Chapter Nine: Jacob Black

Wednesday. The middle of the week.
You would think that by the middle of the week I wouldn’t have had a brain meltdown, wanted to leave America and give up on my dream, had a near death experience and have found out that a guy I had been dreaming about for as long as I could remember could move at superhuman speed and had super human strength.

I realized last night as I was drawing Edward Cullen, that the fact that I was staying in another country mostly so I could figure out what he was may put me in the category of obsessed.
But even before this incident I had to admit, I was slightly more aware of him than everyone else, how both Maddi, Skye and even Mathew had been in the Parking Lot and hadn’t seen Edward there.
I ignored the fact that there was white cold mush everywhere known as snow, and asked Maddi, Skye and Ben (who was now allowed to come back to school that he stopped spontaneously levitating objects) to post-pone their snow ball fight until this afternoon, they reluctantly agreed, though they couldn’t understand why I was in such a hurry. But I had to find Edward.

I always seemed to know where he was, and that thought was scary and creepy to no end, but it also happened to work for my advantage because I somehow knew he had arrived at school earlier and somehow knew that he was in library, and that was where I cornered him.
He was sitting at a table slotted between two book shelves, it was secluded as there was a break in the shelves where it was slotted before another two began, no one would be able to see us, and unless they were eaves dropping they would be able to hear us, it was there I made my approach.

I knew he wasn’t going to give me the answers he had promised, but that didn’t stop me from trying to find them anyway.



I was avoiding her.
I didn’t have gym class today, so I was safe from having to be near her, but at the start of the day it would be easy for her to corner me in the parking lot, so what did I do?

I hid in the library like a common geek; it was snowing, so most of the students were outside enjoying the snow, so I was alone.
I grabbed a piece of homework out that wasn’t due until next week, it was biology, I would have been able to answer it easily without the help of the suggested book, but it would have looked suspicious if I was to be happened upon by the Liberian or any other students, so I grabbed the required book and opened it to the correct page before doing my work, scarcely glancing at the book.

I heard the door open, the thudding of a heart and footsteps, but I didn’t smell her before it was too late.
She rounded the corner and spotted me, I didn’t remove my eyes from my work as I stopped breathing, I immediately felt stupid, I should have know it was her as the mysterious enterer didn’t interrupt me with their thoughts.
She didn’t speak, but I knew she was approaching me, I hoped in vain she was getting a book, but I heard the swish of her pants and the movement of the table as she sat down in front of me.
“So how are you today Clark? Or do you prefer Superman?” she asked lightly.
I looked up at her through my lashes, she was sitting cross legged on the table in front of me, she seemed completely at ease, if not entertained, a small smile was splayed on her lips.

My jaw tightened as I looked back at my work, “So I’m curious” she began in the same light tone, “Did you actually fall into a vat of toxic waste, or are you really an Alien?” she asked.
I threw my pencil down in agitation, it snapped in half and rolled along the flood, I leaned away from her, “What do you want?”
“The truth mainly” she said, her tone not so teasing now.
“You think I’m a Superhero?” I asked my voice was the one that was teasing now; she was so like Bella, ready to believe so easily that a Monster could be good.
“Well I tossed up Jesus for a while, but Superhero seemed cooler” she said happily, “But feel free to correct me”
I didn’t want to have this conversation, not now, not ever!
Snapping the book closed I stood up and made to move past her to the shelf where the book belonged.
She spun around quickly and slipped to the end of the table and pushed her leg out, leaning it against the book case, stopping me from passing.
I looked down at her leg in shock, it was very bold of her to try and stop me, she was brave, but I was also in shock that she had used her leg to stop me, surely an arm, or standing in front of me would have surfaced? That’s what a normal human would have done.
Her leg was warm and the side of it pressed into my stomach lightly, it felt as if I was being burned slightly, the situation seemed quite intimate, we were alone in the library except for the elderly deaf Liberian and we were completely covered from anyone’s views
“You owe me an explanation” she said quietly, her eyes locked on mine.
“I saved your life, I don’t owe you anything” I snapped, the words rung in my ears, just as they had when I said them to Bella.
She seemed stung by the harshness of my words as she dropped her leg and let me pass, I could feel the heat off her body as I did and went to the shelf.
“I’ll figure it out eventually you know” she called.
“Well your way off the mark with Superheroes” I said as I stopped to put the book away.
“Oh?” she asked slipping off the table and skipping to my side, “Villain then?” she asked.

I didn’t answer, but my jaw flexed, she didn’t miss it as I placed the book away.
She seemed to find this revelation extremely funny, “So do I call you Lex Luther?” she asked brightly, “No, no wait! Harry Osborne!” she said in delight.
I rolled my eyes, the fact that she found this entertaining was a worrying fact, she was laughing and joking with a vampire, was she insane?
I walked back to my table and grabbed my homework; she was still by the book shelf when I made to pass, “No I got it! The Joker!” she said, laughing in hysterics as I passed.
I walked out of the library in a huff, she was still laughing.


I couldn’t stop turning over the morning’s events in my head, but I also couldn’t do it without laughing!

Needless to say all my teachers were mad at me, as were Skye and Maddi as they didn’t get the joke and hated being out of the loop. Ben didn’t care as he was just happy to be around people again.
But it was just so absurd! Edward, a villain? No way!
Besides the obvious things, villains didn’t save people’s lives or go to school and be perfect students there was also the other not so obvious things but were what I could see.

Edward was good. He had a way about him that wasn’t from this time, it was from a time where bad things didn’t happen and bad people didn’t exist. There was only good.
I knew there was only good in Edward, he couldn’t be a villain.
But that still left me with the predicament of trying to figure out what he is.
By lunchtime I was famished, thinking so much had made me hungry, and I knew Edward would be in the cafeteria.
“Two sets of homework due tomorrow? Is Mr. Barty insane?” complained Skye as she walked down the hallway.
“I’m not doing home work. I’m going to get a Doctor’s note saying I can’t” said Maddi.
“Really? What are you gonna be sick with?” I asked.
“Home-a-do-no-work-ai!” said Maddi brightly.
“I’m just happy to be seeing people other than you guys! Have you even noticed how many people are in this school and how different they are?” asked Ben.
“Oh god, we leave him home alone for a week and he goes nuts!” said Maddi shaking her head sadly.
I laughed as we walked into the cafeteria, I glanced to the Cullen table, all five siblings were sitting, looking at different parts around the room.

Edward seemed very intent on a bagel he was tearing to pieces with his long pale fingers.
“Oh I can’t wait for this weekend!” said Skye as we grabbed our trays and joined the line.
“Why?” I asked as I grabbed a piece of Pizza.
“Hello? Emmett? Edward? They are going to be coming to our house” said Skye.
“Is Emmett that really big one? I’ve only met the small one, the red haired one and the big one” said Maddi.
“Maddi everyone is big compared to you” said Ben pointedly as he grabbed a coke.
“Emmett is the one with all the dark hair and the god-like body” said Skye as she grabbed a pudding cup.
I rolled my eyes as I grabbed a pudding cup and we headed a table near the windows, we would have to walk past the Cullen’s when we did.
“Hey Alice!” I said brightly as I passed, I didn’t miss that all them watched me with intent eyes as I passed
“Hey Bells!” she said happily.
I didn’t even look at Edward as I passed; we then went and sat at the table diagonal that was right by the window.
“He is so cute” said Skye as she sat down staring dreamily at the back of Emmett’s head.

I rolled my eyes, “Skye get yourself a napkin, you’re drooling” I said throwing her my napkin as I turned my pizza around and bit into the crust.
I always ate pizza crust first. It was the best part!
We ate lunch and chatted happily, it was good to keep my mind off Edward, but every now and again I let my eyes flicker to his table, he seemed to be having a conversation with his siblings, Alice had a deep frown on his face.
Eventually they got up to dump their food into the dumpster; I had a secret satisfaction that they would have to walk past our table to do so.
Emmett walked past first; I noticed the stunningly beautiful blond had her arm linked through his as she walked forward without so much as glancing in our direction, Emmett did, he grinned slightly before dumped his tray and walked back to his table.
Alice smiled as she past, the blond boy was walking beside home, his eyes flickered lazily to our table, sliding over Maddi before they rested on me for a second before they too dumped their trays and left.
Edward didn’t even glance at me, but for some reason this seemed too deliberate, like he deliberately didn’t look at me.
I watched him with a blank expression but critical eyes as he passed.
“Who was that?” demanded Maddi, her voice sounded like she had just seen a chocolate ice cream that she suddenly really wanted.
“Which one?” asked Skye.
“The guy with the blond hair”

“Dunno” said Skye shrugging.
“Jasper” I said quietly while I let my eyes bore into the side of Edward’s face.
“He is HOT!” she gasped, she jumped up on her seat and leaned onto the table as she looked at Jasper who was looking at Edward.
“Oh my god! Can you guys stop your hormones racing for five seconds?” demanded Ben.
I tried not to think about why that was ironic.
“Hubba, Hubba! Ah-whoo!” said Maddi howling like a dog, she even let her tongue hang out of her mouth as she panted.
Skye laughed as I grabbed my empty tray and smacked her lightly on the head with it, “Down Maddi!” I said playfully.
“Aw!” she looked crestfallen as she sat back down on her seat.
Ben leaned back in his seat and opened his can of coke grinning slightly at his twin.
Skye was staring at Emmett before the bell went as she turned to me, “Well this weekend just got a whole lot more interesting don’t you think?” she asked breathlessly.
“Marginally” I said sarcastically.
“Ready for the snow ball fight in the parking lot this afternoon?” asked Ben.
“Are you?” I challenged.
“Watch it the both of you! As soon as that school bell goes neither of you are safe!” warned Maddi.
“Oh bring it on!” I laughed.



“Stupid, stinking dogs! I can’t see a thing!” complained Alice as we walked through the school grounds to get to the parking lot.

“Alice you don’t know it’s a werewolf” said Jasper.
“How else would my entire week be erased if it was something else?” she asked in aggravation.
“Are we making a bet on this?” asked Emmett in anticipation.

My mind was a little more occupied at that point in time to worry about if it was a half-breed or not, I was contemplating how to avoid Isabelle at the party this weekend.
I had briefly considered just not going, but it was a party, and Alice was planning to go around to Isabelle’s place earlier and get her ready, and despite myself I wanted to see her dressed up.
In the entire time I had know her she had always worn pants and sneakers, never body hugging clothes that would show off the figure that I knew she had from when I had held her against my chest, and Alice, Esme and even Carlisle wouldn’t leave me alone about not attending.
I caught myself thinking over things I could ask her before I remembered she would be the ones asking questions and I had to think of more ways to avoid her while still being present.
Filthy Blood Suckers have this place reeking’ thought a particularly venomous voice.
I smelt it the same as my siblings did, Jacob Black was here.
A snarl ripped through my teeth, he was here to pick a fight. Brilliant, I wouldn’t mind shredding a few limbs off him.
I headed down the school steps into the parking lot, he had parked next to my Volvo, leaving next to his large motor bike.
He had grown slightly more if that was even possible, more muscles, and taller, he was wearing long jeans and no shirt.
I snarled again when I saw him, but at the same time Emmett’s hand clamped on my shoulder, ‘Not now Edward, there are too many witnesses’ he thought.

Jasper sent a wave of calm in my direction as students started filling the parking lot, I couldn’t exactly break Jacob’s legs with so many witnesses, I didn’t need to be a mind reader to know that he knew it too.

Taken a deep breath I began to walk to my car, “Jazz, Em, don’t get involved” I said lowly.

They stood still, neither of them liking it, but doing it none the less.

Jacob stood up from leaning on his bike as I approached.
“Hey Leech” he sneered.
“What do you want Mutt?” I demanded, the cutting tone in my voice surprising even me, why was I suddenly so agitated at Jacob’s presence?

“Nothing just came to make sure you were still buried in that hole of mystery that I left you in” he said cheerily ‘He deserves it after all, he was the one who got Bella killed’

I breathed in to speak again but my throat irrupted in flames, Isabelle was in the parking lot.
“Come on Maddi! You chicken!” called Skye ‘Where’s Bells? I’ll get her next’
I didn’t want Isabelle to see him, or more I didn’t want Jacob to see Isabelle, I stepped towards him, “Leave, now!” I commanded.
His eyes narrowed as he looked at me and his jaw flexed, “you gonna make me?” he asked, his hands balling up into fists.



“Hey Bells!” called Skye.

I ducked just in time as a ball of snow hit my locker; the school bell had gone not two minutes ago, so apparently it was game on.
“Oh your dead!” I smiled as I slammed my locker shut and rushed after her.
We raced each other to the door, where Ben was waiting with two snow balls in his hands, Skye and I both dropped to the floor as he threw them.
One of them slid along the floor towards me slightly melted.
I watched as Ben skipped out the door, I scooped it into my hands and ran after him, Skye was already halfway out the door knowing I had a snowball in my hand and would most likely use it on her.

I crashed through the door and saw Ben and Skye running through the parking lot, though Maddi was nowhere to be seen.
“Come on Maddi! You Chicken!” called Skye as she stood in the parking lot, she looked away just in time to see Ben aiming a snow ball at her.
I scanned the parking lot, Maddi was crouching in between the cars, near Edward’s Volvo and a motorcycle, I jumped down the stairs and pulled my arm back and threw the ball.
It sailed through the air, but not in the direction I had wanted, it flew past Maddi and hit a tall, black haired, muscled boy in the back of the head, the snow falling down his bare shoulders.
He turned around exposing his bare chest, I wondered how he could stand being out in sub zero temperature without a shirt on when I realized he was glaring, and Maddi had successfully slipped between the cars and was making her way to the edge of the parking lot where most of the snow was to ambush Ben.
I skidded to a stop, my runners slipping slightly against the icy blacktop “Whoops! Sorry hot shot!” I smiled finding the furiousness on his face amusing.
I began to take in some finer details of his face, his brown russet skin, the muscles in his arms, neck and face, his dark eyes…

Then it happened again, the pain in the back of my head, the memories that followed.
The muscled boy standing beside an old red truck, his hair was long and fell a little way past his shoulders, “We used to make mud pies together” he smiled, his teeth surprisingly white.
It changed to him standing in a kitchen with a torn expression, he wore an old brown shirt and his hair was cropped short, “Broke my promise again didn’t I?” he asked quietly.
The vision changed to him pushing his head through a tent, shirtless once again yet his hair was slightly longer and dripping from the rain, “Space heater at your service”
My eye sight cleared once again and I was left with a dull throb in the back of my head, able to see the boy in question standing right in front of me, a curious look on his face, Edward stood behind him, a look of shock on his face.
“Bells!” called Skye; “You coming?” she asked.
I blinked, tearing my eyes away from the muscled boy to Skye, she Maddi and Ben were all at the edge of the parking lot waiting for me, ankle deep in snow.
“Yep!” I called; I quickly turned back to the boy, just to make sure he was still there.
I had seen him before, dreamt of him before, but not since coming to Washington, I had only dreamed of Edward and wolves, I forced myself to look away so I wouldn’t betray the secret I held of what I just saw, I turned back to the other side of the parking lot and ran after Skye pushing the thoughts to the back of my mind as I participated in the snow ball fight.



Who was THAT?’ Jacob thought in a similar way to how Maddi had thought of Jasper, but there was also something more, something deeper, a pull inside him that was edging him towards her, like he had to be near her.
“Her names Isabelle” I said curtly, I didn’t like the way he was watching her now, thinking about the curve of her body, her plump lips, the way her eyes were so similar to Bella’s,  but more so he felt that pull towards her that was both strong, and undeniable.
It had been twelve years since I had felt jealousy, but it reared its ugly head now.
I remembered when that vile Mike Newman had spoken to Bella, how he thought about her… Jacob’s voice mimicked that now, before it had taken me so long to understand what I was feeling, what it meant.
I had fallen for her. It took Jacob, or the thought of someone like Jacob who was so completely undeserving filling that part of her life for me to realize that I wanted to be the one to.
I turned to look at her; she was playing in the snow like any normal human would, bending down, cupping snow and then throwing it.
There was something in the way that she moved that was hypnotizing, her brown hair becoming damp in the cool winter air, her cheeks flushing with blood, her brown eyes alight with excitement, she was truly one of a kind, just like Bella had been.
And I wanted her.
I’m going to go and talk to her. Maybe even flirt a little’ thought Jacob confidently.
He had barely taken a step before I threw my hand out onto his chest to stop him from moving, “Stay away from her” I warned, my eyes alight with the intensity of my glare, Jacob seemed shocked before it registered to him what was going on.
“You like her don’t you?” he asked.
I didn’t know what I felt at that point in time so I didn’t answer.
“Does she like you?” he demanded, ‘Probably just reads her mind to trick her into liking him’
“I wouldn’t know I can’t read her mind” I snapped.
Interesting… he couldn’t read Bella’s mind either’ he thought curiously as he stared at her, he seemed to find this amusing, “Even playing field this time huh?” he asked.
My jaw flexed in anger, jealousy pulsed through me.
I heard her scream in delight as Ben swooped her up onto his shoulders and ran into the parking lot, I then turned back to glare at Jacob, “She’s not Bella” I said firmly, to convince him, or myself I wasn’t sure.
“Exactly” he said just as firmly, “So she won’t fall for your mind games and pick me this time”
It was amazing how much that bothered me, the thought of Jacob with Isabelle, I curled my fist into a ball, the anger was getting harder to control.
“Oh my god its and old Harley Davidson Sprint!” said Isabelle as he ran over to Jacob’s bike.
Jacob turned to me and smiled a over confident smile ‘she’s mine’ he thought very deliberately before he turned to her.

It was easy not to think about Edward and the new boy when I was dodging balls of slush aimed at me.
Ben came up behind me shoving his head through the opening between my legs just below my knees he lifted me up onto his shoulders.
I laughed in delight as he ran to the parking lot, I looked over to Edward and the mysterious boy, they were clearly having an intense argument, both of them glaring.
I then spotted the motorbike, “Hey!” I said to Ben tapping his head lightly and pointing to the bike.
“Dude!” he said in shock as he stared.
I climbed down from his shoulder, it was an old model I could tell that much, and a Harley.
Motorbikes were fast. I liked speed, and so did Ben, and sometimes Skye.
I craned my neck to see what it was, excitement shot through me, “Oh my god!” I said not thinking as I ran over to it, Ben right on my heels “It’s an old Harely Davison Sprint” I said excitedly and I stopped to examine it closer.
“Didn’t they stop making those?” asked Ben as he bent to get a closer look at the engine.
“Yep! Rare to see one these days!” I said sighing as I admired the bike; I bent down to get a better look at the engine.
It had obviously been remade as some of the engine parts, though blackened and dirty with use, were of a newer make and didn’t fit directly in the engines configuration.
“I wonder who it belongs to” wondered Ben aloud.
I was a little too busy looking at the engine, whoever did it knew what they were doing, but they weren’t maintain it well, the brake pads looked paper thin.
“Its mine” said a deep husky voice close to me; I saw a pair of bear feet through the bottom of the bike before I straightened up.
The muscled boy was standing on the other side of his bike, smiling at me a surprisingly friendly and familiar smile.
“Oh” I said instantly feeling embarrassed, I had just been checking out some complete strangers (as far as anyone knew) bike and didn’t even know if he had found it offensive or not, “Hi” I said refusing to meet his gaze as I pushed a stray strand of hair behind me ear.
“You like bikes?” he asked still smiling.
I shrugged instantly becoming comfortable, weird, “I like speed” I said, I could see Edward over Jacob’s shoulder, his expression was murderous, I flicked my eyes back to Jacob.
He nodded to the bike, “it goes pretty fast”
“Yeah?” I asked smiling up at him with easy familiarity.
“Yeah” he said leaning his head forward slightly his hands were in their pockets.
I smiled cheekily and looked down, “well it won’t for much longer your about to bust right through your pads” I said pointedly.
He frowned, seeming generally shocked about what I said.
I sighed and gestured to the bike, “May I?” I asked.
Jacob smiled and stepped back, “Go ahead” he said seeming amused.
I smiled and swung my leg over the bike, my weight pushed the bike down, “If you look at the brake pads right now, their bank on the left, means you’ve been breaking too fast and not giving them enough time to react, so their wearing down” I said bouncing up and down on the bike seat.
I felt good sitting on a bike as I gripped the bars and stared down, I would definitely have to see about getting one of these.
“Really?” he asked seeming genuinely interested.
“Yep, I say you got about another hundred miles before they don’t work anymore and you’re a pancake on the side of the road” I said smiling as I swung my leg back over the bike and stepped off, I was on his side of the bike now, his hand rested on the back of the seat as he gazed down at me.
“Well thanks for the advice Miss…” he trailed off clearly wanting to know my name.
“Isabelle” I said extending my hand, it was lost in his wide grip and his hands were surprisingly warm.
“Isabelle… Well I’m Jacob” he smiled.
“Nice to meet you Jacob” I said giving his hand a final shake before I let it fall down at my side, Skye, Maddi and Ben were all standing behind him, watching in amusement.
Skye mouthed the words ‘he is hot’ to me.
I struggled to keep a straight face as Jacob spoke again.
“I’ll be sure to replace my brake pads” he said leaning on his bike slightly, “So I guess I should thank you for saving me from being a pancake” he said.

Everything about his body language clearly said he was flirting, so it didn’t shock me with what he said next.
“Do you think a date this weekend would suffice?” he asked grinning.
“I dunno, you could give me the bike, I’d take that as payment” I said working to keep the smirk off my face, it was strange how much I actually liked the thought of going on a date with him, I let my eyes roam over his bare chest, the muscles there looked hard and defined.
“How about I take you on a date and I bring the bike?” he asked, as if he was striking a bargain.
I smiled, “Deal, I’ll see you Saturday” I said moving past him.
“Address?” he called.
I swung my hair over my shoulder to face him, giving him a quick smile I turned to Maddi, “Pen?” I asked.
She pulled one from her pocket and threw it him, “Feel free to give him my number!” she said craning her neck to look at him.
I rolled my eyes and skipped back to Jacob as I grabbed his hot hand I wrote the address on his hand.
I smiled up at him once I finished my art work, “there you go” I said promptly sticking the pen into my pocket.
“Saturday?” he asked.
“Saturday” I smiled before I skipped back over to Skye, Maddi and Ben, “Come on let’s start walking home” I said.
“Ah, we don’t have to” said Skye smiling.
“Why?” frowned Ben.
“Because I brought Matthew’s truck this morning!” she smiled.
I shook my head, “You brought a lemon!”
“Maybe, but it’s my lemon, that you are gonna help me fix! In exchange for letting you drive it every now and again” she shrugged as we walked over to the blue truck in question.
“Oh great thanks for telling me” I said rolling my eyes as I stood by the end of the truck.
Skye, Ben and Maddi all moved to the front, I heard the roar of a bike engine start and I looked over my shoulder to see Jacob had started up his bike, he turned to me and smiled a surprisingly impish smile before the bike roared and he tore off out of site.
I watched him leave.
“Can’t believe you agreed to go on a date with that guy!” said Ben incredulously as he threw his back into the back of the truck, “you hardly even know him”
“He’s hot! What’s to know?” asked Maddi as she opened the passenger door and jumped inside the cab.
“Second that! Oh man, we are gonna have to squish to get in the cab” said Skye sighing.
“We could always strap Maddi to the front like a deer” said Ben.
“Hey!” called Maddi.
I smiled as I threw my bag into the truck bed.
“Hey” said a velvet muted voice.
I turned around; Edward was standing at the end of the truck staring at me.
“Hey” I said in slight shock.
“Your going on a date with him?” he demanded.
I was taken aback by the malice in his voice, before my regular smart-ass candor ticked on, “What’s it to you?” I snapped just as harshly as I secured my bag in the back corner, “Wasn’t like you were going ask me out” I said pointedly as I looked up at him.

I frowned when I saw his face; he looked torn, angry, but torn, as if there was some great battle raging inside him, “Or were you?” I asked quietly, I knew the answer I wanted, but if I was going to get it would be a completely different story.
“Just concerned about your safety” he said simply, looking up at me casually, too casually, I knew he was lying. I scoffed as I pushed the back into the corner; Edward was a mystery, a mind boggling mystery.
One moment he was completely normal, the next he was a super human, one minute he was treating me like a leper, the next he was getting jealous over a guy asking me on a date! I had every right to be aggravated that he would lie to me (again) about being concerned for my safety instead of just saying what he actually meant.
“Don’t” I said firmly before I spun on my heel and climbed into the truck.
Maddi and Ben were in the middle, Maddi sitting on Ben’s lap, Skye was on the driver’s side, I sat in the passenger’s seat, they were all staring at me with wide eyes.
“What?!” I demanded.
“Nothing” said Ben quickly.
Skye started the car up, it roared almost as loudly as the bike had.
Though I could feel his eyes on me, I didn’t even look out the window as we pulled out of the parking lot.



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