Authors Note Chapter Eighteen

Sorry this took so long to post guys, but it was either, post this and the chapter this morning, or post the chapter last night and I knew which one you would prefer.

Oh morning-after fluff! Isn’t it adorable?






I personally love all the morning after mushy-ness. But it has to be done without cliche. So I hope I achieved that.
And YES, I know Gerard has been in WAY more movies than the ones I listed, but those are the movies Lucy has SEEN. I’m sure all of you out there haven’t seen every single one of his movies and if you have…. well good for you but I suggest signing up to GB-Anonymous, they can help you with your addiction!

I myself prefer to toe the line of obsessed and stalking anonymously. That way if I ever decide to kidnap them, they wont know its me! Whahahaha!

So I’m not going to tell you what your in for with the next chapter.





And there are two very good reasons.

Number One, now I know you dont want to hear this, but TMG is coming to an end. There are only a couple of chapters left! So I want you to enjoy them.
And Number Two, I happen to have a cold and the sorest throat right now.
Yesterday it was fine! Yell I was singing all day, hitting Phantom notes and everything then I wake up this morning and BAM! I feel like someone has stuck a hot poker down my throat and turned some sort of tap on inside my nose that makes it always run.

So, needless to say I am feeling pretty crap and can’t be bothered extending this A/N.

But hey! Do you know what would make me feel better?
Reviews! Lots and Lots of reviews!

Thank you my lovely Phantoppies!
Much love!


P.S the next post will be my 100th post on this site! I feel like I should do something special… but I have no idea what! Suggestions?



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2 responses to “Authors Note Chapter Eighteen

  1. FlamingBee

    I had laryngitis last week so know the ill feeling 🙂 get well soon!!

  2. K. Wade

    Omg! I’m sorry! I hate it when that happens! Can wait till the next chapter!

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