Hello There…New Story!

Wow I have not posted in here for AGES!

Due to my musical theater obsession a man name Killian Donnelly has come to my attention…
So what do I do?

I write a story about him of course! wha ha ha!




Oh come on?! How could I not?!

Killian has that soaring voice in a guy that I LOVE, but he has this mixture of being handsome like a Backstreet Boy as well as looking rugged. Which I like!
And plus, he has this little cute, awkward nerd thing going on, which I LOVE!

So after making the above statements, I am also following Killian on twitter.






And from this I gathered he rides the train a lot… tkaing pictures of odd things that happen on said train..

Combine this with the Mind-Blowingly-Awesome-Creative-Brain I have, annnnnnd! We have a story!






So, as you guys know, I like to make little trailers.
And due to people CONSTANTLY asking me what characters look like…

“What does Lucy look like?”
“What does Felicia look like?”
“What does Tessa look like?”
“Why don’t people ever have faces in your banners?”
“How come I can’t see someone’s face in your trailer?”







(Good Question ‘Cool-GIF-Man’ I have no idea why people ask me stupid questions)

I have decided to ACTUALLY face a character.

But being as narrow minded as I am (meaning I dont think I could come up with a good enough face)
I have decided to leave this up to my readers.

Yes. You!






All you have to do is comment on the chapter with the persons name.
A picture you like of them would be preferred bu tit is not mandatory.

And voila! I shall put it into consideration.

There are a few requirements though:
1: Please make it a female!
2: Must be a performer of some sort. Singing and Dancing specifically.
3: I wont put an age on this character yet, but please, don’t make it some twelve year old! C’Mon!

So seeing as a lot of people may enter this, I will give the winner (who ever I think has suggested the best face for the character) a sneak preview of the story.


So, with all that being said….





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9 responses to “Hello There…New Story!

  1. K. Wade

    How about Amy Lee, she Is the singer from Evanescence. My friend said she’s really awesome.

  2. FlamingBee

    Gina Beck? She’s a West End performer, was one of the best Christines in a lot of people’s opinions and a brilliant Glinda in Wicked too (would post a picture if I was sure how (:)

  3. K. Wade

    Another one I came up with is Alicia Silverstone. She’s an actor, I’m reading her bio now.

  4. K. Wade

    One more suggestion is Michele Sarfati, she’s on Glee and my friend recommended her.

  5. Fairyteyla

    I love Samantha Barks who plays Eponine in Les Miz. she has a pretty good voice and she is beautiful.

  6. Fairyteyla

    Nicole Scherzinger?????

  7. Fairyteyla

    Anne Hathaway?

  8. Fairyteyla

    The best choice is Samantha. Because
    Killian+ Samantha: Killiantha!
    Haha 😀

  9. Judith Pipher

    How about a story about or including Hadley Fraser? I have only just discovered who he is and think he might be a good character to include in a story?
    – JB

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