Authors Note Chapter Niine

So I was going to post this chapter tomorrow…

But I didn’t want Flamingbee and K.Wade to keep doing this:







So I caved.
Hey they were threatening to go insane! I can’t have that on my conscious…

Anyway, I am in two minds about this chapter.

While nothing TOO dramatic happens, I mean yeah, Lucy makes a sound for the first time, it is essential to the plot and character development.
It was brilliant to write….but kinda a bore to read.

What are your thoughts?

Do we like the thought of a NEW couple?

Let me know!




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2 responses to “Authors Note Chapter Niine

  1. Tori Darcy

    Yes, we very much like the idea of a new couple!! 🙂 at least i do… is gerry and patrick both going to go for lucy?? oooh must know what happens!!

  2. K. Wade

    I wasn’t threatening, I already am. I’m just waiting for Flamingbee. 😃

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