Authors Note for Chapter Tress

Hey Guys!
So I know this post is a little early, but I am so busy tomorrow, I knew I wouldn’t have time to do it! So I figure you guys would rather it be a day early that a day late.





(Oh Tom Hiddleson I love you!!!)

Anyway, the story is beginning to take more of a shape now. There’s more Ramin in this chapter.








(I need more Ramin GIFS- Can’t keep using this one)

Anyway, I’m a little concerned about how quickly the Ramin and Abby stuff is moving.
But I want you guys to know that their relationship is not based on love. Its based on intrigue.
Sure love will come later, given the time and chance, but at the moment its all (to paraphrase one of my favourite musicals):
“You’re amazing”
You’re amazing!”
“So we’re amazing together”






So, now that I have cleared that up, I wanted to give you guys some visuals. This resulted because of my having to wait around at Uni for half and hour: access to the internet + my boredom = not good.

Bonnie’s Dress and Shoes


















Cass’s Dress and Shoes


















Abby’s Dress and Shoes
















As always, if you guys imagine something different, that’s fine too. But these dresses are close to what I imagine 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the chapter. As always let me know what you think.
Bye for now, not forever.
Happy Days!



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3 responses to “Authors Note for Chapter Tress

  1. tiger_lilly

    Those dresses and shoes are really cute!!!

  2. K. Wade

    They are cute!! And those are better than the dresses than the ones I thought of.

  3. tiger_lilly

    Yaa same here!! haha my dresses were a bit more fancy i think… but these are perfect!

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