be posting stories for you guys to read. But as a heads up, none of them will be as long as TMG. In fact, the sequel is looking like its gonna be longer than TMG.

Speaking of THE SEQUEL! I shall now reveal the following things:-

Number 1: It has been titled- Almost Too Beautiful… have you noticed we have a theme going on here?

Number 2: Ramin Karimloo is a main character.

Number 3: Gerard Butler will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, be a main feature in this story. Sorry.

Number 4: Sierra Boggess, Hadley Fraser and Sarah Brightman WILL, I repeat, WILL be featuring quite heavily in this story.

And thats it for now I think. But guys, I left Lucy in a pretty dark place in TMG, so dont expect her to be sunshine and roses when she gets back. But… dont expect her to be suicidal either. Most of the time grief turns into anger. And I’ve always gone by the motto- Don’t Get Mad. Get Even.
But, I feel bad about not being able to give you guys a date as to when Almost Too Beautiful will be released. So I have a present for you.

Dont say I never gave you anything! 🙂

I know I posted this a day early, but I couldn’t wait. I’m hoping to take ‘Super 8’ out of Hiatus on Monday, if not then definitely by Friday. So you guys shall have something to read again! Yay!
And yes, I shall be going back to my normal blog scheduled of posting one chapter per week. UNLESS the reviews slow down, which they did on TMG, I shall start holding chapters again.

Bye for now. But not Forever!
And happy days!



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