Authors Note On Chapter Twenty-One

I seem to be leaving you guys with a lot of cliff-hangers lately.
I would say I’m sorry but…I’d be lying.

So just so I’m clear, as I’m not sure it was coming across, Gerard did not, I repeat, DeD NOT, want to kiss Emmy. He is very much in love with Lucy. And she him.
But given that she is already very disbelieving about their relationship, seeing him do, what appeared to be, something intimate with another woman, is going to make her pretty upset.

She has trust issues, we all know that. But the fact that Gerard was kissing Emmy made things doubly bad for her.
So as you can imagine, she’s going to be pretty upset.
So is Gerard for that matter.

Unfortunately I can’t post any GIFs as I am writing this on my mobile.

But rest assure my little Phantoppies. I am very much still in-love with my GIFs and with all of you!

Happy Days! Next chapter will be up soon! 🙂




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3 responses to “Authors Note On Chapter Twenty-One

  1. K. Wade

    And first to comment on AN to!! I’m having a very good day! First I come in first in a march off against a bunch of college marching band students and now the first to comment!! Awesome!!! And it’s ok about the GIF’s, but I do hope there’s enough in the next AN to make up for the lack of them I this one!! Please!!

  2. FlamingBee

    I can totally understand that Lucy would see more than there is in the kiss, so it makes sense that in her point of view she makes it seem like a two way thing…. at least thats what I got reading it :L And no GIF’s and a broken relationship – DAMN YOU CHAPTER 21!!! ….. But I still love you anyways :3

  3. TGE

    Ok, so, dunno if I’m the only one shipping this or not, maybe I am, maybe I’m not, but I with all my heart ship Gerard and Emmy. They are such a beautiful couple and I still hope that they can be together again. I hope poor Patrick finds happiness with Lucy. Well, I’ve had my say. Keep writing.

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