Chapter Three: Distractions

I was distracted for the rest of the morning, I didn’t hear teachers names, I didn’t return the friendly smiles I got from some of the students, I was wrapped up in my thoughts, thankfully I had Skye to lead me to most of my classes, but by lunch time she’d had enough.

“That’s it! What is going on?” demanded Skye as we placed out books in our lockers.

“Huh?” I asked bringing myself back to the world of the living.

As I surface I looked into my locker, and an idea suddenly struck me! My sketch book!
When I was little my Mother had taken me to see a councillor about my dreams, the councillor had told me to try drawing the things I saw in my dreams so they weren’t as scary, when I was little the drawings were no more than stick figures, but as I grew older they developed until they were almost portraits of the people.

I was taking an art class this year; I must have packed one of my sketch books! I began rummaging through my locker looking for it.

“How hard did that car hit you? You’ve been quite all morning” she said pointedly.

“Have I?” I asked innocently as I lifted up a stack of books in search of my large black sketch book.
“Yeah” said Skye, I could feel her glare on me before she stepped forward and grabbed my hands by the wrist forcing me to look at her, “What is going on?” she demanded, her blue eyes were alert with concern.

I took a deep breath, readying myself to explain, “The guy, the one driving the Volvo?” I asked hoping she would remember.

“What about him?”

“Did you get a good look at him?”

“No not really, I was a bit more concerned about you” said Skye sounding confused.
I blinked in frustration, she couldn’t help me if she hadn’t seen him too, I groaned and thumped my head against the locker.

“You know what you need? Pudding! I say we go to the cafeteria right now and get some” said Skye brightly.

I sighed in defeat, my head was still pounding from thinking so much this morning, and the fact I had been in a car accident this morning probably didn’t help the headache that was building up behind my eyes.
“Your acting like a lunatic, come on!” said Skye hooking her arm through my as we walked down the hall.

“Shut up!” I said playfully nudging her lightly as we walked.

She laughed as she pushed open the cafeteria door, “Hey! You know what we should play tonight?” she asked holding the door open for me.

“What?” I asked as I stepped through, the cafeteria buzzed with student chatter, the walls were painted an industrial blue, and dull grey light shone through the windows, it was still an overcast day.

“We should totally play Apple Smear tonight, there’s that big apple tree next door!” said Skye excitedly as we walked to the food line.

Apple Smear was a game we had played since we were kids, it was basically playing baseball, but instead of a baseball bat we used a tennis racket, and instead of a ball we used apples.

The aim was to catch the most pieces in our buckets, who ever filled their bucket first won; the loosing team had to make the apple pies afterwards.
“I am so in!” I said as I grabbed a pudding off the line, I didn’t feel like eating much else and half the time I caught the apple pieces in my mouth.

Skye smiled as we exited the line, she looked over to a table on the other side of the room that was empty, except for the twins, Maddi and Ben.

We walked over to them; I was more skipping now that I had pushed the thought of the mysterious Volvo driver to the back of my mind as I sat down across from Maddi I forced myself not to look for him, as I knew, he had to be in the cafeteria, but Skye was right, I was acting like a lunatic, just because I dreamed about someone for the majority of my life then discovered they were real didn’t mean anything.
The world was a huge place, despite what the song said, I should have entertained the idea that my dream guy was real a long time ago and I had hit my head during the accident, who was to say the visions I received afterwards weren’t a result of that?

I sighed and tried to focus on the conversation at hand.
That was difficult seeing as Maddi and Ben were talking about the accident.

I just shrugged, “I’m perfectly fine!” I said firmly before I scooped some of the creamy chocolate pudding into my mouth.



Was it just me or was time running extremely slow today?

Were the clocks bewitched to make every second feel like a life time? A life time that I had to sit, and listen to teachers drone on about subjects they didn’t really know about.

If they had asked me a question today I may have actually been caught off-guard, thankfully none of them did.

I was first out the door as soon as the lunch bell rang, Winchester was a small school, yet I hadn’t passed the new girl, ‘Bells’ once, I didn’t even have a class with her, so lunch time, in the cafeteria would be the place I would see her.
I got there first, before my siblings even, I ordered the first things my hands touched at the lunch line not caring what they were, then I sat at the ‘Cullen’ table the table closest to the cafeteria door.

My siblings eventually join me, Alice was with them.

He looks mad’ Alice thought as she sat down next to me, placing her tray of props delicately on the table.

“Just a bit!” I hissed through clenched teeth.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you’ she thought sincerely.

I growled, not in the mood for her excuses.

“Would you have believed me if I did?” she challenged.

I scowled, she was right, I wouldn’t have believed her, but a prior warning may have been nice.
“Yeah hi! Remember us! Your siblings who have no idea what’s going on?” said Emmett pointedly.

The cafeteria was filling up, we could talk at human volume now and no one would hear us.

“Pay attention idiot! Edward has a thing for the new girl!” said Rosalie rolling her eyes.
Emmett frowned, “the one you almost hit with your car?” he asked.
“That’s the one!” said Alice happily, she then turned to Emmett and Jasper, “She’s about to walk in, would you two do me a favour?” asked Alice.

The both frowned in confusion, as did I when I saw what was in her mind.

She quickly whispered instructions for the both of them to react when the new girl, Isabelle, walked into the room.

Emmett was to keep me in my chair and Jasper was to calm me down.

“Alice why in the world would they need to-” I began, but the door opened and with it a gust of wind was blown into my direction.

And that’s when it happened, a wrecking ball slammed into me, a pile of bricks was thrown at me, no image was violent enough to describe the over whelming thirst that clawed through my body as the sweet scent of this new person walked into the room.

I should have known, with the eyes and memories of Bella, she could be the only one to smell as sweet as Bella once did.

I immediately felt Emmett’s hand clamp down on my shoulder as venom coated my mouth, Jasper sent a wave of calm over me, it did little to relax my muscles.

That’s when she actually stepped into the room, the scent intensified, but I didn’t move because I could see her, the delicate small girl that this delicious scent had come from, her large brown eyes looked around the room curiously, not looking for anything in particular, simply holding the interest of a person entering a room for the first time.

She walked past our table, not even glancing at it, she was absorbed in her conversation with the blond girl.

Her scent wafted past my nose teasingly, though her scent was similar to Bella’s as in the way she smelled so potently, it was a completely different smell.

Bella had smelled like freesia, or what I could compare her to in my dim human memories, Isabelle smelled completely different.

Her blood smelled like some exotic flower, something like a lily or rose.

It was mouth watering, but the scent faded as she joined the food line and my muscles relaxed.

The scent was gone, but the memory remained.

“Your fine guys, she’s not going to walk past again” said Alice firmly.
Emmett released me from his grip; Jasper used his unusual ability to see if Alice was telling the truth, he then pulled back his wave of calm.

“Come on time to get to class” said Alice brightly.

Yes, God well and truly had a sick and twisted sense of humour.

I stood up abruptly; there was no possible way I could be in this room without going insane I stepped at a quick human pace, yet an agonizingly slow vampire one out the door.

I went to my car, to hide really.

Had I not suffered enough?

It was bad enough that I had lost the love of my existence, that I was made to stay alive out of guilt, but I would now have to be reminded of Bella everyday by this new girl?

Her scent, her silence, her eyes, they were all the same as Bella’s.

I was going to leave, that much I was sure of, I couldn’t handle being around this girl, I feared that at any moment I would walk back into the cafeteria and sink my teeth into her delicate neck.

Her scent was maddening!

I had to get away, I didn’t hesitate to pull the car door open, I heard Alice’s clear mental voice ‘I’ll miss you’ she thought simply.

Come back soon’ thought Emmett.

I sighed, I hated leaving them, but I needed distance, space, time, and I couldn’t do that here.

I started the Volvo and headed as fast as I could out of Winchester.




The rest of the school day went by quickly, aimlessly. My mind was on other things, not school. I barely paid attention to anything; my pounding headache behind my eyes was very distracting. And so was the beautiful, golden-eyed boy that I saw every time I closed my eyes, try as I might, and I tried hard I couldn’t get him out of my head!

It rained later than night, so Apple Smear had to be postponed until next Monday.

That’s how it was for an entire week, rain, and my mysterious guy.

I was ashamed to admit that I looked for him, but there was no sign of him, or even his silver Volvo.

For all I knew the entire accident had been a figment of my imagination, just like I had always expected my dream guy to be.

He didn’t show, and by Friday, I had given up, resigning back to my thought that he was just that, a dream.



I rested my head against the back of a tall maple tree in Denahli, I had been hiding here for the last week.

I didn’t want to close my eyes, as every time I did I would see not Bella’s face, but Isabelle’s, it was haunting me.

A face that I had been repulsed to think about at the start now quite appealed to me, so much so I was disgusted.

But it was just her face, but her smell that were appealing and they were constantly on my mind, teasing me.

I know Kate said to leave him alone, but I can’t resist!’ thought Tanya as she walked through the forest towards me.

Tanya and the others had stopped hunting about two hours ago, I had stayed behind, hoping to find some solitude, but Tanya had followed me.

I sighed and closed my eyes, yes there was her face, her beautiful face, smiling slightly as she spoke to the blond girl next to her.

“Edward?” asked Tanya.

I opened my eyes, she was standing over me, ‘The others say I’m annoying you’ she thought pointedly, “I just wanted to see if you were alright” she explained.

I sighed, “I’m fine Tanya, I’m just thinking”

“About?” she asked sitting down next to me.

I didn’t answer.

“I haven’t seen you like this since…” she didn’t finish, but her thoughts were loud enough ‘since you met Bella’

“You’re closer than you think” I muttered darkly.

That piqued her interest, and jealousy, “Have you… met someone Edward?” she asked grudgingly.

The fact that I did not find Tanya attractive had been a constant thorn in her side, though her attraction had never wavered she generally kept it in check, though her thoughts weren’t so easily hidden.

“Yes, but no” I said, “I met a girl, who is very similar to Bella, in frightening ways, yet I know she’s…” I didn’t finish.

“She’s not Bella” finished Tanya.

I sighed and rested my head against the tree again.

“For that your hiding?” she asked, ‘that’s weird’

I turned to her questionably.

“Well I would think you would want to be around her, to find out why she is like Bella” she explained

I kept my head down thinking.

She sighed, knocking me lightly with her shoulder, “You never know, she might be able to heal some of those old wounds you have”

We sat in silence for a moment.

Go back Edward, your family misses you’ she thought firmly.

And I missed them.

I stood and turned to her, Tanya stood as well, holding my gaze.

“Thank you Tanya” I said leaning swiftly forward and pressing my lips to her cheek.

She tried to turn her head but I was too quick.

Drat!’ she thought angrily.

I laughed before taking off through the forest towards my Volvo, the sooner to be with my family.

And I realized, with shock, the sooner to see Isabelle’s face and unravel the mystery that she was.



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