Author Annoucement

So I’m starting a new story. Yayness!
I’ve decided that Phantom Sonata was so popular, featuring the Australian Phantom, Ben Lewis…

So I’ve decided I need to do a story about the London Phantom Ramin Karimloo.

But I’m so protective over the Australian Love Never Dies Cast they had to make an appearance.

Unlike a lot of my other stories, this one will actually be based on true events! haha!
I don’t know if that will make it better as it will have a certain ‘real’ aspect to it, or if it will make it suck, but we will see.
So this story is set in New York, Love Never Dies is being performed on Broadway, with a mixture of the London and Australian casts as well as some classic Broadway faces.
Cast list below:

This should come as no surprise that Ramin Karimloo is the Phantom.
Originally I wasn’t that wowed by him. Gerard Butler was my one and only Phantom. But I must say… I’ve been converted. He’s kind of awesome!
I can see why hes so popular and a really good Phantom.

Seirra Boggess as Christine.
I saw some footage of her in the Las Vegas Phantom and I wasn’t that impressed.
But then I saw some behind the scenes footage of her in Love Never Dies, and she just seems so cool I had to put her in the story because she just seems so cool!
Can’t say I prefer her over the Australian Christine, Anna O’ Byrne though.

Tyler Fagan as Gustave.
I’m sorry, he’s just such a little cutie!
And while I am COMPLETELY against Blond Gustave’s as neither the Phantom or Christine are blond, I had to concede.
I know if this show really did go to New York they would probably get a local boy to do it and Tyler is from England, but sue me! Its fanfiction duh!
And like I said… HE’S ADORABLE!!!
Sharon Millerchip as Meg.
Yes, she is the Meg from the Australian Production.
What can I say? She’s awesome!
I had to put her in because I can’t imagine anyone else as Meg.

Rebecca Spencer as Madame Giry.
At this point I was like “Well this is supposed to be an American Production and I only have English and Aussie’s in it”
So I decided to pay homage to some great Broadway Actors and put Rebecca in.

Austin Miller as Raoul.
This was another homage to Broadway.
Like Rebecca I know nothing about this guy and have never seen him perform, but I’m putting them in because they  are big names on Broadway and have reputations for being good.
And if Broadway thinks their good- that’s good enough for me.
And besides… Austin Miller looks like a bit of a hunk! Eye candy much?

Paul Tabone, Dean Vince and Emma Hawkins as Mighty Squelch, Doctor Gangle and Miss Fleck.
Yes these guys are from the Australian Production.
And I’m sorry but they are just too awesome NOT to be in my story!
But really, I can’t imagine anyone else as the trio. Come On!
A Fat Guy, A Tall Guy and A Midget… What’s not to love?

Thank you for your patience! I shall now get to the blurb. (I love that word! hehe)

Performing is nothing new for the entire Broadway Cast of Love Never Dies.
Show after show is magic. Audience after Audience shows their appreciation…
One audience member in particular captures the eye of not only Ramin, the shows leading man, but the rest of the cast as well.
But things that start out simple often become complicated.
Things that appear to be truth can become lies.
And friendships can turn into so much more…

Ok, don’t know if that was my best blurb, but I promise you this story will be epic!

Now it all depends on how popular this post is on how quickly the first chapter comes up.
AND it depends on how popular the story is on a whole of on how long the story will be.
I have two endings. So depending on you guys is the one I use.




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8 responses to “Author Annoucement

  1. Sarah

    I’m so interested in this story! (sorry for the delay in writing a comment, I’ve been busy at Uni and haven’t had a chance to look here 🙂 ) I do hope you start posting this story soon 🙂 xx

  2. Sarah

    Also, are you going to post the Jackson Rathbone story you mentioned a while back? I don’t know if I’ve missed it or something 🙂 x

  3. Fairyteyla

    Yes I think this story will be great. I love your cast. If only the Broadway cast was this one… Can’t wait to read you!

  4. AstonMartin

    Story sounds great as long as you also finish Phantom Sonata coz I can’t wait to find out what happens!!!

  5. Taylor

    When are you going to start posting this story, and have you created a title yet?
    I absolutely loved Phantom Sonota! I am torn between Ben and Ramin being my two favorite phantoms.

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