Authors Note- Chapter Twelve

What are you thinking my lovely readers?

Little bit of love going on?





Little bit of a love triangle forming?





So are you annoyed? Or Happy? Let me know.

Chapter Thirteen is a long chapter. A LOT happens. I know I said I would start giving little previews in these blogs to the next chapters, but seriously? SO MUCH HAPPENS in the next one I don’t want to give anything away!
Lets just say Lucy/Patrick Shippers will love it… so will Gerard/Lucy shippers. Don’t know about Emmy/Gerard shipper…sorry. Can’t please everyone.

I think I am going to dumb the next chapter…THE KISSING CHAPTER!!!





Speaking of shipping, you, my readers, need to come up with some celebrity names for the couples in my story. It works like this:
Brad + Angelina= Brangalina. Ben + Jennifer= Bennifer. Taylor + Selena= Taylena. Taylor + Taylor = Taylor Spaured.
You Jelly?






Anyway, I have had some good responses to the ‘Musical’ question that Lucy should be writing, but I want some MORE people! Come On! Be creative!
Or better yet, think of something YOU would love to see as a musical. Don’t be shy now c’mon!

I personally think Gladiator: The Musical would be a hit. But then again, I have a thing for oiled down men wearing nothing but their underwear…





So, let me know.

Thanks. Lots of Love!



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One response to “Authors Note- Chapter Twelve

  1. Fairyteyla

    Gerard+Emmy: Germy or Emry
    Patrick+Lucy:Patricy or Lucyck
    Gerard+ Lucy: Gercy
    Ben+Felicia: Benicia
    Gerard+Tessa: Terry+ Gessa
    Your opinion?

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