New Story

Hello All!
Miss me? Of course you did.

Well I have a new story on the go and ready for you!
This one came about after I went and saw the Australian Production of Love Never Dies, you know, the sequel to the phantom of the Opera?

Well I only have one thing to say… fucking awesome!
Technically thats two, but whatever.

Its so good I went and say it three times. Hey! I’m obsessed. So sue me?
But you know who else is obsessed? My co-writer for this story, the fabulous Mrs. Y.
We both loved the Australian production of LND so much. we decided to write a story about it.
Weekly updates for good little boys and girls who review.
Here is the blurb, as well as the trailer, this story is called ‘Phantom Sonata’

Felicia is a second violinist in the orchestra for the Australian version of Love Never Dies.
She suffered more than most and as a result, she has spent most of her life shying away from the spotlight she so rightfully deserves.
One night, after the theater has emptied, she climbs atop stage and sings for the first time in many years.
But her private moment is interrupted by none other than Ben Lewis, the Phantom himself!
Frightened, she runs.
Can Ben find his Angel of Music? Or will Felicia continue to hide?


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