Authors Note Chapter Two

Ok, so I know a lot hasn’t happened but you have to give it time to build up people!

Chapter Three brings about the start of SEVERAL romantic story-lines.

But I won’t be posting that chapter until things pick up in the comment section.
I’m even considering holding chapter Twelve of Phantom Sonata hostage….

Dont push me! You know I’ll do it!

Anyways, hope you like!



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One response to “Authors Note Chapter Two

  1. Fairyteyla

    NO NO NO PLEASE! You know that I review each chapter of you stories! I wait for the chapter 12 of Phantom Sonata! I want to know what will happen between Ben and Felicia. Please don’t treat your faithful readers like that. If people don’t want to review… It’s because they don’t write and they don’t understand how it’s difficult and the authors need So much support. I love your work. Don’t be bad. I know that The moments gone will be an wonderful story.

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