Chapter Five Authors Note

Oh things between Gerard and Emmy are heating up! haha
The introduction of the Trio! Ta-Da!

And of Gustave! Do we want pictures? Of course you do!

The Fabulous Jim Parson’s from one of my favorite shows- Big Bang Theory, I think he would make a perfect Gangle as he is tall and kind of creepy. Also he did a lot of theater work before he got into film, which I think would help.





Jake Short for Gustave. I did briefly consider Asa Butterfield as I thought he had the creepy-ness of the Phantom, but I thought Jake was a good mix between Emmy and Gerard. And he is kinda adorable!





And finally, Abe for Squelch. Have you heard this guy sing? He doesn’t just sing he SINGS! And I thought he would be a perfect Squelch.



As for Amy (who I briefly considered calling Bridget the Midget) she is my own creation and in my mind, looks like a tiny version of Marilyn Munroe.

This chapter is basically a big lead up to the next chapter, which was the funnest chapter for me to write EVER!
Chapter Six is the BOMB!
But you don’t get it until I have some good comments on this one! So hop too!




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2 responses to “Chapter Five Authors Note

  1. K. Wade

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! That was an awesome chapter!

    • ThatPoppyGirl

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      If you could please comment on the chapter itself, that would be great.
      Just so I can keep track on who is reading the story.

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