Authors Note Chapter Twelve

So everyone needs to thank Fairyteyla for this chapter being posted.

I was going to hold out for another day or two, but then she posted a lovely comment on one of my chapters reminding me that an author has certain duties to her readers, and I thought it best not to slip on my responsibilities.

So my guess is at the start of this chapter, you guys were doing this:






And by the end, you were doing this:









So. Ben and Felicia. Together at last.
I hope you like the way it happened. I agonized over writing this for ages, so did Mrs. Y.
But eventually we came up with this chapter.
While some have commented that it is not very realistic, I maintain its romantic. So you guys tell me what you think! 🙂
P.S There is more coming, this was not the last chapter!


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One response to “Authors Note Chapter Twelve

  1. Fairyteyla

    Thanks a lot my wonderful writer. You can’t imagine how much every chapter I read is a moment of pure happiness. You are enchanting my life!

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