Chapter Cautro Authors Note

Hey Phantoppies!
Sorry this is late but I was in  a bit of a hurry in between getting out of class and ditching my next class.







Don’t look at me that way! The next class was SO boring! All I would have been doing was listening to a bunch of students (ones I particularly don’t like) present their crappy assignment. I could think of a MILLION better things to do. So I went and did a few of them.

Myself and two other friends who had similar feelings about said class ended up going to one of these said friends house and watching the American Pie movies. Not the newest ones- the old ones. Focusing on Jim, Oz, Kevin, Finch and of course the Stiffmiester.

Now I’m pretty sure I haven’t watched these movies since they first came out. And that I was pretty young at the time- bu watched them because that’s what my older siblings did. And me being the youngest HAD to try and join in.

Anyway, I forgot how DISGUSTING and RUDE those movies were! The ones nowadays are tame compared to the originals! Its amazing! I giggled my Mother-Fucking-Ass-Off… the alcohol probably made things funnier as well.

But I was just reminded of how GREAT the nineties were.








Anyway, I should probably talk about the chapter.

So some of you may think that Bonnie is being a bit of a bitch. She’s not- she’s just protective.  You’ll see why eventually.

And Ramin? Well I sort of want to know YOUR feelings on how you think I am taking the relationship between him and Abby.
Oh and where do you think he is taking Miss Abby? I’d love to know.

This is just a quick post, I have to get ready for roller derby practice. Speaking of which, you guys want to suggest some names for me? Its got to be a play on words, for example: Smashly Simpson, Peaches and Scream, Bloody Dolly and (my personal favorite) Jaba the Slut.
Let me know your suggestions!




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2 responses to “Chapter Cautro Authors Note

  1. K. Wade

    Please please please please PLEASE post another chappy!! I’ve been on Super Eight withdrawl and it sucks!!!! I’ve read the first four chapters so many times I think I’m going insane!!! Please update!!

  2. K. Wade

    I also like Jaba the Slut, sounds really fun and scary at the same time!

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