Bloody Revenge Author’s Note

So this story is something I came up with when reading Eclipse, I wondered what would happen if Victoria had killed Bella.
I figured Edward would kill himself but I thought about if he had another reason to live, another girl to love maybe?
Then I thought about how to make another girl for Edward to love, she would have the scent of Bella, her mental silence….
Then Jacob came into mind, if Edward loved her, he would have to as well right?
So things just went from there.
This new love of Edward and Jacob’s comes twelve years after Bella has been killed by Victoria, she plays guitar and wants to be a dancer. Think Avril Lagvine cross Andy from Step Up 2.
Anyway, this story is about new love. How even the oldest wounds can heal.
Here’s the blurb and the trailer, hope you like.
Oh and regards to the face choice in Isabelle being Selena Gomez, that was a personal choice, as well as Skye being Taylor Swift.
If you don’t like it, just imagine someone else, this was just who I had in mind when I was writing it, and for people who need faces they are the ones they get.
But I understand their not for everyone so… LOOK AWAY!
This story is called “Bloody Revenge”
Reviews are great as well.


“No! Please No!”
Those were the last words Isabella Swan would hear, called by someone she considered an Angel, calling her to the only heaven she wanted.
Then a beautiful faced woman with flaming red hair and crimson eyes stood over her, smiling.
She then plunged her hand down into the girl’s chest, breaking through her skin and rib cage as if they were made of water; she then curled her fingers around her heart and crushed the life from it. Then she disappeared, vanished off the face of the earth, where no one, not even Alice could find her and seek the revenge they so clearly wanted, her involvement with the wolves had blocked her power.

As was expected, Edward sunk into grief and despair, he longed to die, to join his only love by any means necessary. His family would not help him that he knew, so he went to the one person who had been looking for an excuse to kill him from the moment they met, Jacob Black.
He too refused, saying only a few simple words of hurt, yet upon hearing them, Edward felt as if he had died an excruciating death, “You should have left her with me”
The Volturi was the only option he had, he wouldn’t waist time asking them for what he wanted, the answer would be the same as last time, no, he’d go straight to Volterra and force his hand.
It was upon making this decision that Alice intervened.
She showed Edward the future, the future of his family if he were to die; none of them were the same, but the one who struck him the most was Carlisle. The light that had always seemed to shine bright within him was gone, dead, and with that, all that he believed in. The imagine of Carlisle with bright red eyes was enough to convince him not to go through with his plans. It was selfish of him to take Bella, but to ruin Carlisle too was unforgivable.

So he stayed, retreating back into the shell of aimless darkness he had built around himself before Bella had entered his life.
For twelve years the Cullen’s continued their life, moving from sunless town to town, dazzling all who saw them, but none never daring to speak to them, exactly the way it was before Bella. Edward was a lifeless shell, speaking only when spoken to, and never playing anything on his piano.
The Cullen’s had been in the town of Winchester for six months when Isabelle and the Witches came to town. The moment Edward locked eyes with Isabelle he knew she was a demon sent straight from his own personal hell to torture him, a girl that smelled as appealing as Bella did, that had her eyes and strangely enough a close rendition to her name? These were all eerie similarities that Edward felt for sure he could ignore, but then there was her silence, the total silence of her mind just like Bella’s,  yet when he locked eyes with her the first time, he saw the visions she saw of him, and his family, and he knew he couldn’t stay away.
But what will the Cullen’s do when they find out about Isabelle past? Who her real family is? What are the Witches going to do?

Time would tell.


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