Final Authors Note for Chapter Twenty-Two

And that’s all she wrote folks! πŸ™‚







Well that’s not all I wrote, but that’s all I wrote for this story…if you don’t include the sequel… WHATEVER! I’m confusing myself.
That is the end of ‘The Moments Gone’

Now, if their are any questions, please feel free to ask me.

But for those of you who will complain that there is no happy ending. Well guess what? I couldn’t write a sequel if everyone lived happily ever after now could I?







As for when that sequel will be coming out…. I actually have no idea. So you will have to wait.





Hey! Cut me some slack! I’m going at it alone these days since BayleyStorme dropped off the face of the Earth. I like to get a certain amount of chapters written before I post a story. That way if I get stuck, I have a few chapters up my sleeve to post so you guys dont have to wait so long in between post.

But not to worry! As previously mentioned I will still be posting stories for you guys to read. But as a heads up, none of them will be as long as TMG. In fact, the sequel is looking like its gonna be longer than TMG.

Speaking of THE SEQUEL! I shall now reveal the following things:-

Number 1: It has been titled- Almost Too Beautiful… have you noticed we have a theme going on here?

Number 2: Ramin Karimloo is a main character.

Number 3: Gerard Butler will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, be a main feature in this story. Sorry.

Number 4: Sierra Boggess, Hadley Fraser and Sarah Brightman WILL, I repeat, WILL be featuring quite heavily in this story.

And thats it for now I think. But guys, I left Lucy in a pretty dark place in TMG, so dont expect her to be sunshine and roses when she gets back. But… dont expect her to be suicidal either. Most of the time grief turns into anger. And I’ve always gone by the motto- Don’t Get Mad. Get Even.
But, I feel bad about not being able to give you guys a date as to when Almost Too Beautiful will be released. So I have a present for you.

Dont say I never gave you anything! πŸ™‚

I know I posted this a day early, but I couldn’t wait. I’m hoping to take ‘Super 8’ out of Hiatus on Monday, if not then definitely by Friday. So you guys shall have something to read again! Yay!
And yes, I shall be going back to my normal blog scheduled of posting one chapter per week. UNLESS the reviews slow down, which they did on TMG, I shall start holding chapters again.

Bye for now. But not Forever!
And happy days!




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9 responses to “Final Authors Note for Chapter Twenty-Two

  1. tiger_lilly

    What???!!! noo!!! that cant be the end!! aaarrgg!! sooo not cool!! and what do u mean gerard wont be a main character??!! so him and lucy arent gonna figure things out?? ahhhh this is not how i expected things!! 😦 weelll i guess ill just have to read the sequel and find out.. but im super sad now 😦 Annnyywho, it was a really good story!! untiiiil the end.. i was so looking forward to the moment of their reunion!! but i guess if you’re looking for it to be a bit more realistic i understand.. but great job on the story!!

  2. K. Wade

    That was the end!!!! What?! Not cool!!!! And Gerard not a main character!!!!!! What?! No no no no no!!!! I wanted it to work out!!! I mean ramin is good to but, awwwwwwwwww. If she is pregnant with Gerard’s kid I’ll consider your redemption! But please at least let them make up, please post it soon!! And you said in threes? Is there going to be another one after the sequel?! If so, one person can only go through so much. But please do something about Gerard, please!!!!!

    • I can neither confirm or deny that their will be a third story or Lucy’s um… Stomach Status.
      As for Gerard and Lucy- I’m no where NEAR done with them! Trust me.
      But Lucy is hurting, she needs time. And time is what I’m going to give her.

  3. Audra

    Seriously loved that story! I’m a little disappointed with the so called end of Lucy and. Gerard, but not all stories have a happy ending, right? I so can’t wait for ATB, and that trailer was such a tease! Well done, my friend, well done!!

    • The end of Lucy and Gerard? My dear this is just the beginning! I am no where near done with them yet. But some other things have to happen before I deal with them again. So rest assured- your disappointment will be short lived.

  4. Judith Pipher

    WOW! What a place to end that story! Shame on you! (You must be taking lessons from Lord Webber!) So how will we know what the sequel IS without knowing what it will be called? Huh?

    Great story, BTW! Short-lived? It’s already been too long… TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES!!! LOL>

    I’ll be watching for it!

    – JB

  5. Judith Pipher

    “Almost Too Beautifl”? Is that what it will be named?

    Thanks for the hint!

    – JB

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