Chapter Eight: Saved

“So you want to come home?” asked my Mother her voice was angry.
“I just don’t think I can handle having all these flash-backs day in and day out! My head felt like it was going to split open!” I said as I paced in my bedroom, the call was probably cost my mother a lot of money, but I didn’t care, she could pay it, she had the money.
“So you’re just going to give up?” she demanded her voice still angry, but now it had a mocking edge, and that angered me.

“Mum if you knew what it was like you would give up to! I’m scared to look at anyone in this town because I’m afraid of what I’ll see about them! The visions are so real!” I ranted as I paced angrily.
“And what about Julliard are you going to give up on that too?” she asked, definitely mocking now.
“No, I’m just going to go when I’m older and I don’t have to be around the Cullen’s!” I snapped.
She sighed, “Isabelle we invested a lot in you going to America, more than you know, if you want to leave your Father says he will welcome you home, but I want to know I am against it!” she said firmly.
My adoptive Father was a very powerful man, he happened to by my Mother’s boss, so what he said went, but I didn’t want to anger her by giving up, but at the same time I didn’t think I could handle going through what I did today ever again.
“I’m coming home” I said firmly.
“Fine!” she snapped.
“Fine!” I snapped before hanging up the phone.
I knew why she was mad, she probably didn’t want me to give up on my dream, but she had invested a lot of money in sending me over here, so I could understand, but I was too much of a coward to stay here.
“So that’s it then?” asked Skye, she had been sitting on my bed, listening to the entire conversation, “Your just going to leave?” she asked looking up at me with accusing eyes.
I sighed, we didn’t like being parted from one another, and I knew that she had been particularly excited when I was able to come with her to America because it meant a year of uninterrupted time, she clearly felt I was abandoning her, “I don’t have a choice!”
“Yes you do!” she snapped before she got up from my bed and walked out the door in a huff, the door slammed behind her, though I knew she hadn’t touched it, witches powers were connected to their emotions, and she was pissed off.
I sighed as I threw myself down onto the bed, I would stay until the end of the week, it would take me that long to pack all my stuff up, and patch things over with Skye before I could run back to Italy.
One week. Then I would leave, and never have to think of the Cullen’s again.


I stood in the lounge room staring out at the surrounding forest, my mind was reliving my time with Bella, the way I always did in these uninterrupted spaces of time.
Alice gasped as a vision that happened too quickly for me to see flickered in her site.
“Alice? What did you see?” asked Jasper curiously.
Alice stared out into space trying to make sense of her vision, I peered into her mind to see what I could glean, but that was the problem there was nothing there.
“Isabelle” she hissed, “she’s disappeared”
I felt as if I had been struck, that one word automatically grabbed my attention, I stared at her wanting to know the answer, “What?” I asked.
“At the end of the week, she’s going to disappear…” said Alice uncertainly, “I think” she made a face at the word, “that she’s going back to Italy, but I can’t see!” she said in frustration.
“What do you mean leaving?” I demanded, for some reason the thought of her leaving… it made me angry.
“I mean at the end of the week I see her getting on a plane… and then her future, it just disappears” she frowned and turned to me, “That future I showed you today… it’s gone”
I blinked in shock, but kept my face passive “Good” I said coolly before turning to the glass wall, I was pleased she was leaving in a way.

Isabelle would be in Italy, far from me and the danger being with me imposed, but somewhere, in the back of my mind a small part of me was disappointed.



“Skye you can’t avoid me forever!” I called as I walked beside her through the parking lot.
“Watch me!” she snapped turning to Maddi, “Hey what do you think is worse your best friend leaving you when she promised to stay with you for a year? Or realizing your best friend isn’t really you best friend?” she asked loudly.

“Oh grow up Skye!” I snapped, she hadn’t considered how bad I felt about this entire situation, she just took this as me ditching her.
“Answer the question Maddi!” she demanded.
“Um” said Maddi staring at us both with wide innocent eyes, “Do you know its Orlando Bloom’s birthday next week?” she said brightly.
Both Skye and I huffed together and kept walking in angry paces.
“You know what I think is really awesome? The fact that my now ex-best friend is giving up on her dream just because of some stupid dreams and some headaches!” said Skye pointedly.
“You know what I think is really awesome? The fact that I now know what an immature brat my ex-best friend is!” I said just as pointedly.
“Did you just call me a brat?” demanded Skye stopping abruptly and turning to me, she glared, “At least I’m not be a quitter you… quitter!”
I would have laughed if I wasn’t so annoyed, insulting people had never been Skye’s strong suite, “I can quit if I want to! It has nothing to do with you” I said pointedly.
“Ladies! Ladies!” called Matthew stepping between us, it must have looked like things were getting pretty intense between Skye and I, it was nothing, we were like sisters, and sisters fought, which was exactly what we were doing now.
“Calm down” said Matthew soothingly.
Skye and I continued to glare at each other, “Hey Skate Board girl!” called a voice.

I looked up at the school, a large ladder was propped up against the front of the school, a yellow banner was hoisted up on one side, the other still dragged on the ground, I was the only girl in the parking lot with a Skate Board, most of the girls in Winchester School wouldn’t be caught dead on a skateboard, I knew this information was correct even after my short time here.
A girl with black pigtails down either side of her face was the one who called me, “Can you come help us put up this banner?” she asked.
“Sure” I called, I turned to Skye and gave her a final glare before I walked over to the girl by the ladder, she handed me the end of the string of the banner.
“We just need you to climb and tie this around the hook at the top, all the other girls are afraid of heights” explained the girl.
“What’s the banner for?” I asked as I climbed.
“Cheer leading try outs” said a prissy voice; I looked down to see the girl I had accidentally hit with a Volleyball yesterday, only today she was wearing a white, blue and yellow cheerleading uniform “Not that you need to worry, Cheerleading takes grace, discipline and precision, something I doubt you have” she said glaring at me.
I blinked at her rudeness, her friend looked up at me and rolled her eyes, clearing saying she thought she was full of it, I’d have to agree.

Cheerleading, though I knew took a lot of dancing and sometimes Gymnastics, it didn’t appear to be that hard and the fact that the girl below was automatically dismissed me as being unable to do it was something that irked me, I continued to climb one handed holding the banner.
“Would you look at that tramp all over Matthew?” said the prissy girl when I reached the top of the building, even though I was at least a hundred meters in the air I could still hear her, I looked over my shoulder to see Skye talking to Matthew.
“Who does she think she is being all over my boyfriend the slut?” said the girl menacingly.
I was on the last step of the ladder, even though Skye and I were fighting, I wasn’t going to stand for someone being so blatantly mean to her, I reached up onto the school guttering where I found exactly what I was looking for, and old baseball that had been stuck up there for at least a month, I gripped it in my hand very firmly before I looked down and held the ball out very purposefully before I dropped it.

It landed exactly where I wanted it too, smacking right into the brown regrowth of the girl who had offended my best friend.
“Ow!” she complained moving out of the way and holding her head; she looked up at me simultaneously.
“Whoops! Guess I wasn’t being graceful!” I said sarcastically, I then heard laughter from out in the parking lot, but it wasn’t normal laughter, it was beautiful, tinkling bell like laughter.
I looked up to see the Cullen’s standing with, Skye and Matthew all smirking and smiling as if they had heard what I’d said.
By their own accord my eyes flickered to Edward, he was standing with his arms folded over his chest looking at me.

The way he looked at me, it was as if he was savouring the moment, it was like he knew it would be one of the last times he’d see me, but he couldn’t possibly know that, and even if he did I didn’t see why he would care, I was just a girl he’d almost run over with his car, run into on the way out of the men’s room, and spoken to a total of two times, and in one of those times I’d almost fainted, so I didn’t see the reason for him to be looking at me like that.
I had more reason to be looking at him, the man who had paraded through my dreams for as long as I could remember, who had triggered all these bizarre flashbacks ever since I had come to Washington and who was undeniably handsome, so why was he looking at me?
I sighed as I leaned up to hook the string of the banner around the small hook underneath, I was slightly too short and the hook was just out of my reach, I leaned to the side of the later, flicking my foot up in an effort to stretch out and hook the string on the banner.
My eyes then flicked simultaneously to Alice standing in the parking lot, she had a frozen look about her, Edward beside her wore one of horror and they were both staring at me, I frowned and turned back to the banner.
“I’ll show you graceful!” I heard a voice say before the ladder gave an almighty shudder as it began to slide off the building, taking me with it, I immediately snapped my arms up to grab the guttering so I wouldn’t fall, fear clenched my stomach as I heard the ladder crash to the ground, it then registered to me that I was still holding onto the gutter.
Pain shot through my arms as I held my body weight, dangling above the school parking lot, then more fear gripped me as the guttering shuddered, if I fell I would most likely do myself serious damage.
“Help!” I screamed as tears began to run down my face, if I fell it could be the end to my dancing dreams, or life as I knew it, the guttering shuddered again, screeching loudly, threatening to break off the school roof at any minute, pain once again shot through my arms and I knew if the guttering didn’t give out my arms would and I would most certainly fall.


The day started as it did every morning, and I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be going to school, it was a tedious chore that I had done for far too many centuries, but there was a small spark that got me to school at all, and that was Isabelle.
I knew that she was leaving, and I was happy of that as I knew it was better for her to be away from me, but at the same time I couldn’t help but be a little mad at myself as in the same way I wanted her safe, I also wanted her here, I could deny it all I wanted, but I wanted to know her.
Pathetic of me. I was my own walking contradiction.
As I slid the Volvo into a space in the school parking lot, I could see the cheerleaders of the school were posting the annual banner to announce Cheerleading try-outs, I could see Isabelle climbing up the ladder to hoist up the banner.
As I stepped out of the car her scent slammed into me but it wasn’t strong, she obviously hadn’t been in this part of the car park for a while.
We all walked simultaneously towards the school, I could see Skye and Isabelle and they seemed to be having an argument.
“Did you just call me a brat?” demanded Skye stopping to glare at, “At least I’m not be a quitter you…” ‘Can’t think of an insult…’  “quitter!” she said.
“I can quit if I want to! It has nothing to do with you” said Isabelle angrily.
Looks like they’re about to pull each other’s hair out… where’s a mud pit when you need it?’ thought Matthew as headed over to the girls to break up the fight, “Ladies! Ladies!” he called stepping between them “Calm down”
The girls continued to glare at each other in silence.
I began to walk over to Skye and Matthew, Alice, Jasper and Emmett followed, more out of curiosity than actual want, Rosalie didn’t seem to be phased with what was happening, as far as she was concerned Isabelle was leaving, and she didn’t care why.
But I did. I was feeling everything I wanted to. .
It then occurred to me that my siblings and I were now standing with Skye and Matthew, the little one, Maddi, must have gone inside.
I looked up in time to see Isabelle drop a ball onto Talia’s head.

“Ow!” she complained moving out of the way and holding her head; she looked up at Isabelle, realising she had dropped the ball on her head on purpose, ‘that bitch! How dare she!’
“Whoops! Guess I wasn’t be graceful!” said Isabelle sarcastically, that was sweet, she had stood up for her friend, even though they were fighting.
Emmett, Alice and Skye all laughed quietly.
Rosalie looked around in boredom, clearly unimpressed and Jasper was watching Alice’s delight with a small smile.
Isabelle then turned to look at us, her deep brown eyes locking with mine.
No one’s eyes should be that deep, that alluring… I had the same feeling about Bella’s eyes, that when I stared into them I could feel warmth, feel happiness, feel hope!
The disappointment and anger that she was leaving flooded me, and I began to mesmerize her face, her smooth cheeks, her plump lips, her deep brown eyes…

I was happy she was leaving, it would be a better life for her, and it would take the temptation of getting closer to her out of my life, but at the same time, I was sad that I would never get to know this girl who was so similar to Bella… and yet, so different.
How dare she embarrass me like that! Well, I should embarrass her!’ thought Talia.
Alice gasped as a horrible vision filled her mind, Talia was going to kick the ladder out from under Isabelle that would send her crashing to the ground and-
I didn’t wait to see the rest of the vision as I looked up at Isabelle, she was leaning out on the ladder’s step, balancing on one foot, she then looked to Alice and I, her face frowned in confusion.

Then the world went quite as I saw her look down as the ladder began to slide towards the ground, I held my breath as she jumped from the falling ladder slightly and grabbed onto the old school guttering as a blood curdling scream ripped from her lungs.
I didn’t think as I moved, one moment she was dangling from the guttering, the next I was racing through the school too fast for human eyes to see, I didn’t even register what I was doing, all that I could think of was how much I didn’t want her to die.
Leaving was one thing, but dying… that was something I couldn’t allow, not when I could save her.
I crashed through the roof access door, knocking it off its hinges, in a flash I was leaning over the edge of the building, she was still hanging there, but the guttering wasn’t going to last much longer, in fact it didn’t.

With a final crunching sound the guttering broke off its hinges, she barely had time to scream before I leaned down and wrapped my hands around her wrist in a blindingly fast movement, her skin seemed to burn my palm, it had been so long since I’d touched another human being, she looked up at the contact before I pulled her up over the ledge and down onto the roof.
I heard the shattering of glass and more screams from below as I leaned backwards as we fell onto the roof, I placed my body between her and the hard roof, she landed on my chest, her body moulding closely to mine, a felt a secret twinge of satisfaction that her body and mine corresponded like two puzzle pieces, just like Bella’s and mine had the day I had saved her from Tyler Crowley’s van.
And now I had saved Isabelle… or so it seemed, she was very still.
“Bells! Bells! Can you hear me?” I asked frantically.
She opened her eyes and stared at me, her brown eyes alight; she made no move to get off me continued to stare.
“Whoa!” was all she said.

She was fine, absolutely fine, relief made me giddy! But it also reminded me of the position I was in and how awkward it was, I gently gripped her shoulders and pushed her to the side, she seemed to realize at the same time what I wanted and scrambled to get off me.
“How-” she began but broke off looking at the edge of the roof, “how did you get up here so fast?”

The sense of déjà vu was painful, this could not be happening, not again!
“I was inside and I heard you scream” I invented quickly,

“No, you were in the parking lot! I saw you” she said firmly staring at me with accusing eyes.
But it was, it was happening all over again.
“I think you’re a little confused” I said firmly glaring back at her, “The shock-” the lies formed quickly but she interrupted.
“I know what I saw!” she insisted.
I stood up, anger pulsating off me, “And what was that exactly?”
She scrambled to her feet, seeming awkward, normally I would have offered my help, but anger over-rode the gentleman in me, “You were in the parking lot two seconds ago and now you’re up here… and you pulled me up”
I stood still, anger pulsating off me, I could hear the students and members of staff running up to the roof, if she wasn’t silent soon they would hear, “Please, just drop it!” the pleading in my voice wasn’t disguised at all.
She glared at me, her jaw set, “Will you explain to me later?” she asked, her voice was surprisingly calm, as if people performing super human acts were a normal occurrence in her life.
“Fine” I snapped, if it was the only way to get her quiet I would agree to anything, but I knew, from the moment I said the words I wasn’t going to tell her anything, once the teachers were on the building roof I put as much distance between myself and her as possible as now that my head was in more clarity I could see she had deep gashes on her hands and they were bleeding.
I refused to breath, and up of the roof, the air was clean, her scent wasn’t as bad, but still, the moment I could get away I did, as did the rest of my family, though they were far enough away to not smell the affects of the blood, and I was effectively not breathing, the site of it was appealing.
An ambulance was called for Isabelle and she was loaded into the back with her best friend Skye holding her hand, the gashes on her palms were bandaged quickly, stoping the blood flow and the smell, I knew she would see Carlisle.

School was suspended for the rest of the day as the guttering had smashed a window in the main corridor where most of the students lockers were.
“How could you be so stupid? Is putting our secret in danger once a centaury not enough for you?” demanded Rosalie as I drove home.
I ignored her, there were bigger things on my mind, like the fact that Isabelle may have been seriously injured, I had pulled her so hard off the edge I may have dislocated her shoulder, easily! But I refused to go to the hospital, I wasn’t having a repeat of Bella and give her a chance to confront me, no, I would wait at home for Carlisle.

I parked the Volvo and headed to my room, ‘I’ll explain to Esme’ promised Alice, I didn’t bother thanking her; I wanted to be alone to sort out my thoughts.


I watched as Carlisle examined my hands, apart from the large gashes I had in them I felt fine.
Well I wasn’t fine, I was insanely annoyed that Edward has disappeared so quickly I hadn’t been able to speak to him after he had saved my life.
It was bizarre, one moment he was down in the parking lot the next thing I was lying on top of him, I didn’t mind the ‘lying on top of him’ part, I felt a strange high when I was pressed against his chest like that and I remember thinking how I just wanted to lie there forever when I realized how embarrassing it was and Edward was trying to push me off.

The embarrassment lasted a whole of two seconds before I remembered that Edward had been down in the parking lot, he couldn’t possibly have gotten up to the roof in time to save me from plummeting to my death, expect he did.
I knew he was lying as soon as he opened his mouth, and everything that came out after was a lie as well, including the part about him telling me the truth later.
My mobile phone was being passed around by Chris, Annalisa, Ben and Maddi; they were talking to my older Brother as my Mother and Father were out. Maddi had called him as soon as she’d been able to get to the hospital.
Skye, surprisingly stayed by my side the entire time, for someone who had been so mean to me for most of the day, she sure had done a one-eighty on me.
She walked over to me holding the mobile, “Your Brother wants to talk to you” she said smiling and handing me the phone.
“Hello Rus” I said happily calling my older Brother by his secret nick-name, he wasn’t really my Brother, but was viewed as my Mother’s other child, and we hung out so much and behaved like siblings we practically were.

“Hello El, I heard you almost died today?” he asked in a cheery voice.

Our nicknames for one another was taking the last part of our names and just using them.
“Yeah, I almost died today” I said casually.
“Did your life flash before your eyes?”

“Not really”
“Is there anything I can get for you Bells?” asked Skye kindly.
“No thanks I’m fine” I smiled.

She nodded solemnly and headed back to Annalisa who handed her the phone, I couldn’t help but feel the sisterly affection return, just as it did with Rus now that he had called.

“So has the doctor said you’re going to be ok?” he asked.
“I dunno, I’ll ask him” I said, I turned to Carlisle, “Hey Carlisle, am I gonna live?” I asked.
A smirk tugged at his lips as he looked up from my hands, “You have some minor scarring on your hands, but no nerves were severed, so I think you shall be just fine” he smiled.

I turned back to my phone, “Hey says its gonna be a close call, I was a bit touch and go for a while, but he thinks I’ll make it” I smirked.
“Glad to hear it” said Rus laughing.
I laughed before Skye came to stand by me, “So Doc your sure she’s ok? She’s not going to die or anything? No permanent damage?” she asked.
“No, no permanent damage” Carlisle assured her, sounding slightly amused.
“Oh that’s good” she said sighing in relief, she then turned to me, “Back to business, How can you leave! I can’t believe you just want to pack up and go!”

I sighed and turned to Carlisle, “Can I have some pain killers?” I asked.
He smiled, “Your going need them in a moment, I’m going to have to use stiches”
“Stiches!” I squealed.
“Stiches?” asked Rus.
“I’m not having stiches Doc” I informed him pointedly.
“Why not?” demanded Ben speaking hesitantly, he was probably afraid he’d couch up more bubbles like last time, though his magic was getting under better control these days.
“Because I’m not going to be able to practice my dance routine if I have to have stiches” I said pointedly.
“Bells if the Doctor thinks you should have stiches you should probably-” began Annalisa but I was listening.
“Just bandage her up Doc, I’ll be fine!” I said pointedly.
Carlisle sighed, “I’m going to use a disinfectant that should help seal the wound, a bit like glue” he explained.
“Whatever, just as long as I don’t have to have a needle shoved through my hand, I hate needles!” I complained.

Carlisle smirked as if he found this amusing, “You’re not this first patient I’ve known with a disliking for needles” he said as he stood up and exited the room.
“What do you mean dance routine, I thought you were leaving?” demanded Skye.
“Yeah, second that statement” said Rus curiously.
“I’ve decided to stay” I said quietly.
“Well that’s wonderful news!” said Annalisa brightly.
“Yay! Yay! Yay!” said Skye bouncing happily as she wrapped her arms around my neck, Maddi and Ben joined in.
“If I’m allowed” I said looking up at Chris through Ben’s arm.
“You know you’re always welcome” he said smiling.
“Well Mum’s going to be happy” said Rus, I rolled my eyes, of course she would be, “let me speak to Chris, I got to organize a few things” he said.
Skye, Maddi and Ben released me as I handed Chris the phone.
“What I can’t figure out is what Edward was doing on the roof?” asked Skye as she sat on my bed.
“He wasn’t with his family down in the parking lot with us?” asked Maddi frowning.
“I didn’t see him, though I was kind of preoccupied with his brother” she said, her eyes glazing over as she thought about Emmett.
I rolled my eyes, part of the reason… actually the entire reason I wanted to stay was to figure out Edward and his mysterious behaviour, I wanted to know how he did what he did, and partly why.
Why did he save me?
“Who is this Edward?” asked Ben.
“He’s the guy that saved Bells from being smeared on the pavement” said Skye cheerily.
“He saved you life?” asked Annalisa.
Carlisle walked back into the room and I suddenly felt self conscious talking about his son.
“Yeah” I admitted reluctantly, I still wanted to know how and WHY!
“Oh that’s amazing!” said Annalisa, “Did you say thank you?” she demanded.
“I’m sure Carlisle can pass on the message” I said turning to him, “He’s Edward’s Father” did he know what his son was capable of? My eyes narrowed, the way he stared pointedly at my hands as he worked made me think he did.
“Its a small town after all!” said Skye cheerily.
“Carlisle would you please thank Edward for saving Isabelle for us? I don’t know what we would have done is something were to happen to her” said Annalisa patting my head delicately.
“Oh we would have moved on, got another best friend, but there probably would have been a ten second period when we wouldn’t have know what to do!” said Skye happily.
I reached around to grab the pillow from behind my back and throw it at her, she laughed gleefully.
“Alright Everyone out! Let the Doctor work!” said Chris, shoving his children out the door, “Go to the cafeteria” he said.
Annalisa smiled at me before turning to Carlisle, “I wonder if you and your family would like to came to a little party we’re having this weekend, just a way to say thank you to your son for saving Bells” she said.

I could have died right then and been happy, they were throwing a party for me? I loved parties and wouldn’t have minded, but why were they inviting Edward?
Some how I couldn’t picture Edward, or his family, in all their perfection sitting in the Del’Evaga’s back yard eating sausages.
“Oh there’s really no need” said Carlisle, he sounded as embarrassed, and nervous as I felt.
“Oh no I insist!” said Annalisa brightly, “This Sunday” she said.
Carlisle sighed, as if giving up, “We’ll be there”
Annalisa smiled then left the room, Chris followed after her throwing me my phone, “Do you mind?” I asked Carlisle as I held my phone in my hand.
“You’ll need to switch half way through but it should be fine” he said.
I smiled and talked to my brother for the next half hour, finding all the gossip of what my family was doing, but all the while something was niggling at me as I looked at the Doctor, he was hiding something, he knew what his son was capable of, that I was certain, and I knew none of them would tell me.

I was going to figure it out one way or another.


I had made the decision to stay away from her; I had made the decision not to get to know her, to not let her become part of my life and the dangers in it.

I had made these decisions so firmly that when I was told she was leaving, I was happy!
Except I hadn’t been happy. Not really.

I knew, deep down, that I wanted to know her; I wanted her in my life, I knew these desires were in me, but I had tried so hard to ignore them.

So why did I save her today?
This was an answer I thought over for many hours, the answer was simple.

I cared about her, and while the thought of her gone, to another country was disappointing, the thought of her dead was unimaginable.
How could I care for her like this? The feeling was strange, yet not entirely foreign; I remembered how quickly I had come to love Bella.

The one conversation I had with her in the Science lab was enough for me to save her.

I had spoken to Isabelle a total of two times before today, but in those two times… I knew she was a good person, and I found myself reliving those conversations, relishing in the thought of her smile, her laugh, her happiness, they made me happy. She made me happy.
But happiness was wrong. Not with Bella in my life.
Although ever since Isabelle had entered my life it seemed my life had become about her, and I realized, with abrupt shock, I thought about Isabelle now, more than Bella.
Had I perhaps fallen for her?

I heard the engine of Carlisle’s Mercedes that effectively ended my procrastinating and I moved slowly down to the living room, I stood in the doorway of the stairs, I knew Alice was as anxious as I to find out if Isabelle was alright.

As soon as Carlisle was in the house my family gathered, Esme flitted to his side clutching his arm, confusion and worry were her only feelings.
Emmett rose casually from the couch interested yet not entirely phased, Rosalie was still furious and wanted answers.
Jasper was merely a silent presence throughout it all.
“Carlisle is she alright?” asked Alice anxiously, her sight had been blocked the moment I had saved Isabelle and she was becoming increasingly frustrated, Emmett and Jasper were betting money that a werewolf was in town.

“She’s fine, she has some shallow cuts on her palms, I wanted to apply stiches but she refused, so they were simply taped. She’s going to be fine” he turned to me, “You did fine Edward”

Relief, sweet relief washed over me.
“She was on the phone to her Brother most of the time, even as she was walking out the door” said Carlisle frowning.

She was on the phone talking to her family? Then she was fine. Absolutely fine. The amount for which that thought affected me wasn’t a good thing, she was alive, and well.
Alice gasped as a vision started up in her mind.

Isabelle and I were sitting in my meadow, my arms were wrapped around her, her head rested on my chest, a content smile on her face, slowly she lifted her left hand, to catch a stray leaf that was floating in the wind, on her hand I could clearly see my Mother Ring.
“No!” I roared.

Alice flinched as the vision became solid, “It’s getting clearer, only the timing is uncertain” she murmured.
I was angry, no I was beyond angry, I was enraged, no way would I give Isabelle that ring. It was Bella’s, only ever meant for Bella!
“It’s not as if your replacing her Edward” said Alice allowed knowing I was too absorbed to be listening to her thoughts, “Your just moving on and being happy, like Bella would have wanted”

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t think!

“Alice what’s going on? What do you mean replace Bella?” asked Esme.
“Edward’s in love with Isabelle” she said quietly.
The room was stunned silence, then the emotions broke through.
Emmett’s relief that I wasn’t going to be depressed anymore.

Alice’s happiness that she was gaining a new sister, a new friend.
Jasper’s shock and the suddenness of the situation.
Carlisle’s happiness that I would be happy again.

Esme’s utter shock and absolute joy were the worst of all.
But Rosalie broke through, “She can’t be allowed to live if she knows about us” she said pointedly.
I snapped my head in her direction, history was repeating itself all over again, “Not going to happen Rose” I growled.
She hissed back.
“Edward’s right, she doesn’t know exactly what happened today, and we are not about to kill an innocent girl” he said ‘or someone who can bring Edward happiness’ he added in his head.
“It’s only a matter of time before she finds out Carlisle!” she snapped.
“Then we’ll deal with it then” I said firmly, “You’re not going to harm Isabelle, Rose!” I said firmly.
Just try and stop me!’ she thought venomously, I growled.
“Enough!” said Esme speaking loudly, “Rosalie we are not going to hurt Isabelle, she may not say anything at all, and if she does we will leave” she said calmly.

“But-” began Rosalie, but she had no argument and she knew it, she wasn’t about to go up against everyone just to have her way.
“End of discussion Rosalie!” said Carlisle firmly.
She stood in stunned silence for a moment, Carlisle didn’t usually enforce authority like this, but his mind was made.

She turned to glare at me before she stomped up to her room.

I breathed a sigh of relief.
“By the way, we’ve been invited to a party” said Carlisle quietly.
“What?” asked Esme.
I quickly saw the replay in Carlisle’s head of Chris, the mechanic and a women I assumed was his wife inviting us over for a Sunday dinner.
Alice was beaming already planning what to wear.
Emmett was strangely excited, his thoughts lingering on Skye for a moment before he turned back to the television.

Jasper wasn’t particularly enthused, but wasn’t about to spoil Alice’s excitement.
I would be spending time with Isabelle.

A lot of time with Isabelle, no doubt this would be the opportunity she’d take this as an opportunity to question me, and when she did, she would run.
“Can we refuse?” I asked with no hope in my voice at all.
“NO!” screamed Alice.



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2 responses to “Chapter Eight: Saved

  1. Tori Darcy

    omg!!! this story just keepps getting better and better!!! i love how exciting it was!! and very well planned!!! upload plz!!!!!

  2. tiger_lilly

    Haha love it!! i wonder where bells brother came from? ooh i wonder if shes gonna find out who they are at the party! and maybe the cullens will find out about the whole witch and wizard thing too… update more pleaaaase take it out of hiatus

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