Authors Note for Chapter Fourteen

Oh I hate my life.
Not only am I at school almost six hours early, but I have to do an assignment on Belaruse (where the hell is that?!) as a speech. Supposed to be working in a group, but my group is full of lazy people.
So I am going to do what I believe, when the time comes, everybody should do, cover my own ass and get a good grade! πŸ™‚






Alright, back to the chapter.
I for one didn’t LOVE this chapter, but I don’t hate it either. Its sort of a filler. A lot happens in it that needs to happen but nothing really interesting.
Next chapter? Not much better.

But did we like the little Ben action I threw in there? Hehe

And C’MON! How awesome would Lucy be singing Love Never Dies?! She would be LEGEND….wait for it….DARY!
Almost as Legendary as Anna! Who I am kind of upset I haven’t put in this story more. There hasn’t been many interactions with her and Lucy…if any. I must remedy this!

As well as keep the chapters cranking out for this story…it sequel…and a whole heap of other damn stories I have to write!
Oh then there is school and work.
Yeah, restating it because it needs to be reaffirmed- I hate my life.





So my Phantoppies…(thats right, I gave you a name! Thank or Hate on Fairyteyla for suggesting it to me!) please do let me know what you think.
Bayley and I could use a little love right now, both of us are a little…worn out.

Hope your all doing better than I am at the moment!
Excuse my using this Authors Note as a rant… I shall try and save that for facebook like all the other twelve-year-olds.

You think I would be in a better mood as I went and saw The Hunger Games last night… but Josh Hutcherson as a romantic rival to Liam Hemsworth? Are you kidding me?
Even if he is Miley Cyrus’s sloppy seconds…thirds…fourths…whatevers… putting Little baby-Faced Josh against him? It was embarrassing.
I also didn’t like the fact that the director used that shitty hand-held camera crap for half the film- DUDE! You can’t see what is happening!
I’m ranting again. My Bad.


P.S Did this Authors note really contain anything about the story?



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3 responses to “Authors Note for Chapter Fourteen

  1. AstonMartin

    Can’t we expect the Phantom Sonata Sequel anytime soon?? πŸ™‚

  2. K. Wade

    Omg! You went to see The Hunger Games too! I thought it was pretty good, me and my friends came up with nick names.

    Katniss- Catpiss
    Peeta- Bread Boy
    Gale- Jacob

    We were bored during the commercials at the beginning, so that’s what we did. I don’t even know when the next one is coming out but I’m going to the premiere, it’s called Catching Fire its good too! I really like the book series.

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