Chapter Six: Back-Flip

“Do you think these night mares are normal?” asked Skye with concern as I skated towards the school, I had woken up from an nightmare extremely loudly in the middle of the night, it was the current topic that Maddi and Skye were talking.

“Bells nightmares are never normal” said Maddi pointedly.

“But they’ve gotten way worse ever since we moved here” said Skye.

“Guys its fine” I reassured them.

“Bells you woke up screaming so loud last night I thought there was an axe murdered in your room” said Skye pointedly.

I shrugged it off, “It’s this place” and the people here “it’s messing with my dreams” I said smiling; I’d wish they’d drop the subject, the dream wasn’t something I liked to remember, I had seen Edward wrestling with a giant wolf.

Strangely enough though, I wasn’t afraid for Edward, I was afraid for the wolf.

“Let’s talk about something else” I proposed brightly.

“We could talk about how it’s supposed to snow soon!” said Skye.

“Yeah that will be cool! I can’t wait for Snow Season!” said Maddi brightly.

“Guys the weather? Seriously?” I asked, they couldn’t have thought of a better subject than the weather?

“Or the fact that Ben set his eyebrows on fire last night” laughed Maddi.

Well all laughed together, it had been quite hilarious, Ben had been sitting on the couch, minding his own business, when his eyebrows had spontaneously combusted into flames, he was still at home today.

“Hey look! There is my car!” called Skye.

I looked up to see an old blue, rusted truck parked in the middle of the parking lot, a boy with spiky blond hair jumped out.

Skye smiled and rushed over to the car, pulling me along after her, “Hey Matthew!” she called to the boy.

He turned around, and upon seeing Skye, smiled widely, “Hey Skye!” he said leaning against the car, “Nice to see you again”

She turned to me, “See Bells this is the car I was telling you about!” she beamed.

I eyed the car shrewdly, “It looks like the first car ever made!”

“Oh come on Bells! It’s not that bad!”

“You actually wanna pay money for this?” I asked looking up at her with shock.

“She’s in good condition! I’ve just put in a new sound system just last year” said Matthew pointedly tapping the truck bed.

I rolled my eyes, I wasn’t going to let Skye be fooled into by a rusted piece of junk, “Ok” I said dropping my bag onto the ground and stepping off my board “from what I can see the tires need replacing, the engine, if it’s as old as the car, is going to need a service ever three months as its probably a fan forced motor and will clog up easy, yeah?” I asked looking to Matthew; I didn’t need his confirmation to know I was right.

I stepped around to the back of the truck and jumped up into the bed, it pressed lower to the ground as I did, but squeaked in protest.

I jumped experimentally, listening to the squeak and still movement of the truck, “Yep, needs new shock absorbers” I said confidently, I turned to Skye, “You’re going to need to invest at least another grand just to keep it running for a year, and that’s without the fuel cost, which I’m guessing is a lot”

Matthew seemed to want to try and salvage some sort of chance of selling the car, as when he spoke, his voice was almost frantic, “But I’ve spent at least two grand on the sound system, it adds value”

“Well that remains to be seen, crank up some tunes, let me hear it” said Skye pointedly.

Matthew looked at her for a moment, seeming to judge if she was serious or not, after shaking his head briefly he reached inside the car and turned the key and pressed some I couldn’t see.

Fast hip-hop music began blaring from the speakers, I recognized the singer, I was pretty sure it was …

The base wasn’t too bad, it thudded the entire car frame giving it a dangerous, wobbly look, but it was definitely good sound system, I found myself wanting to dance on my own accord, but whenever music started to play, or I could hear a beat in something, I had to dance, it was just something that happened.

I slowly started shifting from side to side, moving my feet first, then my hips and the rest of my torso flowed as well.

“Oh work Bells!” laughed Skye as she leaned on the edge of the truck.

I didn’t need to be encouraged, but it felt nice hearing it from her, I spun lightly on my heels, the sneakers and sleek black metal of the truck allowed for an easy spin.

I looked over to see Skye laughing at me, “Come on, get up here!” I coaxed, I barely offered my hand before she gripped it and I pulled her up onto the back of the car. That was the great thing about Skye, while Maddi looked down at the ground laughing, almost hiding herself in shame, Skye was up on the back of the truck, dancing with me.

I couldn’t help but laugh as we did; being with Skye was just easy.

Admittedly I wasn’t doing any bold move the way I should have been, getting ready for my audition; I was just content to be dancing for the hell of it, though Skye had other ideas.

“Come on do something impressive!” she complained.

I laughed, “like what?”

“I don’t know” she laughed.

I rolled my eyes as I planted my foot firmly on the truck bed, I then flicked it quickly around to turn me into a spin, this spin was the only dance move I had ever been taught, to me it was impressive because I had to learn it, and it looked effective, but after I had done at least five full rotations, my leg flicking around to turn me, Skye didn’t look satisfied.

I stamped my upraised leg down onto the truck bed to stop the spin and looked at her.

“That wasn’t impressive!” she dismissed.

“Looked cool” commented Matthew; he didn’t seem to mind that Skye and I had taken over the back of his truck.

“Well what do you think is impressive?” I asked her.

She was thoughtful for a moment before she spoke “back flip off the truck!”

“Oh that’s great Skye, let’s just kill her! Breaking her neck in the morning before school, great!” said Maddi sarcastically.

“Oh she can do it Maddi!” said Skye dismissively.

“You first!” I laughed.

She laughed with me, but then stepped back; the back of her legs hit the edge of the truck beds sides, startled she began to topple backwards.

Someone then, quite literally appeared out of nowhere and caught Skye in their strong outstretched arms, catching Skye and holding her bridal.

I watched as she blinked at the mysterious rescuer, I could only see the back of his head, but he had black hair, pale skin, and was extremely muscled.

She sighed as she gazed up at his face, “Talk about sweeping a girl off her feet” she laughed as she draped her arm over his long shoulders, I could see the spark of attraction in her eyes.

I rolled my eyes, “Hey Cinderella!” I called.

She tore her eyes reluctantly away from her savior who was still holding her and appeared to be looking at her face, I couldn’t tell, his head was still turned away from me.

I positioned myself quickly on the back of the truck beds before I took a deep breath and jumped.

I arched my back perfectly as I fell backwards off the truck, doing a perfect back tuck off the truck I landed on the car park black top with a satisfying thud, I then straightened up, completely un-harmed.

“Whoo hoo!” cheered Skye as she scrambled out of her saviors arms.

The guy was still standing there like a stunned mullet.
It was understandable, Skye was absolutely stunning, she looked like some sort of Greek Goddess; long golden blond hair, pale perfect skin and bright blue eyes, she was beautiful, so it was understandable that the guy who had saved her would be sitting stunned by her beauty, it had happened before.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” she laughed as she hugged me.

I smiled as she did, “so who is your knight in shining armor?” I asked as she released me.

The Knight in question turned around to face us, he was pale, with chiseled eyes, but my eyes merely skimmed over his perfect features as I locked my eyes on his golden ones.

Pain once again shot into my head, and the visions quickly followed.

The tall brawny man standing in the middle of a field as lightening struck overhead, turning to look at me “Eerie isn’t it?” he asked grinning wickedly.

The scene changed, he was standing by an expensive looking door, about to head out, “Don’t do anything funny while I’m gone!” he warned jokingly.

The scene changed yet again, he was getting up from an expensive couch, a look of anticipation on his face, “Let go now! I’m dead bored!” he said brightly.

Abruptly as it started, it finished.

I gasped and grabbed my forehead as the pain lingered in my head, “Emmett” I whispered.
I don’t know where the name came from, or why I said it, but it just bubbled to my lips and escaped before I could stop it.

“Whoa! Bells, you ok?” asked Skye with concern.

“Yeah…” I answered shakily as I took my hand away from my head and looked up at the man in front of us.

He wasn’t alone this time, Edward stood next to him, there looks were similar ones of worry and speculation.

The brawny one stared at me with an almost shocked expressing, that was somewhat controlled.

But Edward stared at me with an almost frustrated look, as much as it was worried.

While seeing Edward again made me a tad breathless, I couldn’t deal with him, or the feelings he provoked in me right then, “I’m…ah, I’m going up to class” I muttered quickly to Skye as I turned on my heel and headed up the steps of the school, I practically ran to be free from Edward’s probing gaze.


“Why are you hiding in your car?” asked Emmett as he tapped on the door.

Hiding was an excellent definition for what I was doing. I was hiding from Isabelle and her potent scent, at least that was what I was telling myself.

I knew the real reason I was hiding; it was to stop myself from talking to her, to become too involved in the puzzle she presented.

He tapped on the glass of my window again, “can’t hide forever!” he teased.

If I could, I would.

In that exact moment they stepped in front of my car Isabelle and her two friends, it was like a knee-jerk reaction that I sat up straighter and listened.
She had her head bent down, as if she was embarrassed about something, though no blush decorated her cheek, her curls fell into her face, she had a skateboard with her.
“Bells you woke up screaming so loud last night I thought there was an axe murdered in your room” said the blond girl pointedly.
Nightmares? She suffered from nightmares? Ones where she woke up screaming?
The curiosity flared.

She seemed unconcerned, “It’s this place it’s messing with my dreams”

So the nightmares she was having now were out of the ordinary?

Emmett knocked on my window again; I turned to look at him reluctantly pulling my eyes away from her.

Why don’t you go and talk to her?” he thought.

“Don’t go there Emmett” I growled, I would not talk to her or have any contact until Alice told me what was going on.
We were silent for a moment, glaring at each other, I then turned back to see her dancing in the back of a blue truck.
On my own accord I got out of my car, her scent was too far away to hit me, but I couldn’t believe a girl so similar to Bella could be doing something so very… not-Bella.
Not in a million years would Bella have danced on her own accord by herself and actually looked as if she was enjoying herself.

The delight on Isabelle’s face could been seen from the other side of the parking lot, and she moved with fluency and grace.
Emmett laughed and turned to me, “Come on, I know you want to go and talk to her” he said persuasively.

I glared at him, I did want to speak to her, I wanted to know why she was here, how she thought, who she was, but I wouldn’t. It wasn’t right.

We both watched in silence as she spun around with the upmost grace, the movement seemed natural and un-rehearsed. Graceful.
A quality that I had never seen in Bella, yet there Isabelle was, spinning on her leg like a prima ballerina. The movement to her seemed natural.

Would you look at the way he watches her? Its pathetic!” thought Rosalie maliciously.

I snapped my head to her; she was standing by the front of the Volvo, her arms folded, glaring right back at me.

I may not have wanted to get to know Isabelle, but the harshness of her words, something directed at a completely innocent and unsuspecting girl was uncalled for.

“Enough Rose” I growled.

She hissed back before heading up towards the school.

I glared after her.

“Ignore her” said Emmett, bringing my attention back to the front, I could tell even he was getting sick of Rosalie’s mood.

We watched the two girls in silence again.

“She has her eyes” said Emmett speculatively.

“I know”
‘You could go over and introduce me’ he thought happily, the sarcasm underlining the thought was overwhelming.

“Go and introduce yourself” I snapped.

He turned to eye me, I regretted the harshness of my words, I knew Emmett, and everyone else just wanted me to be happy, but I couldn’t be happy without Bella, it was wrong, and especially one that was eerily similar to her.

“Fine, I’ll go do it myself” he growled, seeming annoyed that I was so adamantly avoiding Isabelle. Avoiding a chance at happiness.

I watched as he strode over to the truck, try as I might, I heard what the two girls were talking about as they stood in the truck bed.
“Back flip off the truck!” said the blond brightly, even though I knew there was no one else she could be talking to, I hoped to god it wasn’t Isabelle!

“Oh that’s great Skye, let’s just kill her! Breaking her neck in the morning before school, great!” said the small one by the truck.

So the blonds name was Skye.

“Oh she can do it Maddi!” said Skye dismissively ‘Seen her do it plenty of times the little genius’ she thought, the pride in her words was slightly touching, she definitely considered this girl her sister, but that pushed aside I blinked in shock, she could back-flip?

“You first!” laughed Isabelle.

The sound was delightful, and I relished in hearing it because it signaled that she hadn’t undertaken the stupid and dangerous act, worry clawed at my stomach.
Skye began to laugh ‘The little smart ass as if I would- Oh crap!’ she thought in alarm, I watched as she began to fall backwards out of the side of the car.
Emmett was closer, and reacted by his gentleman candor, not by intelligence as touching humans wasn’t something we did, but he stepped forward and caught the girl in his arms before she hit the ground.
Oh My God where did he come from?’ thought the girl in alarm.
I scanned the parking lot quickly, Emmett hadn’t been that far away, but he had been blindingly fast in extending his arms to catch her, but I could tell no one in the parking lot had seen.
Oh my god! Hot! Hot! This guy is gorgeous!’ thought Skye as she turned to look up at Emmett and smile, “Talk about sweeping a girl off her feet” she laughed as she draped her arm over Emmett’s shoulders.
I waited for the sarcastic comment from Emmett but it didn’t happen, he picked up right away that she was flirting with her and was… thinking of flirting back?
How bizarre.

“Hey Cinderella!” called Isabelle.

I watched in horror as Isabelle positioned herself on the back of the truck bed.
She wouldn’t jump she wasn’t that stupid, if she was anything like Bella she wouldn’t jump, and if she did she would crack her neck.
She took a deep breath, bracing herself.
I’d been wrong before…
It seemed to happen in slow motion as she jumped backwards, falling through the air, her back arching perfectly, I was in too much shock to breath, but I was well and truly ready to leap across the parking lot and sweep her off the ground if she looked as if she was going to land badly.
But she landed with apparent ease and turned to Skye.

Relief washed over me, it was so exquisite that I closed my eyes and absorbed myself in it, a bad decision as the assaulting images came with more force as images once again poured from her head.
They were of Emmett, and I was sure they were from Bella’s memories, and suddenly as the visions started, they stopped.
Isabelle gasped and grabbed her forehead in what appeared to be pain.
I walked as quickly as human velocity allowed, as I did I heard her speak “Emmett”
Edward she knows my name! How does she know my name?’ demanded Emmet.
Wow he is so cute and muscled… oh god What happened to Bells?’ thought Skye “Whoa! Bells, you ok?”
Again? What is with her? She have a brain tumor or something?’ thought Maddi as she watched anxiously.

“Yeah…” she answered shakily taking her hand away from her forehead, she was unsure.

I was by Emmett now as she looked up I stared at Isabelle, I tried once again to lift the thoughts from her head, to hear and see her thoughts so clearly just as I had not a moment ago, but she was silent, damn!
Her deep brown eyes locked on mine as her heart rate sped up, why couldn’t I hear her?

“I’m…ah, I’m going up to class” she muttered quickly to Skye before ripping her gaze from mine and walking very quickly up the steps of the school.
I stared after her in astonishment, in just this morning I had learnt so much about her, and I wanted to know more! I wanted to know more about this lovely creature, I wanted to know why Bella’s life seemed to haunt her, and I wanted to know why, despite my firm decision and efforts, that I couldn’t stay away from her.



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