New Story

Hello Everyone.
So I’ve posted a few chapters now on a few stories and I haven’t gotten many responses, so for those of you who are reading I wanted to send this little message out to you.
I’m not going to be posting chapters weekly for a while. I’m going to focus on getting the site’s name out there so I can get some active readers.
That being said I’m going to give you something to look forward to.

I’m going to try my hand at some Real People Fanfics.
Thats stories based on real people- mostly celebrities.
So here is the one I have in mind.

Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera is being made into a movie. Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson and Emmy Rossum will all return for the roles that made them famous, The Phantom, Raoul and Christine.
But with the new story comes new faces.
Amongst those is Jamie Chicasa, a dancer and actress from Australia, hand picked my Andrew Lloyd Webber to play the carnival freak “Miss Fleck”
For Jamie this is the opportunity that she has worked all her life for.
But when sparks fly between her and the movies lead actor, Gerard Butler, is she willing to put everything on the line for him?
Or will she keep her life on hold like she has for so many years?

Crappy Summary I know.
But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there is always pictures! Yay!
As many of you know I make banners to go with my stories and I’ve decided I kind of suck at it, so I’m putting this challenge to the masses: make me a banner for this story.
I’ve given you a few elements that you can incorporate into it, but I would like it if you could use one of the pictures below.
I don’t have a name yet so suggestions for it so I’m open to suggestions.
Have Fun! I look forward to seeing your works.

All of these pictures are FAKE. I have no affiliation with Gerard or Jamie.
(Jamie Chung is the face I chose for Jamie Chicasa)


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  1. Ace

    Whoa, some of these ‘shops are really good! I already told you of my issues with real person fanfic, but those alone make me interested in reading that if you ever get it published!

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