Chapter One Authors Note

So, that was the first chapter written by me and Mrs y.
What do we think?
Kind of Cinderella meets Phantom of the Opera hey? haha

For those of you wanting to know the dynamics of how Mrs. Y and I write I shall explain here:
She writes little snippets then I go along and, we debated so long over what to call this, it was ‘beefing up’ for a little while but Mrs Y is a vegetarian, so then we started calling it ‘fattening up’ but with the obesity epidemic going on, that felt bad.
So basically I take whatever she has written, in this case all of the stuff in Felicia’s POV and make it bigger, adding more detail, emotions, thoughts ect.
Then I’ll write my own stuff which is the end stuff from Felicia and all of Ben’s stuff.

This is just one way to co-write mind you.
As you will see, when I post more stories that have been co-written between myself and others, I will explain.
Thoughts as always are welcome.
Criticism, reviews, questions, I love them all!



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One response to “Chapter One Authors Note

  1. Mrs. Y here! I am going to be posting a comment on every chapter and author’s note, by the way…

    I think what Poppy said above pretty much sums it up – reviews (as always) are desperately wanted! We don’t update without ’em! Constructive criticism… Praise… We love it all! 🙂

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