New News on the New Story

Ok, try saying that title ten times as fast…

Anyway, I had a lot of responses to my last question about facing a character. I really enjoyed hearing peoples suggestions.

I’ll give a few reasons why I didn’t choose a few people’s suggestions.

Both Gina Beck and Samantha Barks (i love them BTW) will be featured in this story! So it would be a little impossible for them to take the face of the main character.

Anne Hathaway- Love her, but I dont think she fits well with Killian. Too…mature, for what I want to write.

Amy Lee- Love her voice, but a bit too dark.

Nicole Scherzinger- Too sexy. If that is even possible…

Alicia Silverstone- No. Just no.

Lea Michele- ok, this one takes a bit of explaining.
I have issues with Lea. Sure she is a great performer and singer… problem is she knows it. And that is one of my pet hates. Self-Centered, Attention-Seeking and Stuck-Up people are seriously annoying to me and I CANNOT STAND THEM!

Lea is actually one of the reason’s I stopped watching Glee. I could tolerate HER as long as her character on Glee wasn’t too horrible. But after what she did in the first Episode of Season two to that Sunshine character… I couldn’t take it.

Which now brings me to who I DID select for the face.
She sadly wasn’t suggested, but someone I came up with by myself!

When writing, a big part of my process is listening to music and lately I have been getting into a certain artist. The more I listened to her, the more I realized her voice would be PERFECT for the character.

So here she is Ladies and Gentleman! The first face for a character I have ever done:









For those of you who dont know who that is, this my friends, is Charice.

Now I know what your thinking. She’s a little young, but I like that about her. And for Killian I think she is the right amount of confidence as well as quirkiness.

That being said, I only describe what I think, which will be based on Charice, but if you imagine something different, you go right ahead! I do not mind! 🙂

But I would ask something else of you guys.
Are any of you good a photo-manipulation? I only ask because I have a banner to make for this story, but no time to do it! So I’m putting the challenge to you guys!

I would like a banner (picture) with Killian and Charice on it, they can be together or not its up to you. The title of this story is ‘Train’ so that will need to be featured on there, as well as my name. (and yours, if you so artistically decide)
Simply add the photo into a comment, or send me the URL to it in a comment.

Winning banner will  become the banner of the story and they will get a sneak peek at what is to come! 🙂

Have fun!

Oh god! There is no GIF in this note… hang on.






Oh Killian… 🙂



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One response to “New News on the New Story

  1. Fairyteyla

    Sorry I really don’t know how to.PhotoShop.
    But I really like you write a story between Ramin Karimloo and Samantha Barks they play together in Les Miz and the story could continue or begin with Phantom (she played Meg I think) or LND. Tell me what you think of that. Would you like to cowrite a.story?

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