The Moments Gone Authors Note

Hello Phantoppies!
If you are still out there….

So as you may have noticed this story hasn’t been updated in a while.
Please know that BayleyStorme and I feel terrible about this, but it has not been without reason.

First of all, like I said, we hit a bit of a block in our sequel for this story: which has now been over-come and is flowing smoothly.

Second of all, BayleyStorme with MIA on me for a while (Miss In Action). I couldn’t get a hold of her and in my mind, she had been abducted by aliens or the Phantom of the Opera (lucky Bitch) and was either being Anal Probed or making sweet music babies with a masked man. Either way she was gone for a while.
But today we found each other again! Yay!
Turns out she wasn’t abducted, just busy. Which as you know, happens to the best of us.

Third of all, I had crunch time at University. I had assignments due left right and center as well as exam cramming and such.

Fourthly, do you all remember me telling you about a cold a had a few weeks back? Well that cold never REALLY went away. And because of that, and my Asthma, it turned into an Phemonia. Meaning I had to call an ambulance because I couldn’t breathe and spend a week in hospital. Fun Times.
I’m fine now my little Phantoppies so don’t fret your pretty little heads! πŸ™‚

And finally, this last week, I have been on vacation.
A lot happier excuse than the previous ones but after not seeing my family for Six Months, suffering through a Phemonia and the stress of Uni and my two jobs (yes, I have two jobs now) I thought i was entitled to a little holiday.
So I left Sunny Queensland…why I still have no idea! And spent four days down in Melbourne catching up with old friends, family and of course seeing a musical! πŸ™‚
Oh and some advice? Do Not. I repeat DO NOT go bowling with friends you have not seen in ages because:
A) I have no idea how to bowl and fall over
B) They serve alcohol and I couldn’t bowl before-hand
AndΒ  C) what was a twenty-minuet walk to the hotel turned out to be an hour because your all so drunk you can’t walk straight.

There. Now you know what is going on.

As for the story… you shall have a new chapter by the end of the week.



















I was going to post it today, but this chapter is good. Like really, Really, REALLY GOOD! I figured it would be worth the wait!
Like seriously…its good!






So yeah.
I know you all probably hate me for making you wait so, so, so long…like I do expect half of you to react like this:





But please…try to refrain from killing me…at least until September…when I get to take my next holiday! πŸ™‚

If anyone wants to hear about my Melbourne Trip, I shall post a blog about it. If not…well I will keep my little adventures to myself! πŸ™‚
But I did go and see a Musical, meaning I stage-doored, meaning I met some cast members who I may or may not have exchanged numbers with….
Your call.

Love you all my Little Phantoppies. And I hope you still love me!




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One response to “The Moments Gone Authors Note

  1. FlamingBee

    Yaaay Poppy is back xD
    And I so wanna hear the story about the Musical!!!!! 0_o

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