Aurthor’s Note Chapter Nine

So, Jacob black Finally makes an appearance!
Tada! What do we think?

Now I don;t want to get into the whole Team Edward Versus Team Jacob debate because although I find it hilarious to watch and read, I want my story to be different to Twilight.
But rest assure! This story is for Team Edward readers as well as Team Jacob so don’t fret.

So, I’m not into threats, black-mail or ultimatums (of a serious nature) but I am using this chapter to post a warning.
If people don’t start paying more attention to this story, commenting and such, then it shall be going on hiatus along with my Crixus and Naevia story.

I imagine (or hope) alot of you are doing this right now:








Now if a story goes on hiatus it is more than easy to get it out, you just need to go and comment on it now or when it is in hiuatus and I will pick up on posting it again.
Simple as that.

So tell your friends, family, neighbor, cat, anybody! And get them to read! πŸ™‚




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2 responses to “Aurthor’s Note Chapter Nine

  1. Tori Darcy

    omgoodness noooo i love this story haha its one of my favorites

  2. tiger_lilly

    Hey soo, since im guessing this story isnt coming out of hiatus any time soon, i was wondering if there is anyway i could finish reading it somehow?? i really am quite curious about it and cant stand not knowing whats going to happen!! its such a pity it was put on hiatus 😦 weeelll lemme know if its a possibility!! Thanks πŸ™‚

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