Chapter Fifteen Authors Note


That was supposed to be the Phantom of the Opera theme but could easily be the title song for the Fox Opening sign, so whichever one you think is more dramatic!









Yes, I do this. Dont judge me.

Do I know I am supposed to give you a little insight into what the next chapter will be, but if you read this chapter carefully, you kinda already know, all I can do, is guarantee you this:









And one of these will be featured:








Sorry about the shortness of this post, but the school has put the Gay, Lesbian and Transvestite Alliance Meeting in the Christian Prayer Room…. God I love Uni!
People are getting slapped with Bibles and fake nails are flying everywhere. I’m about to head down and get a front row seat! 🙂

Who needs television? SERIOUSLY! hehe


P.S sorry about the lack of GIFs. My therapist says I am getting addicted. So I am trying to do pictures now… they aren’t as exciting.







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One response to “Chapter Fifteen Authors Note

  1. K. Wade

    Lol, if you need a doctor for gifs then I need a doctor for Phanfics. Most likely yours though, even though I’m always second to comment (curse you AstonMartin) I still kinda consider myself devoted.

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