Chapter Two Aurthors notes

Chapter two! what do we think?

Don’t we all need a friend like Tessa? haha

And just becasue MRs. Y and I aren’t stalker-ish enough I feel the need to say that the main characters are based on us.

Felicia is Mrs. Y and I, ThatPoppyGirl am Tessa.

Hey! Don;t judge us! we all do it!
Imagine celebrities falling in love with us… *sigh*

Only thing is, Mrs. Y and I choose to share our dreams! hehe



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One response to “Chapter Two Aurthors notes

  1. Yes… *sigh…*
    Haha anyway, moving along… This is one of my favorite chapters (in case you were wondering, I wrote most of it :P) simply because here we really fe to mee Tessa, who I absolutely live as a character. She really makes the story more exciting, I think, and I agree: we all need a friend like her. Let us know your thoughts as always!
    ~Mrs. Y

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