Chapter Four: Bubbles


“Is it just me or is Ben acting weird?” asked Skye as we walked down the halls of Winchester’s school, Monday morning, fabulous.

“Huh?” I asked looking up from my bag as I shoved my sketch book into it, I had been drawing the ‘dream/Volvo guy’ and I didn’t want Skye to see, she’d just quiz me endlessly about it.

“Ben, he’s been acting weird” she said.

“How so?”

“I don’t know, he’s just… quiet” said Skye shaking her head.

I wouldn’t know, I had been so spacey this week, but the Del’Evagas were a tight-knit family, the kid of family that only had each other, so if something was wrong with one of them, they would immediately know.

That’s how it was with my family, we didn’t have anyone but each other, there was a lot of them, so it wasn’t as exclusive as the Del’Evagas, but I was the youngest, so everyone tended to look out for me.

“Ask his twin she’s right there” I said pointedly to Maddi who was walking on Skye’s left.

“Hey there is no proof that we are related!” said Maddi defensively.

“Except that you happen to come out of the same vagina in a space of two minutes” said Skye rolling her eyes.

“Ew! Bad image in my head!” I complained.

“He’s probably just being a normal teenage boy” said Maddi dismissively.

Skye pursed her lips and looked up, “Look!” she said grabbing both Maddi and I and pulling us behind some lockers.

I poked my head to look over her shoulder to see what he was doing, he walked down the hall quickly, looking over his shoulder suspiciously, his eyes were puggy and red.

He looked over his shoulder nervously before he rushed into the boys bathroom.

I stared after him a little confused and shocked.

“Did you see his eyes?” demanded Skye turning around to face us.

“Has he been crying?” I asked with concern.

“Or doing drugs” said Maddi pointedly.

“Either way one of is going in there” said Skye pointedly, both she and Maddi looked at me.

I quickly caught onto what they were silent asking, “Why me?” I demanded.

“Because he’s not your brother” said Maddi.

“He’s as good as!” I said pointedly.

“Yeah but you’re not blood related so if he’s got his pencil out, Maddi and I won’t be scared for life” said Skye chirpily.

“And I won’t be?” I demanded in a high hysterical voice, the thought of seeing Ben’s penis was… traumatizing!

“Please Bells?” pleaded Skye.

I sighed angrily, I swung my bag off my shoulder and shoved it to her chest as I stepped away from them, I was halfway across the hall when Skye called out to me, “Bells, what’s this?” she asked.

I turned around, she was holding up the picture I had drawn, I obviously hadn’t shoved it in my bag as well as I thought I had, “That’s what’s been going on with me all week” I said simply, “Not that any of you noticed” I snapped before I continued towards the boys bathroom.

It wasn’t right for me to be so upset with them, but I had been occupied all week, Ben had been acting strange for barely a day before Skye noticed. If I was with my family, they would have noticed straight away.

I sighed, I was becoming home sick, I would call my Mother tonight, I wanted to hear her beautiful, angelic voice.

I pushed the door open to the boys bathroom and stepped in, I had the brief fear that a teacher would catch me, or that there would be another boy in the toilet, but I pushed that fear down to the pit of my stomach as I marched over to Ben, he was leaning over the sink, he looked as though he was going to vomit.

Had Maddi been right?

“Benji?” I asked as I stepped over to him.

He made a dry reaching sound, like he was trying to vomit.

“Ben if you have been doing drugs I swear to god!” I warned as I stepped over to him, I grabbed his chin and pulled his face roughly out of the sink.

His eyes were blood shot and out of focus, as if he had been doing drugs, then, he made the vomiting sound again, I stepped back as a reflex reaction, afraid I would be getting digested cereal all over my clothes, but that wasn’t the case, as Ben lifted his head three bubbles floated out from his mouth.

We both watched them float up into the air and pop, just like soap bubbles, we both then turned back to each other, his eyes still dazed, my mouth was hanging open.

Ben’s powers weren’t supposed to develop at least for another year! Yet here he was now, coughing up bubbles.

He groaned and made to turn to the sink, but I grabbed his shoulder and turned him to a bathroom stall, while I was pleased his powers were here, my main priority was to keep that fact under wraps, he threw his head into the toilet bowl and more bubbles floated up into the air.

“I’m going to go get Skye, we’ll get you out of here, just, stay in there!” I said pulling the stall door shut.

I sighed and headed out of the bathroom.



“Relax Edward, Alice would tell you if there was anything to worry about” said Emmett soothingly as we walked down the school hallway.

“No, she wouldn’t” I growled, Alice had been studiously keeping away from me, she was hiding something, that I knew.

“Well if it was anything important she would tell you” said Emmett reasonably.

I opened my mouth to disagree again when it hit me, her scent.

I should have known I would smell it sooner or later, but it was like I had forgotten how strong it was, I threw my hand out to stop Emmett as I spotted her.

She was walking angrily across the hall, straight into the boys Bathroom, without hesitation, she had a very determined look on her face.

“Did she just go into the men’s room?” asked Emmett.

“Yeah” I replied in a slight dazed

I can’t imagine Bella doing that in a million years’ marvelled Emmett.

I strained my ears to listen what she was doing in the bathroom.

Ben if you have been doing drugs I swear to god!” she warned.

Ah, not un-common in Winchester was kids showing up to school high on drugs, though the amount of students doing this decreased somewhat in recent days, I suspected Carlisle had something to do with it.

Both Emmett and I could hear the vomiting now, though I couldn’t hear any liquid hitting any surface, I heard a loud banging, like someone was crashing to the floor, and I heard the tight gripping of clothes as someone slumped to the floor.

Do you think they need help?’ asked Emmett.

I turned to him with an exasperated look.

Go on, I’m sure you’ll be better help than I will’ he grinned, though I heard the thought behind it, he wanted to see how I interacted with the girl.

“This isn’t some Science experiment Emmett! What if I kill her?” I hissed too fast and low for human ears.

He shrugged, “You didn’t kill Bella”

I glared at him, that was debatable.

“Just think of how good you’ll look by going in there and helping her out, she might forgive you for almost killing her last week!” he said cheerily.

I sighed, he had a point, if I had any hope of understanding why she was so similar to Bella, I was going to need to talk to her, helping her with a boy that seemed to be her brother, was the most definite way to get her to forgive me.

I headed to towards the bathroom, the boys bathroom was small and damp, her scent would be maddening in there, I took a deep breath before I reached for the door.

It swung open before I could grasp the handle and her slammed into me, but not merely her scent, she did as well.

The heat off her body seemed to burn me as she ran straight into my chest.

She stumbled back slightly from the impact, instead of stumbling back, she turned around artfully and gracefully to face me, her arm gripped my slightly for balance before she quickly released it.

We were closer at the moment staring at each other with wide eyes than I had been to any human for a long time.

She stared at me with a bewildered yet pleased expression, she exhaled a short breath that she’d been holding as she looked at me, was that almost a sigh of relief?

I didn’t dare breath with her this close, instead I watched as her thoughts scrambled behind her eyes and she quickly regathered herself, “Sorry” she said breathlessly.

“My fault” I said politely using up a small amount of my air.

She smiled slightly, timidly and made to move around me at the exact time I moved to be out of her way, we had both gone the same direction.

She smiled sheepishly, the lovely shade of scarlet decorating her cheeks before she stepped lightly to the other side, keeping her head down she walked away.

I couldn’t help but turn to watch her leave; her walk was a confident and rhythmic thing, something that I had never seen in any human, but sometimes in a vampire.

She then swung her long hair back over her shoulder and turned to look at me, as if to make sure I was still there, she was startled that I was looking at her too, so she quickly whipped her hair back around her shoulder and headed to her friends.

The two girls I had seen before, the blond and the small brunet stared her expectantly.

I stepped back over to where Emmett was, I didn’t need to read his mind to know he was eavesdropping on the conversation between the three girls just as I was.

“So, he doing drugs or what Isabelle?” asked the small brunet.

Isabelle? That was her name? Isabelle… Isabella, too similar!

“He’s got it” she said firmly.

What?! No way! It’s not due for another year!’ thought the blond.
She then turned to the smaller girl, “Call Dad now!” she demanded before she grabbed Isabelle exchanged a look of alarm and ran back to the bathroom, locking the door behind them.

The girl, Maddi looked frightened as she grabbed out a mobile phone and continued down the hall.

Well that was weird’ thought Emmett.

“Extremely” I answered mystified.



Christopher of course had dropped everything to come and pick Ben up from school, to get him away from curious human eyes as quickly as possible.

By default Maddi, Skye and I got the day off school, it wasn’t every day that a Witch or Wizard came into their powers, and the Del’Evgas were excited to say the least.

I was now in my new room with my sketch pad, drawing aimlessly, it took me a while to realize I had drawn his face on the off-white paper.

My drawing skills were a lot better than they used to be, but my drawing had not done him justice; you can only imitate beauty to a certain extent, not even my dreams or visions could capture his beauty perfectly, it was only something that could really be beheld when staring right at him.
And I now knew for certain her was real! I had bumped into his rock hard chest and stared at his face up close for myself, I knew he was real.


I sighed as I pulled the elastic out of my hair, letting the curls fall down around my shoulders, I always had my hair up when I was drawing or studying, I grabbed the paper and held it up gingerly.

How did someone so beautiful exist? I was still in shock about it, getting up from my bed I pinned the drawing on my wall. It was the only thing on my wall at the moment and it looked out of place.

My room was at the very top of the house, in the roof almost and the walls started to slant up halfway up the walls, it was quite an interesting design.

The only things set up in my room was my chest of draws and wardrobe that didn’t hold any clothes at the moment, my desk in the corner, and my bed.

Everything else was still in boxes waiting to be unpacked.
But I didn’t feel like setting my room up right now, all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t even play apple smear with Skye once Ben stopped coughing up bubbles.. She’ll be bugging me about that for at least a week.
Just then, the door to my room flew open, the knob smacking into the wall, Skye stood in the doorway, her hand on her hip.
“Thanks for knocking” I said sarcastically.

“We just finished playing Apple Smear” she announced, “You lost” she said dramatically.

I frowned, “How did I lose? I didn’t even play!”

“Exactly!” said Skye simply.

I rolled my eyes, Skye was my best friend, but sometimes she made no sense.

“Dad got called into town, so you can go with him and get the pastry” she said simply.

Chris was a mechanic of well… everything! While cars particularly took his fancy, he was able to repair just about anything! So it was pretty easy for him to get a job, Winchester Hospital needed a repair-man.

“Wait, he got the job this morning and they’re already calling him in after hours?” I asked, normally it took a hospital a while to build up the trust at the repair man was doing the right thing before they called them in after hours.

“I know, desperate much?” she asked incredulously, she then turned on her heel and began walking down stairs, “Don’t get the no name pastry!” she called.

I rolled my eyes and headed after her.
I couldn’t get Isabelle out of my head! She was like an infectious disease, spreading throughout my body until it manifested to my head where it consumed my every thought.

This is ludicrous! How can there be a girl almost exactly like Bella? My Bella.

The same eyes, hair, the potent blood in her veins, the silent mind… well not entirely, I had seen what she had seen when we’d locked eyes and I was positive  those memories had come from her head.
Was she sent here to be my personal hell on Earth? Because that is what it seemed like. Her image in my mind on replay just reminded me of the love I once knew. . .and had.
Memories drown my mind to where it was all I could think of.

Then it goes back to Isabelle…her chocolate brown eyes. Just like Bella! What did I do to suffer this way?
Am I supposed to protect her the same way I did Bella, or the way that I had tried to protect her? It’s my fault that Victoria gotten to Bella before I could; I should’ve been faster. I tried to protect the love of my life when in fact, I could not.
Danger magnet; that was indeed, Bella.
I warned her about my world, but she was stubborn, and selfish. I was selfish. We both were.

So, is this was why Isabelle was here? To remind me of how much of a screw-up I am? Or is she here to be my own sinister desire that I can’t have, but want? I sighed as her scent ran through my mind once again; it was invigorating, exotic and intoxicating.
But I couldn’t help compare her scent to Bella’s and the contrasts between them.

Bella’s was potent -just like Isabelle’s- and indeed, excruciatingly irresistible – but I did resist it. And as Aro once stated it, Bella was my la tua cantante.
But this spitting image of Bella -Isabelle- her blood’s potent, of course, but wilder, it wasn’t singing to me, it called to me! Maybe stronger than Bella’s had…
“Edward?” I heard a distant voice. “Edward?” the same voice said. The voice was like wind chimes and…impatient.
“What is it, Alice?” I asked, breaking my own thoughts.
“I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes. I have something to tell you!” her singsong voice was agitated, as is was bursting to tell me.

I wasn’t in a particularly good mood with Alice, her decision of not telling me of Isabelle’s forthcoming was a survive aggravation and I was decided whether or not to answer her. I thought for a moment.

“Edward?” said Alice, very impatient now; she really wanted to know my answers.
“What?” I asked reluctantly turning to her.


I saw very clearly the vision she had in her mind; the family were waiting to ambush me down stairs, Rosalie had told them of Isabelle, and Carlisle and Esme were very curious, as were the rest of them as to how I would react, so Carlisle had been given the job of approaching me.

I sighed in aggravation.

“He’s just worried Edward, we all are, so do us all a favor and just say yes!” said Alice pointedly.

I didn’t have time to answer.

Edward’ Carlisle called with his mind.

I sighed and headed downstairs, he was waiting for me at the foot of the stairs.

“The X-Ray machine at the hospital broke, I’ve been called in as the patient may need operating on, depends what the pictures look like, I could use a consult?” he asked, the invitation wasn’t entirely false, the story about the hospital was true, but I doubted there would be anything on an x-ray that Carlisle wouldn’t see.

I sighed as Alice’s words rung in my ears, “Alright” I said simply.

It was as good as a yes.




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  1. Tori Darcy

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    Uh oh!! they’re gonna run into each other at the hospital i bet… this is super good! im really curious what happens!!

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