Crixus and Naevia Authors Note

Has anyone seen the television show Spartacus: Blood and Sand?
I have recently become a MASSIVE fan, especially of the Naevia and Crixus story-line.
For those of you who don’t know it, let me give you a little blurb of what the story shall be about.
Now remember, this is all based on the show, though I may add my own flare it will be retelling events mostly, unless it is requested that I add some ‘deleted scenes’
In regards to the video, I didn’t make this one as I have all the others, this was made by the fabulous and far more talented than me, MissTwisty!
Who very kindly let me use it! So leave comments for her!
This story is called “Crixus & Naevia Collide”

In ancient Rome, Gladiators and their fighters are the main source of entertainment.
The best of them all was Theokoles, the shadow of death. He has never fallen in the arena, but is now in retirement. Crixus, the Champion of Capua and undefeated Gaul is considered a legend for Gladiators and spectators alike.

Batiartus owns the Gladiator school where Crixus trains, his Dominus, and his wife Lacretia, the Domina. They have owned him for five years, in those five years he had captured the eye of many women, none more so than Lacretia.
And because she was his Domina, she ordered him to be with her, in secret from her husband.

Over the years the Domina had began to develop feelings for him, but Crixus remained unmoved and it seemed that no women would ever capture his attention.
Until Little Naevia, the Domina’s body-slave began to blossom.

The arrival of new Gladiators in inconsequential, though one recruit in particular, Spartacus, pulls at his nerves… almost as much as shy little Naevia.
Little Naevia. How could she, someone who hates the Gladiator games ever be someone like Crixus? A complete brute?


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