Authors Note Chapter Eleven

So after talking with some reader I have decided that the formats of these little authors notes are gonna change.
They’re not gonna talk just about the chapter, but the coming chapter.

And I am hoping to include more pictures relevant to the story. Not just my oh-so-awesome GIF image.

But most of all, I am wanting to give you fans some more input into stories. I am writing a sequel after all. So through out these notes I shall be asking what you want to see in the sequel and/or a question I myself have decided yet.

So without further ado, I bring to you, THE AUTHORS NOTE!






No girl likes anyone snooping around in their business, but especially one like Lucy, who has stuff to hide.

For me personally, I hate noisy people. So in my opinion, Gerard is being a dick in this chapter.
And what does someone have to do when they are being a dick? Apologize of course! So you have that to look forward to in chapter twelve.

For those of you asking NO! He has NOT forgotten Emmy! God! Just because someone thinks about someone else for five seconds doesn’t mean they have moved on… yet!

More on that later.

For now I want to ask you:

What did you think of the chapter?

AND! What musical do you think Lucy should be writing?
Now this is pretty open people. It can be about a book, a person, up-dating a classic, whatever you want.
But the one thing I will exclude from this is movies.

Sorry. Be a little more creative than that.



P.S please read the next little post I am going to make, It is about *dun* *dun* *daaaaaah!* A new Story!



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4 responses to “Authors Note Chapter Eleven

  1. K. Wade

    Firs to comment on the author’s note too! I’m on a roll! Epicness! Can’t wait till the next chapter!

  2. FlamingBee

    Hmmmm, what musical is she writing…. maybe a rewrite of Jekyll and Hyde??? I love the songs in that XD Or West Side Story set into modern times??? Gotta love it too!!! Or something else, I dunno haha (:

  3. Fairyteyla

    Lucy could write a musical “Romeo and Juliet”. Or “Gone in the wind” I know you said no movies but it was a book before a movie. I imagine very well Patrick as Ashley and Gerry as Rhett Butler!

  4. Fairyteyla

    What do you think of a ‘Jane Eyre’ musical? Or ‘Twelfth night’s musical? Tell me what you think of that!

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