Chapter Seven

So we had been rehearsing the vocals for the movie for a while now. Andrew, Lucy and I were all pleased with how the actors were sounding so we had decided to start moving and rehearsing some of the song scenes.

I had given all of the actors the homework of watching the DVD of the Australian Production and some recorded scenes from the London Production to base their movement for the scenes.

I wanted to give the actors the freedom to come up with what they felt was natural to their characters, then I would try and choreograph some things with them if I felt something didn’t work.

Andrew and I had scheduled a meeting to discuss adding a scene and I was currently on my way to the meeting; pressing the button to summon the elevator.

Movement from the corner of my eye caught my attention and I saw Gerard walking towards me, he had sunglasses on, “Good Morning Gerry”

“Morning Joel” he said taking a swing from his water bottle to swallow two pills.

“Headache?” I asked with a frown.

He swallowed the pills with a grimace before he turned to me, “Hangover”

Smiling, we waited mere moments before the doors to the elevator dinged open.

Patrick was already in the elevator, slumped in the corner, resting his head on his hand. He looked tired and dishevelled.

“Morning Pat”

He raised his head, squinting through half shut eyes, “morning” he said.

I knew that voice. He was hung over.

Smiling in amusement, I stepped into the elevator and turned to face the doors. Gerard went to the back of the elevator on the opposite side to Patrick.

There was only silence for a moment before the doors opened again and Emmy stepped in. She too was wearing sunglasses with her hair not brushed; she kept her head down as she stood at the front of the elevator on the opposite side to Gerard.

I noticed the two of them glance in each other’s direction before Emmy glanced down at the floor and Gerard stared determinately at the wall.

For some reason, the environment in the small elevator became filled with tension. And the majority of it seemed to be coming off Emmy and Gerard.

Before I had any time to ponder the reason as to why the doors opened again and Lucy appeared.

She had a stack of papers with her that she was balancing on one arm whilst holding a cup of coffee in the other. Her attention was focused solely on the papers before the doors opened and she looked up.

Her eyes held no interest until she hit the back corner and she instantly paled. Glancing over my shoulder I saw Patrick holding her eyes with the same horrified expression before he closed his eyes and slumped his head down in the corner again.

Going back to staring at her papers, Lucy kept staring at them as she stepped into the elevator and stood by the button panel. Opposite Emmy and on the same side as Gerard.

I stood in the middle.

The tension in the elevator magnified by tenfold and it was coming from all four corners and I couldn’t imagine why.

With Patrick possibly sleeping in the back corner with a hangover…

Gerard in the other corner looking angry with an hangover…

Emmy in the front corner looking embarrassed and sporting the signs of a hangover…

And Lucy in the other front corner staring intently at her papers and showing mild signs of a hangover…

What in the world had happened last night?!


I had to confront her. I couldn’t let this tension ride out any longer. Emmy was off in a corner stretching before rehearsals began.

She was always practiced with the ensemble so she could ‘keep her figure’ or so she said. I took a deep breath and stopped within a few feet. I was glad she was off alone.


She looked up from her position only briefly and back at her feet.

“May I help you?” she asked.

I cleared my throat to hopefully gain what little confidence i could, “About last night-”

“I know you didn’t mean it, don’t worry about it” She said solemnly.

This surprised me, I did not expect her to be upset…did she want it to be true? Did she truly want my love? I couldn’t believe it.

“Emmy-” I tried to say but she cut me off.

“NO! Gerry…” she sighed, “I need to rehearse”

With that she walked off leaving me to stare in her wake.

I was about to follow her but Andrew’s call had me turn, “Gerry, Lucy is waiting for you”

I ran a hand through my hair in annoyance but followed him anyway. He led me into a separate room where Lucy sat at the piano. She didn’t look up at me but continued to play.

I stood awkwardly next to the piano when she slid over a score, ‘Til I Hear You Sing’

Lucy paused on her playing for only a moment to let me know she was starting the song. I was livid at this point, annoyed that Emmy wouldn’t listen to me, that I couldn’t be with the one person I wanted to be with. So I use all of this emotion into my singing.

Ten long years, living a mere facade of life. Ten long years WASTING my time on smoke and noise! In my mind I hear melodies pure and unearthly but I find I can’t give them a voice, without you…”

My chest hurt, almost to a point where I started to worry. I was angry and frustrated that I couldn’t have her.

So caught up in my head was I, that I did not realize that Lucy had stopped playing. She quirked and eyebrow at me-obviously wondering where this new found passion came from.

I sighed and leaned on the piano, “Can we just continue with the song?”

She seemed to think of it for a moment then nodded her head in agreement. I began again, all the while thinking of Emmy and what this could mean.


After we had run through most of my solos, Lucy motioned me to follow her, reluctantly I agreed.

She led us out to the beach and sat upon one of the many benches overlooking the sea. She pulled out her phone and quickly typed away, then handing it to me: I thought you might need some air. Tell me what happened?

I studied her for a moment, could I trust her? Would she keep my inner most secrets?

I looked back out at the sea trying to find confidence. Lucy never bothered me, simply sitting and waiting for my answer.

“I told Emmy I loved her” I blurted out suddenly, groaning at my stupidity-I buried my face in my hands.

Lucy was still for a moment. I was not sure what she was doing until she nudged me, handing over her phone. It did not say what I was expecting: Patrick kissed me last night…seems we both have issues to work out.

I gaped at her phone until she took it back, “He’s married!”

She nodded and shrugged. We both looked back out at the sea until i broke the silence, “Lucy I do not know who to talk to about this and you are a great listener-” That comment almost would of been funny if not for both of our situations, “I need some advice…” This was not easy for me to admit.

She nodded and waited for me to continue, “I’ve always liked Emmy. Ever since the first movie…then it wasn’t right but now that she is an adult…I know this is completely stupid-cliché almost but I think I do love her…”

Lucy pulled out her phone and handed it over: What is wrong with love? Everyone deserves to have and be given it. If what you say is true then there should be no problem.

I scoffed and handed her it back, “You make it sound entirely too easy”

She surged as if to say, ‘it is’

“Now that I’ve spilled, what happened with you and Patrick?” I asked, my curiosity about her problem distracted me from my own.

She took in a deep breath and began to type for few moments, giving me time to think.

She passed it over: I found him at a bar downing in his sorrows. Apparently his wife is seeing another man…anyway, so he drank a considerable amount and asked if I wanted to have a bite to eat back in his room. I agreed and before I know it, he is kissing me. I kissed him back at first but then I remembered he was married so I left. Just because his wife is cheating on him doesn’t mean he should do the same. And I don’t want to be anyone’s rebound.

That was a lot to take in, the poor guy, “Do you like him?” I asked.

She seemed to mull it over for a minute before she nodded slightly and sent her phone back over: As a friend mostly. But I think it could maybe be something more. I don’t know.

I nodded. Here we were spilling out our secrets and yet it felt right. I could trust her; I knew that, now I only hoped she would trust me.


I made my way to Emmy’s hotel room later that afternoon. I had to fix things between us, no matter the cost.

I had to let her know that my feelings were true and that I did not say them in the heat of the moment unwillingly.

I knocked only to find the door already open, “….Emmy?”

There was no answer but a great deal of shuffling. I made my way in to find her throwing clothes into many suitcases. Her makeup was smeared down her cheeks from tears, “Emmy, what’s wrong?”

She finally looked up at me only to burst into more sobs and yet she continued to pack, “My-My grandmother died!” She cried as she hurriedly grabbed all of her belonging, “I-I have to leave…I have to go…”

“Emmy you can’t leave! What about the movie?”

She looked up with the upmost anger, “It is just a movie Gerry! I’m talking about a family member that just died!”

“Have you talked to Andrew?” I asked hesitantly as I watched her scurry around the room.

“Yes. He said I can go” She zipped up her suitcases and headed for the door, I grabbed one off of her and followed her out.

My heart ached to see her so upset, and to realize that she was leaving, “How long will you be gone for?”

“I don’t know Gerry” She replied coldly.

We entered the elevator as silence overtook us but I could not take my eyes off of her.

“Emmy about last night-”

“Gerry please not now…not now…” she all but pleaded.

I was silent then.

The elevator reached the bottom floor and she made her way to the entrance of the hotel where there was a car waiting for her. I helped load in the bags. I didn’t want to say goodbye, not like this.

We stared at each other for what seemed an eternity until she cupped my cheek and kissed the other.

There were no words spoken as I watched her slip away and into the car. My cheek burned where her touch had been and long after I stood there watching until the car was out of sight.

Lost and gone…lost…and…gone…



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10 responses to “Chapter Seven

  1. K. Wade

    OMG! It’s AWESOME! I found it really funny that they all showed symptoms of a hangover. 😀 I really hope the next chapter has Emmy’s point of view, I really like hers. Can’t wait till the next update!

  2. Tori Darcy

    Its rlly good!!!! My fav part is in the elevator!!! Its pretty awesome 🙂 I rlly hope Emmy and Gerry work things out!!! Update soon perty plz!!! 🙂

  3. K. Wade

    Sorry, the comment in the author’s note was meant to be here! Still, LOVE this story and I can’t wait till the next update!

  4. FlamingBee

    And just realised I commented on the A/N – but still loved it (:

  5. K. Wade

    Daily comment time! I LOVE this story and can’t wait till the next update! Things are really starting to develop!

  6. K. Wade

    Daily comment! I absolutley LOVE this story and can’t wait till the next update! Pleas hurry!

  7. AstonMartin

    Please update!! Phantastic chapter 😉

  8. K. Wade

    Daily comment! I LOVE this sort and can’t wait till the next update! I also want to recommend a story I read. It’s rated T and it’s called Miricales of Maddness, I recommend it for girls that want the Phantom to have a happy ending. Not with Christine though, she isn’t nice in this fic that’s all I’m saying. Please read, it’s amazing! It’s on

  9. K. Wade

    Daily comment! Can’t wait till the next update!

  10. Fairyteyla

    The part in the elevator is So funny. I really imagine this in a movie. And the part with Emmy is So sad when she is leaving. You are incredible you succeed in putting the feelings of LND’s characters with the actors and it’s awesome and amazing!

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