Author’s Note

Hello Everyone.
So this is a post just to let everyone have a little sneak peek about the new story I shall be co-writing with the amazing Kiki.
I hope the trailer would be pretty self explanatory, but encase its not I’ll explain:
Jackson Rathbone is a celebrity Super-Star.
Luna is your ordinary girl, despite having cancer she wants nothing more than to be normal.
When the two of them meet their lives are turned up-side down as they fall in-love.
The only problem is, can they both take a chance on a relationship when one of them could die?



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3 responses to “Author’s Note

  1. Lucian

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to read it!
    yours truly Lucian bower

  2. tisha

    I can’t wait to read this!!!!!!!!
    It sounds amazing =)

  3. Carol

    Hey, I got your message on Insider, about needing a beta.
    Is it for this story? Well, just e-mail me and we can start talking.

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