Chapter Sixteen

I had something special planned for Lucy and I had to make sure that it would be a date that she would never forget. I knew she didn’t like to be centre of attention so I ordered us a cab to make a trip into the city.

I met Lucy at her hotel room and knocked gently.

She came out dressed in a lovely silk dress that shimmered a glossy deep purple. Her hair parted on either shoulder and she wore a brilliant smile. I had donned dress pants and a nice button up shirt.

Normally I would have taken a jacket but it was too warm out. I extended my arm and she took it willingly as we went to the elevators, “You look beautiful Luce”

She blushed and looked down at her feet which were encased in silver flats.

“You don’t look so bad yourself” She replied quietly and bit back her smile. After a few moments of silence she looked up at me, “So where are we going?”

I laughed and put an arm around her waist, feeling the need to have her close “Ah, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now would it?”

She shook her head, “I suppose not” she was silent for a moment before she turned to me with a playful smile, “But if you tell me, I’ll still act surprised”

Smiling, I shook my head.

We got in the cab and sat in comfortable silence most of the trip to the city. It was a long ride but I could see Lucy’s attention was captivated on the window- deep in thought.

When we were leaving Brooklyn and nearly to the city, my phone rang and I pulled it out of my pocket to check who it was: EMMY.

I looked over to see Lucy glance at it and frown. My finger was poised and ready to answer but one look at Lucy’s face convinced me otherwise. I clicked the off button, “No. Today it is just you and me”

She gave me a grateful smile and I knew then that I had made the right decision.

The city formed before our eyes as we approached over the Brooklyn bridge. We instantly hit traffic but the cab driver-so used to it-swerved and kept us going so that we would reach our destination shortly.

He pulled over to the designated street and we got out, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city.

I put my sunglasses on hoping that it would keep me anonymous. The last thing I needed to deal with were screaming fangirls. I took her hand and lead her to the closest building.

“Gerry where are we going?”

I only grinned back as her and took her to the elevator. We rode for what seemed minutes until we reach the top. When the doors opened a man stepped out dressed in uniform and asked for the reservation name.

“Gerard Butler” I said and the man looked over his list, nodding once he found my name.

“ID please”

I pulled out my wallet  and showed him and at his approval we followed him to a separate elevator that he opened with a key to continue up.

Once inside this next elevator Lucy looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “Where are you taking me? Some top-secret agency?”

I laughed and watched her stunned expression when the doors opened; it revealed a beautifully elegant, rooftop restaurant that was encased in all glass.

“Oh wow!” She exclaimed looking around with wide green eyes that I found particularly beautiful when they were amazed.

We were greeted by a hostess and led over to a table with a view. Out before us and beyond the glass was Central Park in all its glory. Lucy let out a gasp at the sight looking down eagerly and pressing her fingertips to the glass lightly.

“Do you like it?” I asked hesitantly, it occurred to me suddenly that she could be afraid of heights.

“It’s amazing!” She smiled, seeming unable to tear her gaze away.

When I pulled out her chair, the scraping sound made her turn around before she smiled and allowed me to help her to the table.

I sat across from her as our hostess handed us menus and asked for our drink order. Lucy looked to me and frowned, a small ‘V’ forming between her eyes.

“I think champagne is in order. Whatever your best is” I told the woman and she left with a nod.

“Champagne?” Lucy questioned. “What are we celebrating?”

I thought for a second and chose my words carefully, “We are celebrating that we have come to know one another and for whatever the future may hold”

She eyed me shrewdly for a moment before the smallest of smiles tugged at her lips, but it was so fleeting I could hardly be sure it happened before she turned back to the menu.


Our Future? He said that as if he wanted us to have a future together.

Was that even possible? We are polar opposites! Could I possibly hope that what he said was true?

The thought plagued my mind as we ate a wonderful meal which was probably one of the best I have ever had as opposed to my Mother’s home cooking- which I missed terribly.

I had no idea what else he had planned for us but we left at seven o’clock and headed towards the park, I assumed we would be taking a stroll and regretted wearing the heels I did…why hadn’t I gone with the black flats? They matched the dress better than the silver.

But my fretting was for naught as that nearly a block away, there was a horse drawn carriage and he began to lead us towards it.

“You can’t be serious!” I exclaimed turning to him.

Moments like these only happened in the movies! Though perhaps I should expect nothing less from him- a movie star. This was probably an exact replica of a movie he had been in…

“We don’t have to-” He began to say but I ignored him and continued walking towards it. Seeming amused he followed after me.

We climbed in and the driver turned to us, “So! Where is the happy couple wanting to go?” He had a thick New York accent which only added to the hilariousness of the situation.

“Oh we’re not-” He began to say but when the driver raised a questioning eyebrow at him, I too turned to him, curious as to how he would respond.

He turned to me quickly, seeming unsettled before he turned back to the driver with a grin and sat back, “A trip through the park would be grand”

The driver nodded and began to lead manoeuvre the horses. He whistled a tune to himself as we began to go through the park.

I had never done anything so…mystical and, for lack of a better word, cliché.

The park came alive as we entered and I couldn’t help but feel a pull towards the man sitting next to me. No one had ever brought me on such a wonderful date, no one had ever shown that kind of interest in me.

Slowly and hesitantly, I let my fingers brush against his on the seat. He could do the rest- I had made the first move. In that second his fingers laced themselves in mine I felt a tingle course through my body.

When we were half-way through the ride, the steady jostle of the carriage, I could feel my eyes grow heavy. I lay my head on his shoulder, our hands still intertwined as his other one held me close against him.

It felt remarkable… comfortable. And much to my surprise: right!


We came to the end, I looked around with groggy eyes for a moment and stretched once we were off.

Gerry paid the driver and we were off again.

“Where to now?” I asked as I fixed my hair that had looked slightly windswept.

“Another surprise” He said with a wink.

By this time it was nearly eight and I had no idea where he could possibly be taking me. We got in another cab but this time it was shorter. We headed for time square which made me nervous because surly someone would recognize him…and I couldn’t deal with crowds. People demanding me to speak…

But we avoided it all together! Taking a side street, we stepped out beside one of the numerous theatres on Broadway.

I had always preferred the West End’s productions to Broadway. The West End had an amazing sense of sincerity about it, but Broadway was flashier and sometimes, that was good.

South Pacific?” I asked as he lead me inside.

“Have you seen it?” I shook my head, “Good! Neither have I”

I made a mental note of his good choice; the score to this musical was amazing.


After the show I was itching to go see Time Square now that it was night, perhaps catch a Flash-Dance! But I didn’t want Gerry to be bombarded by people, so I set aside my disappointment.

If this thing we had, was to go any further, I would have to get used to it. He seemed to sense my disappointment, even though I tried to hide it.

He pulled us over to a vendor and bought an ‘I ❤ NY’ hat and pulled it over his head to hide his eyes.

I laughed and pulled out a small scarf I had in my bag and tied it around his neck in a fashionable sense but there was a high doubt anyone would notice him now. He took my hand and I felt my body nearly jolt at the wonderful feeling.

We walked through the Square and stared at the dazzling lights. We walked up to the top of the Red Steps that were so common in movie scenes.

I looked all around me but the sight wasn’t nearly as enthralling as I had hoped. It had nothing on the London Eye or the Sydney Opera house… but it suddenly became electric when he put his arms around me into a tight embrace.

My mind warned me that this was wrong. Too close too fast! But I ignored it and surrendered to my desires. Leaning my head back, I enjoyed the somewhat commercialised view.


The ride back to Coney was spent wrapped in his arms.

The songs of South Pacific still playing in my head as I sat taking in his cologne that I found myself slowly becoming addicted to. It was intoxicating! And it was all I could do to not press my lips to his neck in an attempt to taste that sweet perfume…

We didn’t speak much but that was fine with me. And appeared to be fine with him.

An hour later we were back and slowly made our way to the elevator. I didn’t let go of his hand until he had walked me to my hotel room.

It was suddenly aware that Andrew would be waiting up for me, to come home safely, to see how the date had gone…

I looked up shyly and blushed, “I had a great time” I said quietly.

“I did too” He agreed and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

My face heated at his touch and I bit my lip unsure of what to do. I turned quickly and unlocked my door and was about to step through when Gerard called my name and grabbed my arm, pulling me startling close to him.

“Lucy, don’t make me beg” He whispered huskily as he took my face in his hands.

I had no words to say. I didn’t even know if I could speak! There was utter turmoil in both my mind and stomach.

His lips touched mine suddenly but for once I didn’t pull back.

Slowly I kissed him back, sliding my arms around his neck to pull him closer to me. We stepped back into the hotel room, where the kisses became heated and slightly frantic as he absently pushed the door shut. His strong arms wrapped around me as we stumbled back to the couch where he lay me down without breaking the kiss.

His weight pressed down onto me. I could feel every curvature, muscle and dip.

It would have continued and I would have stopped it!

But before I did I would have played out thoroughly in my mind what would have happened…. He would have unzipped my dress and I would have unbuttoned his shirt with nimble shaking fingers until I could feel his sculpted chest…

We would have felt our bodies touching, warm skin upon warm skin….

But that is not what happened.

I pulled back slightly and wondered how on earth I was going to say no when I could clearly feel he wanted a yes. But a knock occurred at the door and a familiar voice called out my name, “Lucy? Are you back?” It was Andrew.

Saved by the Lord.

Gerard cursed quietly and sat up trying to straighten his clothes that had somehow become ruffled in our brief romp, though I wasn’t sure how. Had I done that?

He pulled me up with him and I flattened my hair as he stood up.

He sat himself on the couch and pulled a pillow over to his lap and began taking deep breaths.

I would have laughed had if it had not seen the obvious strain on his face. Biting my lip I went to the door. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door with a big yawn, hoping to convince him that I was getting ready for bed, “Andrew what are you doing here at this hour?”

He looked me up and down critically “I was going to see how your date went…”

I let myself yawn again, “Andrew if it’s all the same to you I’d rather get to bed. We have rehearsals tomorrow and I’m exhausted”

He eyed me suspiciously as if I knew I had something to hide. He stared at me, trying to crack my resolve but there was no way I would let him know Gerard was in my hotel room.

My gaze was firm and unwavering. Despite his steely gaze, I did not crumble and I did not waver. A fete that I’m sure many would have found impressive.

“Very  well…” He said after a moment, “Goodnight dear” he said leaning forward and placing a quick yet tender kiss on my cheek before he turned to leave.

“Goodnight Andrew” I smiled and with that I shut the door and sighed in relief, I turned around to look at the couch but found Gerard standing right in front of me.

“I should go before he comes back…” he said.

I nodded, “Yeah you should”

He lifted my chin with one finger and kissed me tenderly, my eyes fluttering close at the touch. His hand cupped my cheek and his tongue traced my lip, begging for entrance…

I broke away, “This is you leaving?” I asked.

He smiled impishly, “I will see you tomorrow then”

Nodding I turned to open the door for him and he stepped through before he turned to me, “Goodnight Lucy” he said in his sensual accent, his eyes smouldering.

A small smile tugged at my lips, “Goodnight Gerry. And…Thank you”

He smiled and turned down the hallway as I closed the door.



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    Why does Andrew have disturb everything at the end?
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