Authors Note on Chapter Twenty






What a cliff hanger! I’m cruel. I know. But you love me! 🙂
Worth the wait? I hope so!







Yes, Patrick is back. Yes, Emmy is back- like so many of you wanted.
Just as things were starting to go right for our little couple….BAM! Sucker punch comes in the form of an Ex-Girlfriend!
Love it? Hate it? Let me know.

Not many chapters to go, so I shall not be revealing anything about the next chapter BUT! I will tell you all about the trip I took to Melbourne! YAY!

So getting on the plane, by myself was pretty nerve racking, needless to say I did it though and I listened to 25th Annisary soundtrack of Les Mis the whole four hour flight. I couldn’t sleep because I was to tired and at midnight I touched down in freezing cold Melbourne (freezing cold compared to Sunny Queensland where I am currently based)
My Brother was there to pick me up and basically I went back to his house and slept.

In the morning, the two of us drove over to my Aunts house where I saw my Parents and my elder sister for the first time in six months. I was actually really proud that I didn’t cry! hehe
Then we went over to the Nursing home to see my Great-Grandma where we met up with my other sister. This was the first time that my parents and all of my siblings have been in the same room for 18 months. Pretty Amazing.

Needless to say when I saw my older sister, I did actually cry as she had my best friend with her.







But what everyone said to me was how beautiful I looked. How when I left I was still a little girl, now I’m a little woman. I think this is because I have become a bit more…girly. I have started to see the beauty in myself, meaning when I look in the mirror I like what I see, and because of that I have more confidence.
I’ve noticed it to an extent but by how much everyone was saying it, it must have been more noticable than I thought.

Anyway, my parents and I went and saw Moonshadow- the Cat Steven’s Musical currently playing in Melbourne.
The music, seeing as I had grown up listening to Cat Stevens because of my parents was quite good in my opinion, but even my best friend who had no idea who Cat Stevens was said she liked the music- so there you go.
I found the story to be a bit abstract, but not too bad, I was able to follow it.
The only real criticism I have about the show was that I hated all the projects used- they looked great, don’t get me wrong. But I’m a classic theater girl, I like the realness of sets.
I suppose how I feel about projections is the way some people feel about Green-Screen. It just looks tacky sometimes. Theaters all about being real- having a real person perform for you and it really takes away the richness of that when there is just a large television behind them displaying where they are supposed to be.

Anyways, I went to the stage door afterwards, naturally, and got pictures and autographs of all the cast. Happy to say I didn’t babble like a bumbling idiot this time- though I had to stop myself when I met Gemma (the leading lady) from telling her how awesome I thought all the pictures of her Dogs she put on Twitter were.
But when one of the extremely attractive leading men came out- he shall remain nameless! hehe. I am pleased to say I didn’t stutter or bable or anything- in fact, I flirted! Big thing for me as I have no idea how its done but I did it! And….I gave him my number.
Now I know what your thinking, I probably came off as a total groupie, and maybe I did. But we have talked since then. Thats it. We talk about music theater. Music. Movies. Actors. Thats it.

So yeah…put that in your pipe and smoke it!







The next day my best friend and I went to a Chocolate Cafe for Lunch, Koko Black in Melbourne, you gotta go there peeps its delicious! Then I siad goodbye to my elder sister, who was heading back across the country and I have no idea when I shall be seeing her again. So needless to say, despite the chocolate I got a little upset.

So we decided to go and see if we could get some cheap tickets for Annie that afternoon- nothing cheers me up like a musical. But the seats were WAY too expensive. Like ridiculously expensive!
Instead we went to the stage door thinking no one would be there but then…a bald head walked past. My jaw dropped, my friend looked at me just as I had raised my hand and was pointing at the back of said bald head…then he was gone.
Anthony Warlow had just walked past me.
So what did my friend and I do? Wait an hour for him to come back of course!
Then we got pictures and autographs, for which I did bumble and stutter like an idiot but C’MON! Its Anthony FREAKING Warlow!
The guy is so intimidating! If I can compare him to Australia’s other Phantom Ben Lewis, who has a very towering presence as the Phantom, Anthony has a very grounded and solid one. Like a rock!





So after that excitement my best friend and I met up with some more friend and we went bowling.
Now I sucked at bowling to begin with, fell over the first time I tried to throw the damn thing, then the second time I threw it into the wrong lane! But then we discovered that this particular bowling alley served alcohol and…well it all just went down hill from there.

What had originally been a 20minuet walk to the hotel ended up taking an hour because we were all so sloshed that we had to stop and dance every five seconds. Once we got back to the hotel we then proceeded to fall UP the stairs because the elevator was broken, before having a pillow fight in our hotel room.

In the morning, all of us feeling fantastic, we had a big greasy breakfast from Maccas and lots of Starbucks before going shopping! Best cure for a hangover is shopping…and Sushi.
Then, I hugged all of my friends goodbye, promising I would see them soon and got back on a Plane to head back to Queensland.

Strangely enough, I slept the whole flight back! bahahah!

But my next Melbourne adventure should be coming at you in September. Stay tuned! hehe

Hope you enjoyed that little insight into my life! Love you all my little Phantoppies!

Happy Days!




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2 responses to “Authors Note on Chapter Twenty

  1. Marissa

    Wow, first to comment… cool! I just spent the past hour or so reading this whole story and it’s great! You guys are really good writers and your author’s notes are just as entertaining as the story itself! And just out of curiosity, where did you get the soundtrack to the 25th Anniversary Les Miserables concert? Every time I look it up I can only find the DVD. Oh, and speaking of Les Mis, do you think you could throw Hugh Jackman into one of your stories? Anyway, looking forward to reading more! Please update again soon 🙂

  2. AstonMartin

    Wow glad to hear you had a nice trip down to Melbs…which is where I’m from!! Can’t believe you got to meet Anthony Warlow, such a legend!! I’ve been waiting for cheap Annie tickets just to see him perform again!
    On another note, when can we expect the sequel to phantom sonata??!!!!

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