Authors Notes on Chapter Seventeen

So, what did we all think of that chapter?
Something along the lines of this:







I’m sorry. Did I corrupt your mind? Steal your innocents? Are you mad?
Well you know what? I DONT CARE!






It needed to happen guys! You will find out why later on.

But aside from the sex scene (written entirely by Miss BayleyStorme, thank you very much my fabulous co-writer) what did we think?
Lucy’s back story?





You should have seen ME after writing it! I was depressed just having to come up with it!





But what did you think? Pretty justified in why she has trust issues and doesn’t want to speak now huh? Yeah I bet you feel bad now for thinking she just didn’t wanna speak? Yeah? SHAME ON YOU!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the chapter.
Next one will be coming soon.


P.S Everyone needs to thank FlamingBee for the reason this chapter was posted early because I was going to make you wait and ENTIRE 14 days for the next chapter.
Because of FlamingBee you only had to wait 11.



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2 responses to “Authors Notes on Chapter Seventeen

  1. FlamingBee

    WOOOHOOOO I made stuff happen 🙂

  2. K. Wade

    I know awesome right! I think I made a chapter come early too. I don’t remember! Oh, and Poppy you will not have the Phantom and Evil Eye ant after you……..this time.

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