Chapter Eleven

The second I arrived to rehearsals, everyone stared at me as if I had just committed the ultimate sin, “Sorry, lost track of time…”

It usually wasn’t like me to be late and I didn’t plan on making it a habit. But I had been so caught up in trying to learn more about Lucy that I almost forgotten about everything else.

The small titbit of information I had been given from Ben wasn’t enough, and already I was making plans of how I could somehow get the information out of Lucy herself…

“That was good Patrick” said Joel.

Patrick had just finished, ‘Why Does She Love Me?‘ and I was prepped so we could go through ‘Devil Take The Hindmost’ and lastly I would go through, ‘Til I Hear You Sing’.

The last made me nervous seeing as it was Love Never Dies’ big moment like ‘Music of the Night’ was in Phantom. I had been listening to the original London Cast recording like mad these past few weeks but keeping in mind the changed lyrics.

“Gerard” called a voice.

I turned to see Andrew standing by me, “We might as well get you used to it again” He handed over a mask and I chuckled before quickly securing it in place. He looked me over with a critical eye for a moment before he nodded. I think he was still angry at me for being late.

The set had been changed to look like a mock bar, Patrick grinned at me as he relaxed on one of the stools, “You ready Butler?”

I snorted, “Hey I’m gonna be the one choking you, so I’d watch!”

It was all in good fun. I thought then that perhaps Patrick and I should hang out more. He was going through a tough time after all.

“Alright you two, let’s get going here” Joel called out.

Patrick pointed at me and tried to appear threatening, “I’m watching you”

I laughed and we took out places.

Patrick looked off after where Meg was supposed to exit as I slipped in quietly behind him.

Miss Giry I’m not afraid of him! I’ve bested him before!” He yelled and went to go back to his stool when he saw me there with a surprised look, “No!” He stumbled back in his drunken state, “No it can’t be!”

I opened my arms wide and smirked, “Not afraid of me you say?”

S-Stay back!” He stuttered, “Or I’ll kill you, I promise you!” He tried to make some distance between us.

Of course” How hilarious his attempts were! “As you say, you’ve beaten me before” My mood considerably darkened, “But that was a long time ago Vicomte” I sighed and looked down at him with all of the darkness I could muster, “And we were playing a different game…”

I took a step forward in attempt to over tower him, “Look at you, deep in debt, stinking drunk, pitiful!” I said disgusted, “Shall we two, make a bet? Devil take the hindmost”

Patrick stepped forward and tried to size me up in an attempt to intimidate me, “Look at you, foul as sin, hideous, horrible! Call the steaks, deal me in! Devil take the hindmost


Seeing Ben today had been fantastic. An unexpected delight.

True, I could have slapped him for gossiping to Gerard about me, but I had stopped him before he revealed anything too serious, but why Gerard would want to know anything about me was a mystery.

After he left, Ben and I had chatted freely about what was happening back home. I was so happy to know all my friends from the Australian Love Never Dies cast were all doing so well.

But the truth was, I had been having a good day even before Ben showed up, the awkward situation between Patrick and I had been settled and I couldn’t have been happier about it.

I was so happy and having such a good day that once Ben left I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a long time- I decided to write some lyrics to some music I had composed for an musical of my own design.

Writing music was easy; it was the lyrics that always baffled me as no matter how hard I tried they always seemed to sound depressing. But not today.

Today, as I sat on a bench that was in the middle of the boardwalk on Coney Island, with my head bent, I wrote nothing but bright and energetic lyrics for my musical.

I hadn’t told anyone I was writing a musical. I had a feeling Andrew knew, but he hadn’t confronted me about it. I think he wanted to see what I could come up with on my own.

That being said, I wanted his help. When the two of us composed together, it was like magic. But for now, I was content to work on my own.

“Lucy?” called a familiar voice.

Startled I looked up to see Gerard approaching me. Quickly snapping my book shut I smiled as he came to stand in front of me, I guessed he had just finished rehearsals.

“I’m about to grab a bite to eat for dinner” he told me, “want to join me?”

Seeing no harm I stood, shoving my note book and pen into my handbag I continued to walk down the boardwalk with him.

“What do you feel like eating?” he asked, turning to look at me curiously.

I thought for a moment, pulling my lip to the side in mock thought before I smiled and pointed down the boardwalk to a Pizzeria.

He laughed, “I like the way you think”

Together we walked into the restaurant; there were a few people in there, if I had to guess I’d say it was half full… or halfway empty, depending on your philosophy. Together we looked at the board and the many pizza choices that were offered.

“Welcome to Bob’s Pizzeria, may I take your order?” asked the cashier standing behind the till.

“Yeah I’ll have a number eight with no anchovies… Lucy?” he asked turning to look at me expectantly.

Pulling my phone I typed quickly and handed it to the cashier.

The cashier nodded and handed me back my phone, “Alright, one Aussie and one number eight no anchovies, coming up”

Smiling I took my phone and looked up at Gerard, he was frowning down at me.

I raised my eyebrows questionably, what was he upset about?

Sighing he walked past me to a table and sat down, I joined him.

“How did your rehearsal with Patrick go this morning?” he asked curiously.

I shrugged, he looked at me seriously and I figured out what was wrong, he wanted me to talk. I sighed and glanced out of the corner of my eye at the rest of the restaurant occupants… they all seemed to be distracted enough, none of them paying much attention to us, “Good” I said quietly.

Folding his arms he seemed satisfied as he leaned back, “Bet he was shocked to hear you sing” he stated.

I nodded looking down at the table… I didn’t like where this was going.

We sat in silence for a moment and I could feel Gerard studying me, “so tell me something” he said suddenly leaning forward, “You can speak. You can sing. Yet you choose not to?” he asked.

I looked up at him through my lashes as my jaw hardened, this was a clear sign for him to drop the subject, but he didn’t.

“Why is that?” he asked simply.

I had to give him credit, he didn’t flinch under the heat of my glare as my anger boiled, “Couldn’t get the answer out Ben so now you’re going to try with me?” I demanded.

He was unrelenting as he stared at me, still waiting, “I just want to know what happens to someone to make them afraid to speak” he said, “it seems like an irrational fear”

If I was angry before, I was now furious!

“Alright” I said standing up and snatching my bag off the floor, “forget about the fact that this is a total invasion of my privacy” I said hotly, “you don’t know the first thing about me” I snapped.

He blinked at the venom in my voice, but his jaw contorted in anger, I take it he didn’t like being yelled at. Or humiliated in a public place as we were now being stared at.

That was fine. I didn’t like to be judged.

“What gives you the right to judge me and say what’s an irrational fear or not when you can’t even tell Emmy that you love her” I challenged.

“Listen Lucy-” began Gerard angrily standing up.

“No you know what?” I asked sarcastically, “next time you feel like being a Nosy Asshole? Read a magazine”

And with that, I turned on my heel and walked to the door. I meant to sweep dramatically out of the Restaurant, but I fumbled with the door slightly. Once I was able, I reefed it open and went outside.

Seething with rage I marched back to the hotel.


Rehearsals seemed to drag on forever and I truly wished we could start filming officially but that wouldn’t happen until Emmy came back. So I had gone for a walk after rehearsals and had found Lucy.

It was a perfect opportunity for me to ask her the questions I so longed to. I didn’t skirt around the issue. The fact that she could talk but didn’t annoyed me slightly. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

What happened when I asked was not what I had expected.

I thought she would come up with some sort of excuse that it was complicated, that I wouldn’t understand or something. Instead she got angry. And for such a tiny girl, her anger was quite impressive.

But she had somehow turned the whole argument on fear back around on me! About how I was afraid to talk to Emmy!

So as I sat in my hotel room and tried to watch some stupid movie on the television, my mind kept on drifting to Emmy and what Lucy had said.

I pulled out my phone and looked at it. Perhaps I should call her? I scrolled down my contact list and stopped when I saw her name.

I wondered if she was doing alright and if her family was doing well after her grandmothers passing…

Before I could come up with an awful excuse at delaying this, I had pressed the call button. My heart began to race but after each ring only came another. She wasn’t going to answer…

I felt my hopes collapse in a heap until I heard then other line pick up, “Hello?”

My heart literally stopped in shock when I heard her voice. I didn’t know what to say, my throat felt dry suddenly.

“Hello?” She asked again.

Damn it Gerry! Say hello like a normal person would do! Just say it!

“Hi uh, hi Emmy it’s Gerry” I buried my face in my hands at my stupidity.

“Oh! Hi Ger. What’s up?” She seemed a bit happier now, that was nice to know.

“Uh not much. I was just wondering how you were” And here I go avoiding the big fucking elephant in the room!

“Better. Its been nice seeing my family. How’s rehearsals coming along?”

“They’re alright. We had to have a step in for you-at least until you get back…when will that be exactly?” I really hoped I didn’t sound desperate.

“Gerry I’m not sure. It might be a bit longer. It will be fine though!” She tried to reassure me, “Once I have the tapes from rehearsals I can start studying them. Who is my step in?”

“Um, Lucy- Lucy Burns. The girl who’s Andrews protégé”

“She can sing? I thought she was a mute!” She laughed.

I laughed slightly along with her but I could feel a bit of depression creeping in.


We were silent for a minute until I gathered my wits, “Em I want to apologize I guess. Well-no I just want you to know that what I said was true, even if you dont believe it. And I’m sorry I didn’t call earlier but I, I guess I was nervous.”

She sighed, “Gerry I’d love to talk about this but not over the phone, it’s too…impersonal. Let’s save it for another time”

“Alright” I agreed, slightly relieved. Maybe Lucy was right. Maybe I was afraid… but I shouldn’t have demanded something so personal from her. If someone had confronted me like that about Emmy I would have been angry too…

“You seemed distracted Ger, what’s wrong?” she asked.

‘That your there and not here’ was what I longed to say, but instead I went with my second biggest problem, “I was kind of an ass to someone and I’m not sure how to fix it” I sighed.

“Apologize” she said simply, “If you did something wrong, say you’re sorry, it’s about all you can do”

I laughed, “Thanks Em” how she made everything sound so simply was amazing. Another one of her qualities that I couldn’t help but love.

“Hey I got to go. Mom made dinner and it’s time to eat. Call me tomorrow alright?”

That lifted my spirits considerably, “Great!”

“Bye Gerry” She said softly.

I couldn’t help but smile, “Goodnight Emmy”



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