Chapter Nineteen

Today would be interesting; there was no doubt in it. I had woken to having something thrown at me-a rather unpleasant feeling, “What the-”

Lucy was standing there with a frown on her face, “Get up before we’re late!”

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked at the clock, surprised to find it eight forty-five already. I groaned and got up, intent on going to the bathroom when I realized that I wasn’t in my own room.

Lucy pushed me towards the bathroom anyway and handed me a towel and tapped her wrist, her meaning clear.

I took the towel and hurriedly showered before putting my clothes from last night on, we were in the recording studio today, so it didn’t matter what I wore, but there was no time to grab fresh clothes from my room, we had to leave.

I was nearly falling over as I pulled on my shoes and raced out the door to a waiting Lucy. I grinned at her, she scowling in return.

I knew that I had annoyed her but I knew how to make it up to her. Once the elevator doors closed, I cupped her cheeks and kissed her until we reached the bottom floor, she seemed hesitant at first, but eventually she placed her hands gingerly around my back.

I let go as the doors opened, leaving her in a state of shock but it was all worth it to see a smile form across her face, “Come on love” I said as I took her hand and led her out to the lobby.

Together we hurried to the studio.

We practically ran inside just as the clock struck nine. Joel, Andrew and Stan, the music producer all  cast us a sceptical looks. Lucy immediately let go of my hand and hurried in with a downwards gaze as we walked by Andrew. I reluctantly did the same.

Lucy may not have said as much, but I knew Andrew did not approve of her relationship with me. I could only hope, in time, that he would come around as I knew his approval meant a lot to her.

It was odd being in a studio again. Knowing that I was here to sing grated my nerves a bit and it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t nervous.

Now that I was dating Andrew’s “daughter” I had to prove so much more to him.

There was a piano in one of the rooms and Lucy sat down at it, beckoning me forward, she took me through some vocal exercises preparing for the recordings. But I found myself getting distracted as I looked at her.

Her head bent in concentration yet a serene look upon her face, her fingers flitting across the keys expertly. Her lips looking incredibly soft and I longed to take her in my arms and kiss her again…

I nearly jumped as Andrew’s voice came through the speaker and announced we were ready to begin. I stepped out of the room-Lucy was starting with her solo that would be used while we were shooting before Emmy would come and redub it.

Emmy, that startled me, I hadn’t thought about her in what felt like a very long time…

“Ready?” called Stan as he began fiddling with the sound board.

Leaning against the wall, I stared through the window as Lucy put the headphones on. I kept my distance from Andrew however as Lucy’s flawless voice soon surrounded us in pristine quality.

Who knows when love begins, who knows what makes it start. One day it’s simply there, alive inside your heart…”

I found myself being lost in her voice; it was trance like and had an unearthly quality that took my breath away. I did not realize they were done until I was being nudged to go and sing myself.

I took a deep breath and walked into the room.

The intro started and I couldn’t seem to remember the lyrics. The music started and I began hesitantly, “Ten long years…living a mere facade of life

The music stopped again and this time it was Andrew’s voice that spoke, “Gerard sing with some conviction hmm? Emotion perhaps?” he said bitingly.

I sighed, and tried again…and again…and again.

Each time my anger rose in frustration until I was about to snap. Again and again but we could hardly get past the first few lines.

Eventually Andrew’s voice came over the speaker again and told me to take five.

I was outraged! I was about to punch something I reached in my pocket about to grab out a cigarette when I looked up to see Lucy, apparently have an argument with Andrew.

I could not hear their voices but I could clearly see by the way they were glaring at each other, the angry set of their jaws that they were arguing. Eventually Lucy turned on her heel and came into the recording booth, closing the door behind her.

I ignored the glare and curious stares that I was sure was coming from Andrew, Joel and Stan as I stared at her.

She waltz across the room and snatched the cigarette from me, snapping it in half before I could realize what had happened.

I glared at her as she folded her arms and stared up at me, “What’s going on? You’re not focusing” she said.

I shook my head and turned away from her, having Emmy enter my mind so suddenly had unsettled me, I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t get to the place I needed to be.

“I don’t know. I’m having a hard time… relating I guess” I sighed closing my eyes.

She was silent for a moment, looking at the floor thoughtfully as I contemplated the mess I had gotten myself into.

Emmy. Whatever I had felt for her… it wasn’t nearly as strong as what I felt for Lucy. But how could those feelings just… disappear?

“Pretend its me” she said suddenly.

Frowning I turned to her in confusion, “What?”

“What if” she said, seeming to choose her words carefully as she began to walk towards me slowly, “you could never hear me sing again” she said looking up at me, “Never see me again”

We stared at each other for an immeasurable amount of time, the thought of never hearing her sing, never seeing her again, not having her in my life was… excruciating.

As I came to this realization, I stepped forward intent on wrapping my arms around her, to make sure she was here. That she wasn’t going anywhere… but she stepped away.

Holding my gaze for a moment she turned on her heel and walked out the door, closing it behind her. I watched as she walked back into the sound booth and nodded to Andrew, Stan and Joel.

“Alright, lets try again” called Stan.

Stepping up to the microphone I put the headphones on and stared at Lucy as the song began. She stared back passively, her green eyes penetrating within me.

The thought of losing her ripped a giant hole in my chest and I sang with more anger and heartache then I thought was possible.

Before I knew it, the song had been recorded and it was lunch.

As soon as I came out of the room, I pulled Lucy into my arms, ignoring the curious stares Stan and Joel were giving me.

Pulling away I stared down at her beautiful face, reaffirming to myself that she was still in my arms, I smiled, “Let’s go to lunch”

I took her hand and led her out of the room but I did not miss the following glare Andrew was giving us. For now I would ignore it and enjoy Lucy.

After lunch we returned to the studio to record our duets. Our microphones were next to one another making this even easier.

I could look right at her beautiful face and sing with every emotion I had for her. It did not take long to get through ‘Beneath A Moonless Sky’ and ‘Once Upon Another Time’.

As five o’clock came around they called it a day. Lucy went out to talk to Andrew but he had left already, something about making a phone call. Lucy frowned but came back to my side and we headed out into the still warm, evening sun.

I was distracted as Gerard and I went walking along the boardwalk of Coney Island.

What I was mainly feeling was… nerves. Anxiety.

I didn’t like the thought of my voice being recorded, being used in the movie… I knew it would be redubbed by Emmy for the final cut but it still unnerved me. Recording the rehearsals was one thing, but this was something entirely different. I held it together in the booth, but the fraying edges were starting to show.

Andrew had pushed me over the edge. For some reason, he didn’t like Gerard being with me and his judgemental and disapproving eyes today hurt more than I had anticipated.

I didn’t understand why though. His opinion meant a lot to me yes, the man had been a Father to me, the only one I had known, so that was natural.

But why had he had such a turn around? I had heard him sin Gerard’s praises, how he thought he was a good Phantom. How he was proud with what he did with the role…so why was he so cold towards him now?

Maybe you could like a person for one thing, but hate them for another.

Andrew probably liked Gerard as an actor. But not as a companion for me.

“Lucy?” asked a voice.

Startled, I blinked and realized we had come to the end of the Boardwalk and Gerard was calling my name, “You alright?” he asked, his blue-green eyes stared at me with concern.

I tapped my head, not in the mood to talk, I was too wound up in my thoughts, my meaning was clear: I was thinking.

“About?” he probed.

“I don’t know” I sighed as I went to the railing as I pulled myself up onto the railing and sat atop it, looking at the ground.

Gerard placed his hands either side of me on the railing, gripping it as he stared at me.

“Lucy” he finally said, I looked up at him reluctantly, “Talk to me”

I sighed again, my head felt so full, “This…thing” I said, choosing my words carefully, “whatever this is between us” I said, “it’s gonna be complicated”

“Alright” he said, clearly needing more of an explanation.

“I’m not sure if I can handle complicated” I said heavily, staring at him intently. My life was already complicated enough, I didn’t want to add ‘dating a celebrity’ to it.

Gerard sighed, dropping his head for a moment, I stared down at him as a warm New York wind began to blow, picking up my hair and tossing it about as I stared down at him.

Eventually he looked up at me, seeming surprisingly optimistic, “Tell me what’s complicated and I shall try and-” he leaned forward suggestively, stationing himself between my legs, “-uncomplicated it” he smiled.

I shook my head at his carelessness, but I decided to humour him, “Is this… moving too fast?” I asked.

He shook his head, “This is moving at exactly the right speed. Our speed. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks”

“What about Andrew?” I challenged.

He shrugged, “He’ll come around” he said as he began to lean in, intent on kissing me.

I pulled away, “What if he doesn’t?” I countered, the way he was being so blasé was not helping my concern.

“Then we’ll figure it out” he said, pressing his lips to mine before I could move away, “but we’ll do it together” he said firmly before he pressed his lips to mine again.

I smiled against his lips for a moment before I pulled away, but not before I placed my arms gingerly around his neck, “So you want to give this a go?” I asked, “No one night stand thing?” I qualified.

While I knew it was not that way for me, I was concerned, as any girl would be when dating someone like him, that it was meaningless to him.

“Technically it’s been two nights” he grinned.

I gave him a look which clearly said I wanted an answer.

“No, I want you, Miss Lucy Burns, to be my girlfriend” he said simply, “And if that means I have to prove myself to Andrew to be good enough for you, then I will” he said firmly, “Clear enough for you?”

“Yes” I said brightly, finally satisfied that at least some of my fears had been quelled.

And with that I pressed my lips to his, it was odd kissing him like this as I was taller, something I was not accustomed to, “Gerard?” I asked.


“I’m taller than you” I grinned.

“Hmm” he frowned.

Wrapping his arms around my back he pulled me off the railing and placed me on the ground, where I was once again, shorter.

“That’s better” he smiled before he pressed his lips against my laughing ones.

I could forget about singing and the rush as well as fear it awoke in me.

I could forget about Andrew and his disapproving gaze.

I could forget about Patrick.

I could forget about Emmy! And just enjoy this time with Gerard…

For Now.



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  11. K. Wade

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