Authors Note Chapter Eight

So what did we think of this chapter my lovelies?






Bit of a Cliff-Hanger?





Bit of a shock?





(Strangley Enough I can imagine K.Wade doing all of these things….)

Anyway, back on topic. The story.

With Emmy gone, what will Gerard do? Absence makes the heart grow fonder some say… or time and space can give the heart room to grow.

And Patrick and Lucy? Well, lets just say things are not over YET.

And Lucy!

*looks for ‘Evil Face’ Gif*







Best I could do. 🙂

In regards to Lucy, her character is about to become a lot more important.

Do as you know, more comments, the faster the chapter goes up.

Perhaps K.Wade will be doing two comments daily…
While I do LOVE her comments, I wish other people were commenting too.

So I shall be holding out on the next chapter for a while.







P.S If you can’t tell, I found my GIF folder! 🙂



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2 responses to “Authors Note Chapter Eight

  1. K. Wade

    I can imagine myself doing all of that too! I cant wait until the next chapter! P. S. I was giving you the evil eye after the cliff hanger. And thanks for the idea I think I will start posting two comments daily! If I miss a few days I’m terribly sorry homework has started really picking up. Stupid school!

  2. K. Wade

    For got to metion this in my first comment, but I LOVE the Deal With It GIF T the end. It was EPIC!

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