Authors Note- Chapter Four

Things are starting to develop now!

I hope that encourages you to review a little bit more! Because they mean so much to me!

So much, I have decided to put  this little present  to you, my readers.

I am sure all of you have a crush of a celebrity, or even one that you look up to an admirer, I know I do. So I am offering you this: comment on this post with an idea- something you want to happen between you and a celebrity.

If I like it, I will contact you, and we can discuss particulars. And when I say particulars it will be to nut out your personality and what exactly you want to happen with said celebrity.

No names will ever be mentioned. You can be completely anonymous- you will get a fake name like me with Tessa.  And you get to choose!

It can be any idea in the word! Any celebrity!

For example, I would love to slushy Lea Michele from Glee! But I would also love to play Guitar Hero with Joan Jett and be kissed by Jackson Rathbone… *le sigh*

Now this won’t be an entire story dedicated to you, it will be one maybe two chapters. I am hoping to get quite a few request so I may put all the chapters of different peoples adventures into a story!

This offer it only open to readers who review my stories, so if you haven’t reviewed the chapters already- get cracking!

I hope you all are well!




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2 responses to “Authors Note- Chapter Four

  1. K. Wade

    I can’t wait till the next chapter!

  2. Buzzy

    Ok I have another little entry for your compeition.
    Taylor Swift coming to ask me for advice on how to play Eponine (still can’t believe she has been cast in the movie) And a romantic SL between me and Bradley James.

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