Chapter Two: First Sight


“Alice, come on! Unless you want to run to school you need to get down here now!” called Rosalie in an agitated voice, ‘what is she doing up there?’ she thought

Alice was hiding in the attic, refusing to be within my minds-eye ear-shot, whatever she was keeping she was going to great length to do it. It piqued my interest a little, but I knew I would find out soon enough, and it wasn’t as if I was going anywhere I thought depressingly.
“You guys go on ahead, I’ll catch up later!” called Alice clearly.
Emmett shrugged and headed to the garage, losing interest, if he wasn’t in on the plan, he didn’t care. Rosalie followed after him, huffing angrily.
Jasper stared up at the roof, a small crease in between his eyebrows; I didn’t need to be a mind reader to know what he was thinking, tension radiated off him.
“Come on Jasper” I said placing a smooth hand on his shoulder, “If Alice wanted help she’d ask for it” I said firmly.
Indecision was clear in his eyes, but he eventually tore his eyes away and headed to the garage with me.

I slid into the front seat of the Volvo and reversed out. I couldn’t stop my gaze from flickering to the grey sheeting that masked a turbo-charged Ferrari, the ‘after’ car meant for Bella.
It had arrived shortly after her death, and I couldn’t bring myself to dispose of it.

It was a reminder of the life that we could have had. If I had only been a little faster, I could have saved her.
I shook my head attempting to rid myself of the thoughts as I drove my siblings to school.  

“Has anyone seen my purple shirt?” called Maddi from up-stairs.
“It’s where you packed it!” called Skye as she bounced down the stairs.
“Try the box that says ‘clothes’ Maddi” I called as I skipped down the stairs after Skye, I was in a radiant mood, and I had no idea why.

It must have been for the excitement of going to a new school!

The Del’Evaga’s moved around a lot, so they were used to going to new schools, but I had lived in Volterra my whole life and had only ever gone to the one school.
I was anxious to meet the new people and teachers.
“Who wants toast?” called Annalisa as I walked into the kitchen.
“Me!” I called as I sat atop the counter, I grabbed a red plate that sat on the sink, it was empty, only a few crumbs were remaining on it.

“What do you want on it?” asked Annalisa not looking up from the cupboard.

“Jam please!” I said brightly as I looked down to my plate, two pieces of steaming toast had appeared, strawberry jam melted to the top.
I smiled down at it; I had always been astounded and jealous of how the Del’Evaga’s used their magic.

I had grown up with them, I knew all about it but it never failed to amaze me! I also knew never to tell anyone about them.

I was good at keeping secrets.
“Morning!” called Ben as he walked into the room.
I smiled at him as I grabbed my piece of toast and bit down onto it.

Ben’s and Maddi’s powers hadn’t developed yet, it generally happened when a they were sixteen according to Chris, that was when Skye had first gotten her powers.

I had been with her the month she was forced to stay at home while she got her magic under control.

When she first started she could be trying to levitate a stone and end up making the entire house float in the air.

But after that her magic had gotten very weak, she was only able to do big things by accident, when she concentrated she was barely able to make the lights come on; it was something she was assured would get better with age.

Annalisa looked up at the clock; “Guys you need to get going or you’re going to be late for school” she called.

“This wouldn’t be a problem if you would buy me a car” said Skye pointedly from the doorway.
“For the millionth time Skye no! You’re all a bunch of speed-demons anyway!” said Annalisa pointedly, “remember the last time?”
“Hey that was Bells fault not mine!” said Skye defensively.

The last time Skye, Ben or I was allowed anywhere near a car was six months ago, we all liked speed, so I wasn’t exactly doing the speed limit when I was racing through the Volterra country side and had passed a police car.
“That was Ben’s fault! He dared me!” I said just as defensively.

“I don’t care! School! Now!” growled Annalisa.
I finished my toast and placed the plate on the sink, swinging my school bag over my shoulder I grabbed my skate-board from the front door.

“Maddi we are leaving!” called Skye as she grabbed her jacket off the hook at the front door.
Maddi quickly appeared at the foot of the stairs, looking slightly flustered; she had on a dark blue shirt.
“Couldn’t find it?” I asked.
She pursed her lips angrily, clearly upset that she wouldn’t be wearing what she wanted.
I laughed, “Come on Benji!” I called as I opened the door, I threw my skate-board down onto the wet concrete of the drive way and stepped on, rolling down the road.




It didn’t take us long to get to the school, Winchester was a small but busy town, Maddi, Ben, Skye and I were standing on the opposite side of the road staring up at our new school.

Students were parking their cars in the parking lot, others were sitting on the grey front steps lounging around and waiting for the bell to ring.

Suddenly I didn’t feel excited, I felt nauseous, all the students on the front steps were staring at us, I felt like a zoo animal with spectators peering in on us.
“Anyone else feel like they need to vomit?” I asked not tearing my eyes away from the school.
“Oh you’ll be fine!” said Skye reassuringly.

“Oh yeah! If they don’t eat you alive first!” said Maddi hauntingly, grinning at me before she walked across the road.

“Maddi shut up!” called Ben as he crossed the road heading into the school.

I stood staring at the school feeling out of my depth, I realized I had only ever gone to one school in my life, and that was in another country!

Skye, Maddi, Ben they had been to school’s throughout the world, granted they always came back to Volterra and were only ever gone for six months at the most, but they had been places, I had never been anywhere!
I had come all the way from Italy to fulfill my dream, I’d never given it another thought, but the enormously of the decision seemed to weigh down on me this morning.

I was vaguely aware the school bell had rung signaling the start of the school day.

“Come on!” said Skye walking across the road.

I stared at the school once more, some of the students had gone inside, but most stayed on the steps watching Skye and I.

Taking a deep breath, hoping to suck in whatever courage I had left in me, I threw my board down onto the road and stepped on, the black top shining in from the rain last night.

I had barely skated onto the side of the road when I heard the screech of tires, the smell of burning rubber, I turned my head to see a silver Volvo coming right for me, I didn’t see who was driving, there wasn’t enough time, I didn’t see my life flash before my eyes like supposedly happened in the movies, I only had time to realize that I was going to be hit before pain erupted on my hip.

I felt my world spin as I was thrown off my board and onto the ground, I gasped in shock as I hit the ground.

“Isabelle!” a high pitched voice screamed, I didn’t know who it was as I rolled along the ground.

I eventually stopped moving, the moment that the car had caused by hitting me and throwing me off the board subsided and I lay in the middle of the road.

There was a dull pain in my head, a throbbing of the sorts but nothing unbearable, I was more worried about my hip, that was where the car had clipped me, I groaned slightly and pushed myself off the ground, my face felt wet from lying on the blacktop, I slowly stood up, my back to the car.

As I stretched up I realized I hadn’t been seriously hurt, there was no blood or broken bones.
“Bells!” yelled Skye running to the edge of the road, “You ok?” she called, Ben and Maddi were right behind her, both wearing similar looks of shock and horror.
I looked up at them reassuringly, grimacing slightly as pain shot through my leg I gave them the thumbs up.
Maddi looked relieved, both Ben and Skye breathed similar sighs of relief, their blue eyes sparkling.
I placed a hand on my hip as turned around to see my board and the car who had hit me, my board had rolled to the gutter, still in one piece, that was a plus.

I swung my hair over my shoulder as I turned to the car, my long brown locks fanned out of my way, not obstructing my view as I turned to see the driver of the silver Volvo.

The first thing I registered was that the driver was male, and that he had pale skin and bronze hair, but then I noticed more of his facial appearance, a square jaw, a dark brow and chiseled features, that’s when I realized I’d seen this man before, many times.

I locked my eyes on his butterscotch ones, and that’s when it happened, pain exploded in the back of my head, and images were forced in front of my eyes.
The copper haired man sat in a field, the wind played with his tousled hair, he was looking forward thoughtfully, “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb” he murmured.

The vision changed abruptly, there was a forest, green and mossy, it looked damp, he was there once again, but closer, “I love you, it’s a poor excuse for what I’m doing but it’s true” he whispered fiercely.

The vision changed again, to a place I knew well, to the walls of Volterra, he was standing there, his shirt off, his chest was as sculpted as a marble statue, “Death hath sucked the honey that has no power upon thy beauty” he murmured.

The vision changed again, he was standing in front of the silver Volvo, his fist clenched at his sides “I’ll be fighting for her too you know” he said firmly.

The visions ended as abruptly as it started, and I was once again standing in the middle of the road in Winchester.

The man in the car was looking at me, as if he had somehow seen what I had, his jaw was taunt but his eyes were dark, clouded with an unreadable emotion.

“Bells!” said Skye happily as she skipped over to me, “unless you want to be hit by another car, you might want to get off the road” she said.
I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the driver of the car; his eyes were locked on me, staring in a transfixed way.
Skye gave a small tug on my arm and I tore my eyes away from the mysterious driver to look at her.

“You alright?” she asked frowning, confused.

I nodded, not quite sure if I could speak yet, I walked obediently across the road wither, bending down to grab my board I felt a sharp pain in my hip; I would have a large purple bruise there tomorrow.

I straightened up and looking over my shoulder again at the Volvo, to make sure that the driver was still in there, that he was in fact real.
I locked eyes with him once again, only for a split second before Skye placed a gentle hand on my back she guided my up the stairs, in the space of a mere few seconds my entire life had changed.
I had been under the impression for my entire life that everyone from my dreams was just figments of my imagination, I’d dreamed about him and others for more nights than I could count, never once had it occurred to me that they were real, that was one thing I knew, that they weren’t real.

And now I knew nothing.

“You alright?” asked Ben.

“You look like you go hit pretty hard the way you rolled along the road like that” said Maddi.

“I’m fine” I said, but my voice shook, not fooling anyone, “let’s get to class” I said making my way up the school steps, ignoring the stares I was getting from the majority of the students.



I stared absently out of the windshield, driving hadn’t been something that required my full attention for a long time, and today was no different, I let my mind wander.

I was too far into imagining my life, the way it would have been if Bella was alive to register that someone had stepped out onto the road into the path of my car.

“Edward!” gasped Rosalie.

I blinked and looked up to the road; a girl with dark brown hair had stepped out onto the road.

I slammed my foot down onto the breaks of the car, mentally cursing at how stupid I had been for not paying attention; I struggled to watch as the girl turned to look at my oncoming car before she was hit.

I watched as the edge of the car nudged the side of her hip, throwing her in a spinning motion towards the ground.

I watched in horror as her fragile human body smacked into the hard pavement and rolled a few meters along the ground.

I felt everyone in the car hold their breath as she lay on the ground un-moving.

The thoughts of the students that watched the accident were incoherent, scattered in chaos.

I tried to hone my thoughts in towards the girl lying in the middle of the road, but she was completely silent.

Either she wasn’t thinking, or she couldn’t.
Then, very slightly, she moved, standing up slowly, as if unsure whether she could stand.

Everyone in the car breathed a sigh of relief, “Well done Edward!” snapped Rosalie sarcastically.
I ignored her and focused on the girl, she held her hip, standing uneasily, and she had obviously been injured, but not seriously, though that didn’t ease my guilt.
Then everything slowed down as she then turned to face the car, her brown hair fanning out around her, swinging over her shoulder and I could see her face for the first time.

She had pale olive skin and a round shaped face, still young and full of life, her deep pink lips full and plump, I watched as they parted slightly in shock, I then noticed her eyes, deep brown pools with limitless depth.

I realized I knew those eyes, I had stared into their depth many times, they were Bella’s eyes.

That’s when it happened, the attacking of memories that I had thought about many times, though they weren’t from my point of view they were from Bella’s.

Memories that only she and I could know about were protruding from this girls head right before my very eyes, and then they stopped, as quickly as they’d begun.

I stared at her in shock, I felt like I’d been electrocuted, and the sparks tingled all over my body, my dead heart may have given its first thud in ninety-two years.

Who was this girl and why did she have Bella’s memories and eyes?

I couldn’t hear anything, though I was sure my siblings were speaking to me, nothing else in the world existed but this girl and her hypnotic brown eyes.

She stared right back, I felt as if I was staring at Bella again, all the time I had gone without seeing her face, her beautiful eyes were now in front of me.

Then the girls friend skipped over to her, her thoughts interrupting my ogling with her thoughts, ‘Why is she just standing there?’ the blond girl thought as she tugged on her friends arm.

“Bells!” she said.

Another blow, this girl, with Bella’s eyes and memories also had her name, Jacob and Ben’s nick name for her had been ‘Bells’ as it appeared this girls nick name was.

If there was a god he had a very sick sense of humor, or a very good sense of irony to place this girl in font of me.

She tore her eyes away from me and I was broken from the trance, though I didn’t look away, I watched her with the up most scrutiny, I watched as she walked off the road, her walk not hindered by any damage I may have caused with my thoughtless driving.

She walked over to two younger people, a boy and a girl, their thoughts were similar echoes of worry for the girl, but I couldn’t make them out, my body was still tingling, her back was to me, I so long for her to look back at me, to see the eyes of the women I once loved again.

Thankfully she did, looking over her shoulder, almost shyly at me, to make sure I was still in the spot I had been, she was silent and her face gave nothing away as she looked at me, that’s when I realized, she was silent, as silent as Bella had been, she turned around and walked towards the school, not looking over her shoulder again.

“Edward!” said Emmett tapping my shoulder lightly to grab my attention, I blinked and turned back to him, “You alright?” he asked with concern, ‘he looks weird’ he thought.
So my power wasn’t off, I could still hear people, just not this new girl.

“I’m fine” I replied as I turned back to the steering wheel to start the car up again.

“Well done Edward you’ve managed to make a spectacle of yourself once again! We’re supposed to stay underneath the radar!” growled Rosalie.

“Not now Rosalie” I growled as I cut the engine to the car and got out of the Volvo, I suddenly realized why Alice was avoiding me, and she had seen this girl coming.

I ground my teeth together in aggravation; Alice had some serious explaining to do.




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