Authors Notes Chapter Ten

So… Phantom Sonata phans should be happy about this one.
If you read PS you will see, Ben and Gerard never actually meet. So my theory is valid! 🙂

Anyways. Does anyone else see a bit of a love triangle forming? hehe!

So are we like this:





Or like this:





Let me know.

Ok, on to fan questions.

Yes, I am awesome, thank-you for pointing that out! Bayley is awesome too! Lets not forget her!

With Gerard and Emmy, its complicated. When you like someone for so long, it becomes almost a habit of loving them, not a need. This is explained later on. But he hasn’t just forgotten about her! He’s just a little focused on Lucy right now.

Ah Lucy and Andrew! *Le Sigh* I love their relationship and YES! The story of how they met and came to be will be explored! But it will not be in this story.

And because I know I will get the question Ben and Lucy are NOT in love!
They are just friends. In a very sibling way! So have no fear, she posts no threat to Felicia… though I might fiddle with that idea later on.

Anyways, back to business!

I am getting SCORES of people asking me what Lucy looks like and I want to tell you all there is a reason she is kept blank in the Banner Title and Trailer.
Its because I want people to IMAGINE what Lucy looks like. Everyone is different in how they interpret a story! Even Bayley an I!
In my mind, Lucy looks a little like Lucy Hale.
In her mind, she looks like Michelle Williams
In your mind, she probably looks like someone else.
They are all correct. I don’t want to take away from any ones imagination by setting her with a face.

As for a voice, yes people are asking me that too, its the same as above.
The way I look at it, everyone has a singer who’s voice they just think is amazing! So I want you to imagine THAT voice as Lucy’s.
I imagine Anna O’Byrne as she is my favorite Christine.
But Bayley imagines Marni Raab, her favorite an FIRST Christine.
And of course you guys will imagine someone else and that is fine!

So. As some of you may have gathered from what I said above, or some of you may not, I am here to set the record straight.
There is going to be a sequel to TMG.


















Annnnnnnnnnnnd….. I am officially out of excited GIFs.
I may need to go find some more.

Anyway, yes. There will be a sequel. And it does have a trailer…
But none of it shall be revealed until we’ve finished this story.

So, keep sending in your comments and your questions. I love to hear and answer them! 🙂







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2 responses to “Authors Notes Chapter Ten

  1. K. Wade

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sequel! Ben, Lucy, friends?! Trailer! She better not pose a threat to Felicia! Everything is coming so fast! All I can say is update, update, update! Can’t wait till the next update, until then I will be Phangirling!

  2. Fairyteyla

    In my mind, Lucy looks like Katie Perry. Everyone has a different point of view!

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