Author’s Note- Chapter Thirteen

And so, my lovelies, that is the end of Phantom Sonata.





But it is not the end of Felicia and Ben.





Keep an eye out in my other stories; they will be making an appearance.

But that’s not what I mean.

Mrs. Y and I have decided to write a sequel to Phantom Sonata- due to popular demand.

But due to life getting hectic for the both of us, we are unable to communicate as often as we’d like, which makes nutting out the details really hard.

So rest assure we are working on it, but it is going to take a while.

In the mean-time I suggest reading my other stories. Especially The Moments Gone. I am particularly proud of it!

But I can understand that Gerard Butler isn’t for everyone, so I am putting this little present  to you my readers.

I am sure all of you have a crush of a celebrity, or even one that you look up to an admirer, I know I do. So I am offering you this: comment on this post with an idea- something you want to happen between you and a celebrity.

If I like it, I will contact you, and we can discuss particulars. And when I say particulars it will be to nut out your personality and what exactly you want to happen with said celebrity.

No names will ever be mentioned. You can be completely anonymous- you will get a fake name like me with Tessa.  And you get to choose!

It can be any idea in the word! Any celebrity!

For example, I would love to slushy Lea Michele from Glee! But I would also love to play Guitar Hero with Joan Jett and be kissed by Jackson Rathbone… *le sigh*

Now this won’t be an entire story dedicated to you, it will be one maybe two chapters. I am hoping to get quite a few request so I may put all the chapters of different peoples adventures into a story!

This offer it only open to readers who review my stories, so if you haven’t reviewed the chapters already- get cracking!

I hope you all had a great holidays!

Sadly Santa did not bring me Ramin Karimloo or Hadley Fraser wrapped up in the smallest bow possible… but he did bring me a Donut Maker!!!




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14 responses to “Author’s Note- Chapter Thirteen

  1. Fairyteyla

    Ho there is a lot of things I would like to do with certain celebrities: first spent a romantic night with Gerry Butler…Grrr. Ah !
    Playing singstar with Sierra Boggess.
    Travelling in plane with Andrew Lloyd Webber in first class and talking about my version of LND.
    Having the role of Alice Cullen instead of Ashley Greene and falling in love with Jackson Rathborne or Taylor Lautner…
    Learning to sing with Ramin as a singing teacher to have the role of Christine.
    Watching the reharsals of Poto with Ramin and Sierra, of LND with Ben and Anna.
    Going to a party with Tessa!
    Dancing a valse with Ben Barnes.
    Kissing Gerry again and again!

  2. K. Wade

    I have a few ideas like a duet with Michael Crawford, meeting Sarah Brightman (we share a birthday!), going on a date with Daniel Radcliffe, killing Edward Cullen, and having dinner with J. K. Rowling.

  3. MarriedtoRandom93

    The only thing I would say is that this would have to have Ramin and I don’t care what happens as long as it was me and him!!!! Wouldn’t that just be fantastic. *sigh*

  4. Holly

    I would like a story where Ramin and Ben are fighting over me. I’ll let you decide what happens with us. However, I do have one condition: it has to have Love Never Dies integrated into it and I have to at least be the understudy for Anna. I’m from the US, but I want it to be set in Sydney, since that’s where Love Never Dies is currently playing. Still, I don’t care who I end up with, just make sure it’s one of them if you decide to do this story.

  5. Hi. This is Holly (the girl who wrote the above comment). I was just going to say that I’ll try and write my own story. So never mind about what i said. Just forget about my comment.

  6. Marissa

    Hi! Just finished reading and I’m SO jealous of Felicia and Tessa! First of all, I gotta say I’m obsessed with Phantom an LND, and I was actually listening to the London cast’s recording of LND when I started reading (Ramin is my absolute favorite phantom! Although, I gotta say both Ben and Gerry are pretty darn close!) and I ended up going to youtube just so I could listen to Ben Lewis sing as I got more into the story (then as soon as you brought up Gerard Butler, I had to listen to him singing Phantom too). I know, I’m a huge nerd. Phantom was actually the first musical I ever wished I could live in, and I’ve read a lot of fanfics since then and I really like this fresh take on LND because it’s something real and still fits in the story. I can actually relate because I am a violinist and I have played in a pit orchestra before (nothing as cool as this of course, just for one of my high school’s musicals) and it was lots of fun! I do actually like to sing too, but I’m only an alto and can’t do most of what Christine does. Oh well, a girl can dream. Speaking of which, if you have the chance, could you do a story with me and Ramin? I understand if not, I’m busy with school too and I know a lot of people want Ramin. Anyway, now that I’ve typed you a crazy long message (sorry), just want to say once more that I loved this story! “Brava, brava, bravisima!” ;)Looking forward to reading some of your other stories!

    • Hey Marissa.
      Glad to hear you liked the story so much. Its sequel is currently in the works, which I hope you will read when I begin to post it.
      As for your request about a Ramin story, I actually have one that is currently on Hiatus due to lack of interest in it. But if you read The Moments Gone, another ‘LND/Gerard Butler’ story I have written, its sequel, which is also currently being written, will feature Ramin.
      I enjoyed your crazy long message and hope to hear from you in the future!
      Happy days! 🙂

  7. Nicole

    Hey I just wanted to say I fell in love with this story! I can’t wait for the sequel with Ramin! I’m sure it will be wonderful. Good luck on any of your upcoming stories, I hope they’ll be on here soon. Your Friend,

  8. PhantomGirl16

    i love your story of the Phantom’s Sonata. i can’t wait to read the sequel. i bet it will be amazing. i’m a mega POTO and LND fan. i’m currently writing a story about a girl (i named her Belle) that was at the opera as a little 11 year-old girl who now has returned 10 years later and she is the new Prima Donna and somehow captured the heart of the Phantom. i hope once that i have posted it on that you’ll be the fist one to see and review it. i absolutely LOVE Ben Lewis!! i ❤ him. if isn't any trouble, i don't want to sound rude in anyway is that if you could write a story of Ben and me. sorry if i wrote huge long message sorry again
    – Ali

  9. Judith Pipher

    I hope I can leave this without having to pay for it?

    Your story is so amazing`! I have read it twice now! Yes there are spelling and other errors in it. If you like I can proof it for you? As to stories, I am a huge fan of Ben Lewis. I would like to either end up taking care of him or the other way around after a freak accident? I used to sing, but now have lost most of my vocal abilities.

    • Hi there Judith.
      I’m sorry that Longer continuing the Celebrity Fantasy Stories as not enough interest was shown.
      But I’m glad you liked the story and Ben Lewis. Please feel free to read some of my other stories, he does appear in The Moments Gone and will be featuring heavily in its sequels.

      • Judith

        Thank you for your prompt reply. No sweat about the story. But if you want someone to proofread your stories, let me know? I am seeing lots of errors in “The Moments Gone”… words that sound right but are a different word – can’t think of what that’s called at the moment: homonym? – and a few that are what looks like things misunderstood from the video. I used to sing in choirs, choruses, as a cantor (cantrix?), solos, etc, but have gradually lost the ability to sing.

        Let me know if I can help.


      • Judith

        hahah! Now you got me going. I haven’t written fiction in YEARS, and never anything called “fan-fiction”. I don’t think it even existed back in the 1980’s? At least not on our farm! So… here’s something for you to work with. Have fun!!

        – JB

      • Judith

        I have a question and a comment for you….

        In your story (the one about Felicia) you mention some signals performers give each other during a performance. In the video of LND, during “Beneath a Moonless Sky”, just before Ben’s close-up when he sings, “And I kissed you” (or is it just after he sings that?) he looks like he has to bite his lip to keep from grinning. Any idea what’s going on there? I’d sure like to know!

        And about fan fic… have you ever had anyone act on something you posted? I was on a virtual Air Force site some years ago, commanding a division of wannabe archeologists. Several of the people on the site were actually in the military, including my CO, who was in military intelligence. Well, somebody elsewhere on the site sent a message that there was a possible crisis situation in Alabama, I think, – to me! I Made sure that this person was on the level about the threat and passed the info along to my CO, Jim. He took care of it and the problem was found to be a misunderstanding at the airport down there. Well, my personna on the site said that I had 3 Irish Wolf Hounds and two small wire-haired terriers, plus 5 cats, and lived out on a farm. Did I say he was in Military Intelligence? (He later said that he was so impressed with the way I’d handled the situation) that he found out where I worked and sent me a huge bouquet of flowers ($90-worth!) to my office! And he sent me a box containing the largest dog bones I had ever seen, some smaller ones, and 6 packets of catnip treats for the cats! I had to explain to him that that was an on-line personna, and that I only had 3 cats and no longer lived on a farm. We had a good laugh over that but he continued to send me catnip treats, cards, and occassional flowers! LOL. I told him I’d give the dog bones to a friend of mine who really did have 3 Irish Wolf Hounds!

        And you can use that in one of your stories if you like!

        – JB

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