Authors REALLY LONG Annoucement

Hello My Lovely Phantoppies!
Long-time no see! Or more, long time no post or comment.

That’s mostly my fault as I have just started a new Semester of University- so life tends to get pretty hectic for a while. That, and my now have TWO jobs have meant that I’ve been a little busy.




But don’t worry! Things have finally settled down and I am back in the swing of things! Back and better than ever!

Did I mention I have a new laptop? It took a little while for the two of us to get acquainted; I didn’t trust it at first. Didn’t want to open my heart up to someone new… but now we’re inseparable and have been making sweet story babies!








Speaking of which, I need help naming my new laptop. My last Laptop was a ‘Dell’ and I find when I am writing I listen to a lot of ballads. And who sings a better ballad that Adele? Hence the reason my last laptop was called A-Dell. Get it? I thought it was clever.

So at the moment I am having a bit of a love affair with musical theatre and the West End. Its influencing my work- so try and think of something to do with that. I have no idea what brand my laptop is. Some Japanese name I can’t pronounce.

But hey! It works great, so no complaints!

Anyway, this post is to make the following announcements:

This Friday I shall be posting the LAST chapter of The Moments Gone. But don’t worry, I AM working on a sequel actively. More on that in the final Authors note for that Chapter.






In the meantime, I have something to keep you occupied- I have decided to take ‘Super Eight’ out of Hiatus. This is largely due to the love and continued support people have shown that story.

After that, I shall start posting Chapters for ‘Train’, finally. That is the story I mentioned a while ago with Killian Donnelly.




Once the two of those are finished, I HOPE to start posting the sequel for The Moments Gone. But if I don’t, I have another story to keep you occupied.

Which reminds me, I have a question to ask: Do people still find Zac Efron attractive? Or is he old news? Am I showing my age here? If so, can you all be so kind to suggest to me some hot guy who can sing, act and dance? And if you SAY Justin Beiber, I shall hurt you.






I also have a few more questions to ask you, my lovely Phantoppies. The reason I do this is because I want to write stuff that you are INTERESTED in. No point writing something if no one is going to read and give me feedback is there?

So, that being said I want to ask the following questions:

How does everyone feel about the Chronicles of Narnia? Particularly Caspian and Lucy.

On a related topic, how do you feel about Ben and Georgie?  Am I pushing some boundaries there or are you intrigued?

Who is hotter Zac Efron, Chord Overstreet or Drew Seeley?

Would you be interested in a story about Taylor Lautner? Or is he old news too?

And how do you all feel about Wrestlers? WWE-Raw? Big, Muscly, Sweaty Men running around pounding the crap out of each-other. Or pretending to anyway.

If I was to create a twitter account, would you guys follow me? This account would be specifically designed to let you know when I’m about to post a new chapter. Give you sneak peeks- pictures, videos, quotes. Ask you guys some opinions. And also help get some new readers as I assume if you guys have Twitter accounts some people are following you and in turn may follow me, then read my stories and voila!






I cannot tell you how much people reading my stories means to me. But commenting really does get the chapters up there quicker as it shows me you’re interested.

I once posted a chapter to a story every single day as I had twenty different people reading it. All of which who commented. So you see? The chapters can go up THAT fast, if the interest is there.

Ok, now I would like to address some questions that have been asked of me:

First of all- Phantom Sonata.
This is difficult for me to talk about as I think I will be saying some stuff that people won’t necessarily like.

Mrs. Y and I wrote that story in about a week, which is a very short time to write a story like that in. I have really felt from the start that it wasn’t some of my best work.

After I finished it, I was left with a bitter after-taste about it. I look back at it now and think the timing of it was all wrong, the setting of it was very immature and well, I think the whole thing feels as if it was written by a twelve year old. It’s a very immature and kiddy story in my opinion.

But you guys liked it, so I was going to force myself to write a sequel for it. But during that time, I moved out of home and really re-evaluated my views on the world as well as my writing. So when Mrs. Y and I tried to write together again, the chemistry wasn’t there.

It is in no way Mrs. Y’s fault. But mine. I grew up a lot and matured since we last wrote together; her life has essentially stayed the same. So at this point in time, the two of us are in two very different places when it comes to writing, where I don’t think we will be able to write a sequel. And for that, I am very sorry to all of you.







But, I know how much you love the characters. So, they shall be making appearances in my other stories. Some of them, quite heavily.

In regards to that, unless it is DIRECTLY implied that the story is a cross-over, assume it is a stand-alone story. For example, Ramin and Sierra will be featured quite heavily in The Moments Gone Sequel and they are also in Super Eight.

In Super Eight, they are starring in the Broadway Production of Love Never Dies. In The Moments Gone Sequel, such a thing never happened. Therefore, they are not a cross-over.

But, in The Moments Gone I mention that Lucy was heavily involved in the production of Love Never Dies Australia and Phantom Sonata was about Love Never Dies in Australia- so it is very logical that Ben and Anna would have met Lucy and formed a friendship, hence the reason they are featured in that story.

See, if you really look at this logically you’ll get the picture. But if you are ever in doubt, ask me and I will be more than happy to tell you.






Now, back to another question I was asked in regards to Bloody Revenge.

I do still love that story. I do still love writing with my darling LillyPad. But in a similar fashion to Phantom Sonata, I started writing that story before I moved out of home, I look at it now and also feel that it is very immature and kiddy.

That being said I still feel as if I could continue writing it as my co-writer and I still write together quite efficiently. But at this point in time I am not really enthused for that story- Kirsten Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson kinda put a dampener on my Twilight enthusiasm. Actually Kirsten Stewart in general kinda killed my love for Twilight.

But there is still hope for that story. If people continue to show love and maybe once I see the new Twilight Movie I might be enthused to write it again. But right now, that story isn’t going anywhere.

Now. People asking questions about me and my personal life.
There are parts that I am happy to share with you- parts that I do.
But this site is anonymous for a reason.  I will not tell you my real name. How old I am. Or where I live. Or what I am studying at University (though I thought it would be obvious)




Part of this is to protect me from weirdos on the internet. But could you imagine if any of the celebrities I wrote about, Ramin, Sierra, Gerard or Emmy ever read these stories? A terrible manner of horrible-ness and embarrassment would ensue.

None of this is REAL or based even REMOTELY on fact. So if anyone knows any of these celebrities, rest assure I am not a stalker and I am not crazy and I’m not sick (I have a cold at the moment but I’m talking about the other kind of ‘sick’). I just have an over-active imagination.

So in short: me + stories + celebrities = harmless. Asking questions + me = Bad.





And I think that is everything I wanted to address!

Wow, that announcement was FAR longer than I expected! But I haven’t spoken to you in a while; I have a lot to say! And in turn, I will hope you will all comment and have a lot to say back to me.

And now to finish off, I will give you a little hint about a story I am currently working on:





Make of that what you will!

Goodbye for now but not forever.




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4 responses to “Authors REALLY LONG Annoucement

  1. tiger_lilly

    Oook weeeelllll…. i totally love zac efron and think he’s the hottest in that selection by far!!! i absolutely ADORE the chronicles of narnia, especially caspian!! but if its gonna be a love story, wasnt susan the one that was with him? unless you’re looking to change that up, which i understand!! ummm i love taylor lautner a lot, but have to admit im more of a josh hutcherson fan haha (Just incase you were wondering 😉 ) oh and i happen to think wrestlers are sooo fake its actually pretty amusing!! but id love to hear what ideas you have for all of these people!!!! oh ya, and i dont have a twitter so im afraid i wont be much help there 😦 and i happened to love phantom sonata even though it was so unrealistic i enjoyed reading it a lot!! and you know how i feel about bloody revenge 🙂 i would LOVE to finish reading it!!! curiousity is killing me!! and no worries about me knowing any celebs!! ha i wish!! Umm i think i covered it all!!! 🙂

  2. tiger_lilly

    Ahhh yes… soo im on my cell phone and cant see the hint for the new story 😦 and for your lap top, im afraid i have no idea!! when it comes to names, i pretty much fail at an epic level!! haha oh and im super excited for super eight and all new stories (or old ones) coming out!!! you really do write beautifllyy

  3. Hey Guys, if not Twitter, how about Tumblr?

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