Authors Note for Chapter Seven

And… that was chapter seven.

Not as exciting as chapter six, but writing that part with Joel was absolutely HILARIOUS for me and Bayley.
God I love elevators…

Anyway, thank-you to K.Wade for ALL her comments and while I love receiving them, I do wish they were coming from different people, though its nice to know I have some dedicated ‘phans’ out there.

Will up-date soon.

As always, review, comment, all that jazz!




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4 responses to “Authors Note for Chapter Seven

  1. K. Wade

    I LOVE being the first to comment on, well everything! I can’t wait till the next chapter, and Poppy thank you for the compliment it meant a lot! As always your obedient servant

    K. Wade

  2. K. Wade

    Here’s my daily comment! I LOVE this story, and can’t wait till the next update!

  3. FlamingBee

    Loved this chapter, and thought I’d commented on the last one!?!?!?! 😦 I’m sorry, I genuinely try to comment every chapter! (:

  4. Judith Pipher

    Loved the elevator scene! I can just see and feel them all trying to avoid each other! LOL.
    – JB

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